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Keaton Jones’ Mom Does Damage Control After Anti-Racist Backlash

December 12, 2017 / Posted by:

If there’s one story that encapsulates #thesetryingtimes in America right now, it’s the Keaton Jones saga. Over a 24 hour period, we went from “ah, no poor kid” to “lock her up” and I doubt we’ve yet to hear the last word on this story.

You’ll recall that yesterday everybody was talking about a video of young Keaton making an impassioned plea to end bullying, which his mom Kimberly Jones posted it to Twitter, supposedly at his request. Finally, an apolitical unifying cause we can all rally around to make ourselves feel better! Many celebrities picked up the thread and began retweeting Keaton’s video and offering to fly him out to various movie premieres. At this point, I started getting a no-good feeling in my gut because none of it made sense. That’s when the GoFundme campaigns started and the confederate flag reared its ugly head. Because, oh yeah it’s America and we can’t have nice things. Stupid, stupid, stupid (hits self in noggin repeatedly)!!

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A Bunch Of Celebrities Came To The Defense Of A Bullied Tennessee Boy

December 11, 2017 / Posted by:

On any other Monday, I’d come here swinging with a heaping case of new week “Fuq dis shititis” and be ready to pile on some shade at Lindsay Lohan or whoever else was a mess at Sunday brunch, but the new season of The Crown has this kween feeling like THE QUEEN, so I’ll be diplomatic for 10 minutes and bring you a case of the worldwide awwwww’s that came from poor Keaton Jones’ bullying down in Tennessee. Continue reading

Daniel Franzese Accuses Bijou Phillips Of Bullying Him On The Set Of “Bully”

November 13, 2017 / Posted by:

Who’s ready for a piping hot cup of Scientology schadenfreude? Actor Daniel Franzese has added one time co-star Bijou Phillips to Hollywood’s ever growing No-No Naughty list. Daniel, best known as Damian in Mean Girls, claims in a Facebook post that Bijou tormented him on the 2001 set of Bully with a barrage of insults and taunts about his sexuality and his body and physically assaulted him.

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