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Kelsey Grammer’s Wife Wanted Him To Get A Crotch Tattoo So Everyone Knows His Dick Belongs To Her 

August 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Kelsey Grammer appeared on Conan (via SOW) this week and he talked to Conan O’Brien about his tattoo. You may have forgotten because it’s really not something anyone would want to remember, but Kelsey got a tattoo above his old-man junk back in 2012. Kelsey went ahead and got a tattoo on his “pubis”. Nothing says sexy like a 63-year-old with a tattoo on his crotch. The tattoo was the name of his wife of seven years Kayte Walsh. Kelsey told Conan that the tattoo was not just a super romantic show of affection for his fourth wife, it was also a preventative measure.

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Dakota Johnson Had To Teach Jamie Dornan How To Take Her Underwear Off

February 10, 2018 / Posted by:

Irish vulgarity translator Jamie Dornan went on Conan to sell the thankfully last film in the Fifty Shades of This Isn’t Doing Much For Making Kink Look Fun trilogy. Because you’ve got to have a gimmick, the prettiest serial killer in existence (The Fall made me understand why Ted Bundy had groupies) had a story about taking off co-star Dakota Johnson’s panties. I’m pretty sure this is the same sort of story Clark Gable told about Vivian Leigh’s drawers on Tonight Starring Steve Allen.

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