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Carrie Underwood Dared To Show Her Face In Public For The First Time Since Her Accident

April 16, 2018 / Posted by:

I wouldn’t blame you if you forgot that Carrie Underwood supposedly has a new face after fucking up her born-face from a serious fall last November. She had to get 40 to 50 stitches in her face. Carrie made a big announcement about the accident, which made it sound like she had been horribly disfigured. But then a fan caught her at the gym several weeks later and she looked fine with the exception of having what appeared to be a jacked up Doonese hand. A week ago, Carrie posted a picture of herself, in profile, on Instagram. Fans seemed perplexed by her assessment of her injuries as she looked perfectly normal. Of course, it being a profile, her final form was still cloaked in mystery and intrigue. Last night at the ACM Awards (that’s Academy of Country Music Awards which are held in addition to the CMA’s for reasons), Carrie debuted her new single “Cry Pretty” as well as her new face.

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Carrie Underwood Will Show Her “Healing” Face At Sunday’s ACM Awards

April 10, 2018 / Posted by:

Country music was panicked earlier this year when word came out that Carrie Underwood had badly hurt her face in a fall at her house in Nashville late last year. She needed upwards of 50 stitches, broke her wrist, and appeared to be going into hiding, which is the last thing that industry needed since country’s princesses were dropping like flies. Taylor Swift went pop, Maren Morris was showing up at EDM parties with Zedd…what was next? Wynonna Judd guesting on a Tiësto set this summer in Ibiza?? Continue reading


A Post-Accident Photo Reveals That Carrie Underwood Is Not A Disfigured Monster

January 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Yesterday we learned that Carrie Underwood (seen above at the CMA Awards a couple of months ago) fucked her face up real good when she took a fall at home back in November. It’s a nightmare scenario for anybody and it was all the more disturbing when Carrie announced that while she is healing, her face doesn’t “quite look the same”.

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Carrie Underwood’s Tumble Turned Out To Be More Terrible Than Thought

January 2, 2018 / Posted by:

Back in November, shortly after drawing a lot of hillbilly heat for making Trump jokes while co-hosting the CMA’s, Carrie Underwood reportedly fell down some stairs at her house. The fall was so bad she broke her wrist and had to have surgery. She was also treated for “cuts and abrasions”. Here’s what she had to say about it at the time.

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Brad Paisley And Carrie Underwood Piss Off Country Fans By Making Trump Jokes At The CMAs

November 9, 2017 / Posted by:

Because everybody hates everything, country music stars Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are taking heat for mocking Donald Trump during a performance at last night’s Country Music Awards. Some country music fans are threatening to boycott the artists, others are ready to dump the entire entertainment industry over their seething opening bit.

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Halsey Served Up Some T-Boz Realness At The Grammys

February 13, 2017 / Posted by:

The Grammys are the time and place for some high fashion fuckery. You can go high concept crazy (see: CeeLo Green), or you can go tacky casual with a twist of try hard. Halsey chose the latter. Halsey told Giuliana Rancic that her look was “a little TLC, a little Aaliyah.” When I first saw Halsey on the red carpet, I immediately got a T-Boz in the Creep video vibe. Halsey must have realized that she couldn’t blatantly rip-off such a legendary look without receiving a cease-and-desist, and so she added her own spin. And in this case, her spin was to ditch the matching robe and walk down the red carpet with her tits out. She also went with her natural hair, which was a choice. Personally I would have gone full-homage to T-Boz with some bangs and side-curtains. But I’ll give her a pass on this one. If she didn’t have time to steam the wrinkles out of her ensemble, I doubt she had time to clip on some hair.

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