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Alfonso Ribeiro’s “Carlton Dance” Copyright Has Been Denied, But He’s Still Suing Fortnite

February 16, 2019 / Posted by:

Today is a sad day for justice, and I’m not talking about “Orange Justice” (that is a Fortnite joke for those of you who try to stay out of such matters). I’m talking about the American legal system once again FAILING one of it’s citizens in another crack in the clear and obvious fault in a system that seeks to continually destroy the oppressed. Today, Alfonso Ribeiro is the victim of this system, because the The U.S. Copyright Office have stamped “DENIED” on his request to copyright his totally original pillar stone of modern society, the “Carlton Dance.”  Continue reading

Pussy Riot Has Accused Bella Thorne Of Ripping Off Their Signature Ski Masks

November 16, 2018 / Posted by:

In between cleaning more than a dozen kitty litter boxes, Bella Thorne has been working on her makeup and clothing brand, Filthy Fangs. Unfortunately, Bella is going to have a hard time catching up to other 21-year-old business moguls her age, because she keeps getting accused of blatantly ripping people off. Over the summer, Bella released several Filthy Fangs eyeshadow palettes that looked a whole lot like another makeup company’s eyeshadow palette, and she was promptly called out for it. Bella’s company just released some Filthy Fangs-branded ski masks that had the members of the Russian feminist protest band Pussy Riot thinking Bella’s been up to her old tricks again.

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Lorde Thinks Kanye West And Kid Cudi Stole Her Floating Stage Idea

November 13, 2018 / Posted by:

Regardless of whether she is or isn’t a member of Taylor Swift’s girl squad, Lorde is probably going to get a call from Big T herself today. Because I’m sure the thought of helping Lorde prove that genius Kanye West isn’t as original and creative as he thinks he is has really put some pep in Taylor’s slither. Lorde has performed in a floating glass box, and so has Kanye and Kid Cudi. But according to Lorde, she did it first and Kanye and Kid are blatant copycats.

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Bella Thorne Has Been Accused Of Ripping Off Another Makeup Brand

August 15, 2018 / Posted by:

Bella Thorne recently launched her very own makeup brand, called Filthy Fangs. A risky venture, considering I’m not sure the first thing people think when they look at Bella Thorne’s face is “Gee, I wish I looked like that too.” But the point is, someone out there does, and her first two eyeshadow palettes sold out in the first day. The only problem is, they look somewhat suspiciously like another makeup brand, and now Bella’s cosmetic success has been tainted with accusations of plagiarism.

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