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The Same Dude Will Be Playing Charles Manson In “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” And “Mindhunter”

August 31, 2018 / Posted by:

There’s typecasting, and then there’s very, very, specific typecasting. And then there’s Charles Manson casting, which Australian actor Damon Herriman has fallen victim to. He’s been cast to play Charlie in two different productions. According to Collider, Damon has already filmed scenes as Charlie for the upcoming season of David Fincher’s Netflix series Mindhunter. And it’s just been announced that he was signed to play Charlie in Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood which maybe they should considering renaming Twice Upon A Time.

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Brad Pitt Has Joined Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Movie

March 1, 2018 / Posted by:

According to Variety, Brad Pitt has signed on to Quentin Tarantino’s movie about the Manson Family murders, which will come out on the 50th anniversary of the day of the LaBianca murders (and a day after the murder of Sharon Tate, which I’m sure Debra Tate loves). Brad will play Cliff Booth, the longtime stuntman for western actor Rick Dalton, played by Leonardo DiCaprio (speaking of 90s hunks with a cult following). Brad was rumored to be in talks for a role as a detective, but that obviously didn’t work out. Oh, and we can stop calling it Quentin Tarantino’s Manson movie.

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Everyone’s Working On A Charles Manson Movie Right Now

February 7, 2018 / Posted by:

The next time someone complains that Hollywood only makes reboots, sequels, and superhero movies, you can add that they’re also pretty big on current citizen of Hell Charles Manson at the moment as well. Quentin Tarantino has what will probably be the most high-profile one (still currently untitled, but reportedly starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie). Trailing close behind it will be a story about three members of Charles Manson’s family starring Matt Smith and a ghost story movie about Sharon Tate starring Hilary Duff (what even).

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Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Flick Will Open On The 50th Anniversary Of The Tate/LaBianca Murders

December 2, 2017 / Posted by:

You read that right. In an indescribably tacky move, Sony Pictures has scheduled Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Charles Manson movie to open on the 50th anniversary of the day his “Family” brutally murdered Sharon Tate and friends. This is genius marketing on Sony Pictures’ (and Quentin’s?) part! Hopefully, they can keep up the good work by snagging a fast food tie-in. “Do you have any Tex Watson toys left? No? Fine, I guess I’ll have the Patricia Krenwinkel one.” *pouts*

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Bryan Cranston Had A Run-In With Charles Manson

November 21, 2017 / Posted by:

When I was but a lad (like 13 maybe?), I checked out Helter Skelter from the local library (remember those?) one summer and gave myself the permanent terrors. I had to read the book on our front porch in direct sunlight because of hippie chicks with large knives creepy-crawling into houses and murdering everyone for silly reasons decades before. To this day, I have a recurring nightmare where I’m alone at night in my childhood home and the doorbell rings and I open it to find a grinning and (for some odd reason that I assure you is not about lust) naked Charlie Manson asking if he can come in. *horrified scream*

America’s premier boogeyman died the other day, but the terror lives on. As evidenced by the probably boring story above, everyone wants to share theirs about how scary he was. Walter White’s no exception! Bryan Cranston tweeted about an encounter he had with Tiny Murder Jesus when Charlie was at the height of his powers lording it over the flower waifs at Spahn Ranch. Continue reading

Charles Manson Has Died

November 20, 2017 / Posted by:

Somebody go wake up Satan, he’s got another guest coming for Thanksgiving. TMZ reports that Charles Manson has finally stopped sucking air. TMZ says the late Sharon Tate’s sister Debra Tate received the call confirming that Charles finally kicked the bucket.

Debra Tate tells TMZ she received a call from the prison telling her Manson died 8:13pm Sunday. We’re told the prison is contacting all of the victims’ families. Manson died of natural causes, according to prison officials.

Charles Manson, the charismatic cult leader who was imprisoned for orchestrating the brutal murders of Sharon Tate, her unborn child and six others over a two night period in 1969, will be missed by no one. His original death sentence was ruled unconstitutional in 1971 and he was given 9 consecutive life sentences instead. That loser could barely manage one. Lame!

In life, Charles Manson was a terrorist who manipulated people’s weakness and insecurities into doing his bidding and who held the nation hostage using our own darkest fears against us. After his arrest, conviction, and incarceration, he became a punchline. In death he is, in his own words, “nobody. Well, nobody except for the odd time when someone gets curious and researches the origin of Marilyn Manson’s stage name.

The fog of rancor and divisiveness and the disrespect shown to our fellow citizens in #thesetryingtimes is enough to make a person lose track of some of the things that bind and unite us as a nation. In an age where there are people propping up pedophiles or defending alleged rapists, it’s nice to know there is one thing we can all agree on: Charles Manson was a evil mother fucker and we’re glad he’s gone.

Pic: California Department of Corrections

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