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As Charlie Hunnam’s Crazed Fans Fill With Rage…..

April 25, 2016 / Posted by:

Since we’re on the subject of crazed mega fans with insanity running through their veins, here’s pictures from over the weekend of coochie seizure-inducer Charlie Hunnam in NYC with his jewelry designer girlfriend of a few years Morgana McNelis. Or as some of his crazed mega fans call her (probably), Tramp Slut Thotty Whore McHussyFace.

Last month, Lainey Gossip posted about a weird video message that Charlie Hunnam made for the batshit fans who were throwing hate balls at his girlfriend. Originally, Charlie gave a “leave my girlfriend aloooone” note to Tina, a woman who runs one of his fan sites. Tina posted the note and many of his fans didn’t believe it came from him. When they called Tina a liar, Charlie made a video message where he said that the note was real and he wants all of his Hunnamaniacs to stop messing with Tina and his girlfriend. It was something to file in a folder labeled “Being Famous Is Weird.

Well, Morgana must think that the streets are safe again, because she came out in NYC over the weekend. That lady behind Morgana is me, because she’s obviously saying to her friend, “I can’t believe you’re taking pictures of stupid buildings when you should be taking pictures of dat ass right there.” But honestly, I’m disappointed in that Morgana chick. Because what’s the point of hitting the pap stroll with  Charlie Hunnam if you’re not going to wear a third trimester baby pillow with a maternity t-shirt that reads, “Your Fake Boyfriend Busted A Raw Nut Up Into This. Seethe, Hos, Seethe!” Really, there’s no point at all!

Pics: FameFlynet

A Shirtless Charlie Hunnam Is In V

September 10, 2015 / Posted by:

Sadly, a shirtless Charlie Hunnam isn’t in your “V” (if you’re a chick and in your “man V” if you’re a dude). But panty cream-summoner Charlie Hunnam is shirtless in a V Man photo shoot where he was done up like he’s starring in a sexy post-apocalyptic S&M remake of Braveheart. I know that red cross on his face is for English pride, but it’s the same red cross the coochie coroner will paint on your genitals when it passes out and dies after looking at that picture of him licking his thumb.

Charlie also said words to V. Specifically, he said words about Fifty Shades of Shit. Yes, people are still asking him questions about dodging that diarrhea bullet and yes, he’s still answering those questions. I guess if you were supposed to be on a ship that crashed into a rock and exploded, people would constantly ask you about it. So when I put it that way, it makes sense that people keep asking Charlie about why he dropped out of that disaster.

V Man brought up Charlie quitting Fifty Shades and I wish there was a video of his response, because it sounds like he gave the performance of his lifetime! Charlie dramatically told V Man that dropping out of that mess was the most “emotionally destructive and destructive thing” he’s ever had to do professionally. That’s funny, because I would think that actually making the movie would be the most “emotionally destructive and difficult thing” he’s ever had to do professionally. Charlie says that he cried for 20 minutes on the phone after breaking the news to Fifty Shades’ director Sam Taylor-Johnson. He was probably crying tears of joy and she was probably crying tears of sadness because she wouldn’t get to see his ass bouncing up and down live and in person.

Charlie says that contrary to some tricks’ belief, he didn’t quit Fifty Shades because of the sex scenes:

“The outside perception of that was that I got really cold feet and got scared of the explicit nature of the sexuality of the piece,” he says. As an example, he refers to a prior role in Showtime’s Queer as Folk, saying, “When I was 18 I was getting fucked in the ass, completely naked on national TV, you know?”

Oh, I know, Charlie. I know. I owned the DVD.

Pics: V Man/Tim Walker

Charlie Hunnam’s Humping Ass Would Like To Wish You A Happy Hump Day

December 3, 2014 / Posted by:

No, I did not Photoshop that picture at all. Angels literally fly out of Charlie Hunnam’s ass went he humps. Holiness goes out as holiness goes in.

ICYHFTIY (In case you haven’t fapped to it yet), here’s my favorite Sons of Anarchy cast member, Charlie Humman’s ass cheeks, thrusting and clenching during another fuck scene on last night’s episode. The office of the Parents Television Council is closed today, because they need time to fully analyze the dark-sided, raunchy, sucio sinfulness going on in last night’s sex scene (read: they need time to rage jack to it). Once they finish doing that, they need more time to pray for FX’s dirty soul (read: cool their genitals before going for round 2) before they write a 10,000 word statement condemning this filth (read: write the statement with one hand while fapping some more with the other).

There’s two NSFWish GIFs of Charlie fake fucking after the cut and there’s many more at My New Plaid Pants. Like I’ve said before, I don’t watch SoA and there’s only one episode left, but just in case Charlie’s clenching nalgas make one last appearance, I’m going to watch next week while sitting on a tarp with one bottle of lube in one hand and a cocktail in the other.

The Parents Television Council Doesn’t Think Charlie Hunnam’s Gyrating Ass Should Be On Basic Cable

November 18, 2014 / Posted by:

I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy (I know I should because Peg Bundy + Charlie Hunnam’s nalgas), but apparently the beginning last week’s episode was a real fuck fest. Entertainment Weekly says that the episode opened with a three minute-long sex montage that showed six couples going at it and one chick going at it with herself. Oh, it also had a serving of Charlie Hunnam’s butt. Sons of Anarchy comes on screens at 10pm and they throw up a TV-MA warning before the show and after every commercial break. So the eyes of innocent children are warned. But of course, those hysterical, pearl clutchers at the Parents Television Council are outraged and appalled. They can’t believe that a network that gives us all that hot, beautiful fuck time goodness is in the same cable package as the Disney Channel. PTC’s president, Tim Winter, thinks FX needs to move out of basic cable and join those filthy fuck merchants on premium cable. Tim Winter spit out this stream of laugh juice:

“It’s official: In order to watch cable news, ESPN, Disney or the History Channel, every family in America must now also pay for pornography on FX. Last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy opened with the most sexually explicit content we’ve ever seen on basic cable, content normally found on premium subscription networks like HBO or Showtime … If FX wants to be like HBO and air this kind of explicit content, then they should become a premium network … Families should not be forced to underwrite pornography. Cable Choice is a solution whose time has come, and there could hardly be a better example of it than this.”

Porn, really? Those PTC hos know the difference between fake cable sex and porn. Porn is the stuff they shame fap to on their iPads in the bathroom while the shower is on, towels are covering the mirrors and nobody’s in the house. FX didn’t have a comment about this, because why waste their keystrokes?

Like I said, I don’t watch SoA, but I do watch The Bridge (RIP) and American Horror Story and they get violent as hell. They cut each other open and crap. Why isn’t the PTC screaming about that? The PTC really needs to stop spitting out their rage letters and start learning how to block the dark-sided channels on their TVs. The public shouldn’t be deprived of Charlie Hunnam’s ass because those dumb ass parents aren’t parenting.

On the other hand…

If the PTC never released that ridiculous, stupid letter, I might not even know about SoA’s great big sex montage. But because their letter was picked up by everyone, I see Charlie Hunnam’s humping ass all over the place. So thank you for that, PTC. Thank you. You’re still crazy, but you did good work this time.

And after the cut is Charlie Hunnam’s ass in motion. I know, I really should’ve put it up top to save your eyes from scanning all those words.

Charlie Hunnam Was Going To Make $125,000 For Fifty Shades Of Grey

October 16, 2013 / Posted by:

Now that the government shut down is pretty much over, we can get back to talking about what really matters in this country: Fifty Shades of Shit.

When it was announced that Charlie Hunnam was going to be Christian Grey, I figured that they convinced him to do it by backing up a dump truck full of gold coins, jewels, pearls and everything else in Scrooge McDuck’s vault into his driveway. The only way an actor who is supposedly worth $8 million (according to the extremely, extremely reliable and by “extremely reliable” I mean not really reliable) would star in that mess if the check they gave him had a string of zeros falling off of it. But The Hollywood Reporter says that Charlie was going to get paid $125,000 to say poetic lines like, “You’ve had six orgasms so far and all of them belong to me.

A source tells THR that money wasn’t even the reason why Charlie hit the alarm and ran for the emergency exit. Charlie was freaking out over all the attention he was getting and had problems with the script. He gave notes to screenwriter Kelly Marcel, but the producers refused to give him script approval. The source says that Charlie’s dick never got hard for the project, so he pulled his soft peen out of that bitch and quit.

Now, let’s go back to the $125,000 shit…

$125,000 is a lot of money and it can buy you a lot of things like an 1,800 square foot house in Detroit, around 54,000 cheddar bacon potato wedges from Jack in the Box, 1,250 kittens from the ASPCA or a custom made Prince Hot Ginge Real Doll (I priced it). But $125,00 to risk fucking up his career? I’m sure he was going to get a cut of the back end (wink wink), but what if it was a flop and turned out to be the next Showgirls and he became this generation’s Elizabeth Berkley? Wait….since I put it that way, Charlie Hunnam is a stupid bitch for dropping out of that shit, because he could’ve starred in the next Showgirls and been this generation’s Elizabeth Berkley!

We Won’t Be Seeing Charlie Hunnam’s Naked Ass In Fifty Shades Of Grey After All

October 12, 2013 / Posted by:

The good news is that Charlie Hunnam realized that he’s not quite ready to drown his career in extra chunky mom jizz and fifty shades of shit. The bad news is that we’re not going to see the six pack on Charlie Hunnam’s ass cheeks clench as he whips Melanie Griffith’s daughter. Universal Pictures and Focus Features announced today that they’re going to have to find another Christian Grey, because Charlie Hunnam has dropped an I QUIT THIS BITCH on their asses, and they’re all blowing a bull’s fart in our eyes by blaming on it good old-fashioned “scheduling conflicts.”

“The filmmakers of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead given Hunnam’s immersive TV schedule which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Grey.”

More like, “Charlie Hunnam finally got around to reading the book.”

The truth is, Charlie Hunnam wasn’t right for that shit anyway. Now the powers-that-be in that future Razzie record breaker can do what’s right and cast my only choice for Christian Grey: Richard Simmons! 

Fifty Shades Of Sperm

September 11, 2013 / Posted by:

One of the only good things to come out of Charlie Hunnam getting cast in Fifty Shades of Grey is that now I have a reason to post a picture of his nipples all the times. So, there IS that.

Actress Chloe Bridges, who’s in that Carrie Diaries mess, was asked to audition for Fifty Shades of Grey, but she couldn’t do it after she read the sides they gave her. At the presentation for Alice + Olivia’s new collection in NYC on Monday, Chloe told Cosmo that she almost died while reading the sides, because the word (Warning to all you innocent, chaste flowers out there: the following word will make you want to dip your eyeballs in holy water, so get yourself to a church before reading this) “SPERM” was in there not once, but twice. The word SPERM! Chloe says that the word wasn’t even used in a medical way. It was used in a SEX way. My eyes have seen some sucio shit before, but nothing is more sucio than the word SPERM. I think I need to see a priest. While clutching her rosary, Chloe said this:

“There were three pages of sides that I was going to audition with. I read them and then was like, I really can’t do this. If you read these three pages of sides, you would die. I still like show them to my friends for fun.

The scene was, like, the girl telling her friends about some sexcapade she had. But it goes into extreme detail and uses the word ‘sperm’ a couple times. I was like, I don’t know guys, I have to go home to my grandparent’s house in a few months at Christmas, I don’t know if I can do this. It was intense. So mad props to the people who are going to do it. You had to be able to take it seriously and not laugh or turn bright red.”

But really, what 20-something uses the word “sperm” while talking about getting jizzed on by her master? “Ohmygosh you guys, and then he, the male, pulled his erect phallus out of my vagina and ejaculated his semen all over my upper abdominal area.”

I don’t think they’ve bought one costume or made one set for the Fifty Shades movie yet and it’s already turning into a giant puddle of shit. Oh wait, I should say that it’s turning into a giant puddle of feces.

Here’s Charlie Hunnam hopefully regretting his life choices while getting lunch on the set of Sons of Anarchy in L.A. yesterday. I’ve never noticed this before, but that flesh beard makes him look like a butch Spencer Pratt.

Pics: Splash, MNPP

“Chemistry” Is The Reason Why Charlie Hunnam Is Doing That Fifty Shades Of Grey Mess

September 8, 2013 / Posted by:

At the season 6 premiere screening of Sons of Anarchy in Hollywood last night, Charlie Hunnam told The Hollywood Reporter that when he was first approached to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Mom Jizz, he wasn’t sure he wanted to get locked into a franchise. But then when he got in a room with Dakota Johnson to do a screen test with her, the chemistry between their asses convinced him to sign the contract.

“As soon as we got in the room and started reading with Dakota, I knew that I definitely wanted to do it, because there was a tangible chemistry between us. It felt kind of exciting and fun and weird and compelling, and so that was it.”

Uh huh. Bitch needs to tell the truth. More like the chemistry with Charlie and the check they waved at him was so powerful that he knew he had to do it.

Charlie also told reporters that he’s not scared or shy about doing a fuck scene, because he was in Queer as Folk, so he’s done a whole lot of fuck scenes.

“My first job was on a Channel 4 miniseries called Queer as Folk. [There were] incredibly explicit sexual scenes with a man. I mean, I’m 16- and 17-years wiser now. So if I could do it when I was 18 with a guy, I can certainly do it at 33 with a lady.”

And then Charlie admitted what NOBODY, even a ho who’s going to be in the movie, should admit:

“I went and read the first book to get a clearer idea of who this character was and felt even more excited about the prospect of bringing him to life.”

They must’ve injected liquid money into his veins and that check must have a whole lot of zeros in it, because Charlie has gone crazy. First he says that “chemistry” is what made him sign on and then he says that reading the book made him feel excited about being in the movie. If Charlie really did read the book, he’d wonder why they were’t asking Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen to be Christian Grey since it’s obviously a comedy. Charlie is seriously trying to feed us a tampon full of bullshit. He should’ve just said that he didn’t read the book, but he did read every number on the check they gave him. And seriously, a movie that will have Charlie Hunnam’s bouncing ass in it can’t be that awful of a movie. (Hint to the director of Fifty Shades: Just show 90 minutes of Charlie Hunnam’s ass in motion.)

Here’s Charlie with Katey Sagal and the rest of the cast of Sons of Anarchy last night:

Pics: Splash,

More Like Fifty Shades Of Blond

September 2, 2013 / Posted by:

After what felt like years of whores saying that everyone from Ian Somerhalder to Matt Boner to Kermit the Frog (I was rooting for Kermit, obviously) got the role of Christian Grey in that soon-to-be cinematic piece of shit Fifty Shades of Grey, Universal finally announced that horny moms will whip their crotches with Red Vines to Charlie Hunnam when that mess of a movie comes out next year. 33-year-old Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy, Queer as Folk and Pacific Rimmer will pull a tampon out of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s 23-year-old daughter Dakota Johnson. Universal queefed out this statement to Deadline today:

Charlie Hunnam will star as Christian Grey, the lead male character in Universal Pictures and Focus Features’ highly anticipated film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” it was announced today. He joins Dakota Johnson, who will star opposite him as Anastasia Steele. The film, which will be released by Focus Features on August 1, 2014 in North America, is being directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and produced by Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti alongside E L James, the author of the #1 bestselling book on which the film is based. The screenplay is by Kelly Marcel. The announcement about Mr. Hunnam’s casting in Fifty Shades of Grey was made today by Ms. James.

That statement should’ve read: After a long and exhaustive search, we finally found an actor who will gladly collect a pile of money to ruin his career.

I really can’t wait for this shit, because it’s going to be a beautiful disaster and they should just give them all the Razzies now. It’s going to make Exit to Eden look like a documentary on the BDSM lifestyle. The one good thing about Charlie Hunnam being cast as Christian Grey is that his bare ass will probably get a lot of screen time. So there’s that!


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