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And The Title Of The Most Illegally Downloaded Artist of 2013 Goes To…

January 5, 2014 / Posted by:

The New York Times (via EOnline) says Bruno Mars was named the most illegally downloaded artist of 2013 with nearly 5.8 million downloads. The runner up was Rihanna with 5.4 million, followed by Daft Punk with 4.2 million and Mr. Jessica Biel with 3.9 million.

I had to Wiki Bruno and what he released in 2013 because he lost me with that “catch a grenade fuh yuhhhh” song a few years ago. That shit was the musical version of a drug-resistant strain of herpes; it was EVERYDAMNWHERE. Going through the list, it would seem Joe Francis, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski could have been responsible for at least some of those downloads, thanks to Bruno’s creepy little ditty called “Young Girls“.

His song “Gorilla” is baffling as well. How the hell did we go from Nine Inch Nails to Bloodhound Gang (links NSFW) to Bruno Mars in the fuckin’ like animals department??

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Bruno Mars Is Going To Perform At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

September 7, 2013 / Posted by:

An extremely reliable inside source whose title most likely rhymes with Druno Jars Vanager tells AP (via USA Today) that the world’s greatest Michael Jackson (Jackson 5 era) impersonator Bruno Mars will headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show in February. Whoever is in charge of announcing the Super Bowl Halftime perform will supposedly announce it tomorrow.

I actually like Bruno Mars, but NO to him being the headliner of Halftime Show at the Super Bowl in New Jersey. The Super Bowl’s in New Jersey next year, so shouldn’t the Halftime Show be a Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi spectacular extravaganza that ends with the entire Jersey Shore cast getting shoved into canons and shot into the universe?  BRUNO MARS?

If the Halftime Show people really wanted to entertain the  masses with Jersey flavor, they would’ve given the headlining spot to the tie dyed musical prophets of Jersey City P.M. Dawn.

But if that happened, P.M. Dawn would cause a blackout that would make Beyonce’s Super Bowl blackout look like one tiny lightbulb went out. Every single person in the country would turn every TV on in their house to watch P.M. Dawn and it would cause a national electrical blackout.

But whatever, the only thing I want to know is if Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat are going to co-headline the Kitty Halftime Show at the Puppy Bowl next year. That’s what I really want to know.


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