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Mariah Carey’s Boyfriend Appears To Be Running The Show Now

November 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Alleged creepster Mariah Carey and her controversial manager Stella Bulochnikov recently said “Прощай” to each other. There was a rumor that Stella exited the pink diamond deluxe apartment in the NYC sky because Mariah’s gentleman friend, Bryan Tanaka, forced her ass out. Page Six is reporting that, not only is the story true about Bryan wanting Stella gone, but he’s added “Mariah Carey’s manager” to his resume. (That’s right under “Mariah Carey’s personal Spanx adjuster.“) In fact, Mariah’s former backup dancer is supposedly “running her life.” That can’t be that hard a job. Just make sure there’s some bubbly on ice at all hours of the day and night and that her many shaping briefs aren’t squeezing the life out of her. Easy! Continue reading


James Packer Says Dating Mariah Carey Was A Mistake For Them Both

October 23, 2017 / Posted by:

It was a good thing I was sitting down when news first broke that James Packer and Mariah Carey had called their engagement off, because I was shocked he’d let the love affair of our time die. Now I’m shocked all over gain, because James Packer is out there saying that he and Mimi weren’t really right for each other.  Continue reading

More Proof That Real And True Love Doesn’t Exist: Mimi And Her Dancing Boy Toy Broke Up

April 10, 2017 / Posted by:

Well, at least we’ll always have that magnificently acted scene from Mariah’s World that proved that Mimi and Bryan Tanaka are the Katharine Hepburn and Sir Laurence Olivier of our time. Anybody who watched that scene isn’t surprised by this news, because Mimi and Bryan had as much heat as the opened box of baking soda that’s been sitting in the back of your refrigerator for 10 years and any relationship that has that much passion is destined to blow the hell up.

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Mariah Carey And Bryan Tanaka Were Seen Acting Like A Couple This Weekend

November 22, 2016 / Posted by:

Shortly after Mariah Carey called it quits with her human bank machine James Packer, there were rumors that one of the reasons why things went sour was because she was getting a little too close with one of her Vegas backup dancers, Bryan Tanaka. Mariah reportedly swore on her most special Hello Kitty crystal jewelry-inspecting loupe that she never got with Bryan while she was engaged to James. Now that James is sort-of out of the picture, Mariah and Bryan have been getting even closer. Mariah may still be trying to get $50 million out of James, but she’s also apparently trying to get with Bryan too.

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