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Open Post: Brought To You By Colton Haynes’ Bare Ass On Instagram

August 27, 2017 / Posted by:

Instagram pin-up boy and TV star Colton Haynes is on vacation in Turks and Caicos with his fiancé, celebrity floral designer Jeff Leatham. Because something didn’t happen unless it’s posted about, Colton documented his getaway on Instagram. To his credit, Colton happens to be one of the more considerate online over-sharers. He knew enough to include a pic of his butt cheeks. Vacation photos are much less ponderous if a hot ass pops up. You can see the full ass shot after the jump, you horny tramps!

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Colton Haynes Got Engaged In A Lavish Ass Proposal Ceremony Featuring Cher

March 13, 2017 / Posted by:

28-year-old Colton Haynes, who came out out last year, has been dating 46-year-old floral artiste Jeff Leatham for a total of three seconds. Or maybe it’s been two or three months. I haven’t totally kept track of the goings on of Colton Haynes’ newly-ish out peen. Colton and Jeff haven’t been together that long, but I guess they’ve already been struck with stage 10 dickmatization and their hearts can’t stop barfing out love for each other, because they got engaged. And Colton’s flower daddy did it up. Jeff proposed to Colton with help from flowers, candles, an opulent Mexican resort, a fireworks show and CHER! The only way Jeff’s proposal could’ve been more glamorously gay is if a hologram Liberace serenaded them on a tiny gold piano while sliding down a rainbow as a bevy of swans in gold crowns presented Colton with his engagement ring.

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Open Post: Hosted By Colton Haynes As A Slutty Miss Piggy

October 30, 2016 / Posted by:

One of our new guest writers was supposed to help out today, but technical difficulties kept that from happening and so there weren’t as many posts as usual. Please accept my sowwies in the form of these fap-inducing pictures of Colton Haynes as a ho’d up Miss Piggy posing for a spread in Penthouse Farmhouse magazine. Someone had to serve up a sticky palate cleaner to cleanse away the memory of seeing Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton and that someone is Colton Haynes.

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Colton Haynes Is Now Out Out

May 5, 2016 / Posted by:

John Travolta can now remove Colton Haynes’ name from the mailbox outside of The Closet®, because he’s officially, officially out of there. Not that he was totally in.

Earlier this year, Colton Haynes, from Arrow and Teen Wolf, shrugged on Tumblr when someone mentioned the twink-on-twink pictures he took for gay magazine XY back in the day. Someone on Tumblr said that they got excited after finding out about Colton’s secret gay past and he answered with, “Was it a secret? Let’s just all enjoy life and have no regrets.” That was a sort-of coming out, but now he has really 100% come out about his love of man ass and peen during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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Colton Haynes Came Out…Maybe

January 4, 2016 / Posted by:

A few years ago when he was on MTV’s Teen Wolf, Colton Haynes’ lawyer tried to scrub the Internet of the pictures of him getting into some twink-on-twink action for the now dead gay magazine XY. Colton Haynes’ team didn’t want the innocent eyes of the children tainted by the images of him doing gay stuff! Well, those days are gone and Colton Haynes may or may not have subtly come out.

On Saturday, Tumblr user pornandmariah (ha) declared how excited they were about discovering Colton Haynes’ secret gay past. Colton read pornandmariah’s post and answered by saying that his gay past was never on the shush:


Colton also tweeted this:

When I read the headlines this past weekend about Colton Haynes of Arrowcoming out,” I expected to see video of him yodeling at the top of his lungs about his undying love for dick while waving a rainbow flag as he rode on a hoverboard down Santa Monica Blvd. I was ready to wish him a Happy New Queer, but his response and tweet are pretty coy. Maybe by “Was it a secret?” he was referring to his gay twink spread in XY? Maybe by “No fear this year” he meant that he’s the new face of No Fear (Is that shit still around?). It’s times like these when I really need a Rosetta Stone emoji edition. Because maybe all of his emojis translate into: “Yay! I love peen!”

And here’s Colton Haynes in Miami on New Year’s Eve Day:

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