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R. Kelly’s Bank Account Has Reportedly Hit Negative

April 14, 2019 / Posted by:

This is not a photo of R. Kelly illustrating on two fingers the number of dollars he has left to his name, because he can only dream of holding that much wealth in his back pocket. R. Kelly’s financial situation is as broke as his morals and he’s reportedly got a balance of negative $13 in his bank account. Yep, lucky negative thirteen. It’s a beautiful poetic justice when vengeance is served fast and right where it hurts the most. In this case not the balls but the bank account. I think we’d all have settled for balls, but bank account will do if a swifty to the nuts isn’t possible.

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Charlie Sheen Reportedly Owes Nearly $5 Million In Unpaid Taxes

May 1, 2018 / Posted by:

Charlie Sheen’s hand gesture can be read in so many ways. Like an “ok” sign, as in “my current tax situation is the opposite of this,” or the number three, as in the number of IRS agents who call his house on any given day demanding to know where Uncle Sam’s money is. Either way, Charlie Sheen is on the IRS’ shit list.

According to The Blast, Charlie owes $4,967,376.41 in taxes from 2015. That wasn’t such a great year for Charlie; 2015 was also the year Charlie disclosed his status as HIV-positive. What kind of work was Charlie doing to rack up almost $5 million, which I bet is mostly interest and fines, in taxes? Anger Management ran from 2012-2014, and his 9/11 movie didn’t come out and bomb in theaters until 2017. Maybe all that money is what he owes on his Two and a Half Men residuals from the reruns that air all the time.

As for how or if Charlie is going to pay, I suppose he could use some of the money he’ll get if his $10 million Beverly Hills mansion ever sells.

All I know for sure is that Tori Spelling is probably smiling bigger than the average dental bus bench ad, because Charlie Sheen’s tax woes are nowhere close to hers. She only owed a couple hundred thousands dollars. Honestly, she should keep this information in her back pocket for the next time the IRS calls. “Okay yes I owe you tons of money, but if you think about it this way, I’m basically 1/8th of a Charlie Sheen, so….



Mary J. Blige Says Working On “Mudbound” Cost Her Money

February 28, 2018 / Posted by:

Mary J. Blige is going to the Oscars on Sunday with not one, but two nominations. She’s nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Mudbound, as well as Best Original Song for “Mighty River” (also for Mudbound). Sadly, being known as Two-time Academy Award-nominee Mary J. Blige is not an honor that has put much money in her pockets. According to divorce documents filed by Mary J. Blige and obtained by The Blast, her work on Moudbound ended up costing her money.

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The Weinstein Company Has Announced They Will Declare Bankruptcy

February 26, 2018 / Posted by:

Four months ago, Harvey Weinstein was given a farewell party by The Weinstein Company after dozens of sexual assault/harassment allegations were made against him. Harvey is no longer part of the company he co-founded with his brother Bob Weinstein. Bob, who reportedly didn’t want anything to do with his brother to begin with, was rumored to want to change the name of the company, which was followed by trying to sell it. Then there was talk that the sale might not go through, and it looked like TWC would end up declaring bankruptcy. Much like the dirtiest, greasiest Tupperware bowl at a yard sale, nobody bought TWC. So bankruptcy it is.

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Lisa Marie Presley Says She’s Seriously Broke And Can’t Pay Her Estranged Husband’s Attorney Fees

February 16, 2018 / Posted by:

Graceland in Memphis is closed today so Lisa Marie Presley can cross the velvet rope and rummage through all the couches and shag carpet in hopes of finding some change…a lot of change. Despite being the heiress to the hip-shaking empire, Elvis Presley’s daughter claims she is in deep debt doo doo to the tune of $16 million. Continue reading


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