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Open Post: Hosted By Britney Spears Reacting To A Drunk Fan

September 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Can I just type that it’s nice to see Britney Spears acting so ordinary and with it and just aware of life? Her demeanor for the past decade has been sort of “vaguely medicated and really just wants to get home to watch Big Brother on the DVR.” Yay for Britney being conscious and snippy! My new favorite Twitter user, due to their handle alone, Britney fan @emailmypussy, posted this clip of Britney dealing with a drunken fan during her “Piece of Me” show in Vegas on Wednesday. UsWeekly says that this dude, Shawn, was brought up on stage to dance during Brit Brit’s rendition of “Freakshow.” Shawn and his improperly worn chest harness had obviously been at the slots for a long time, because it looks like he partook of many a free, watered-down cocktail.

Spears asked for his name and age before walking closer to him to autograph a white T-shirt. As soon as she took a few steps in Shawn’s direction, she said, “Oh, my goodness. You smell like you have a lot of alcohol on your breath! Everybody give it up for Shawn! Jesus Christ…”

She sounds surprised. Is ANYONE sober at a Britney “Piece Of Me” show? The audience is mainly going to be gays and bachelorette parties, right? I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times. There might have been a brief five minutes when I wasn’t boozed. Then again, alcohol is my lover. Watch Britney drag drunk Shawn below.

Pic: Twitter


Open Post: Hosted By Britney Spears’ Live Vocals

August 21, 2017 / Posted by:

Britney’s back, bitches! Much like an elusive Bigfoot, Nessie or Jersey Devil sighting, Britney Spears has once again been caught on film in the wild, SINGING LIVE, which is something that has only been the stuff of legends for many years.

Britney, covering Bonnie Raitt‘s Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About in a creamy layer of irony, looks pretty good! Decked out in full Spirit Halloween store version of “Cher on an aircraft carrier” regalia, Brit Brit struts her stuff and prepares for glory. Ok, it starts off a little shaky (does she cross herself? I have watched this clip so many times now that it all just feels like a fever dream at this point), she takes a deep breath and plunges into the song with gusto.

I’m a singer; I know that that first note often sets the tone for the entire song. In Brit’s case, that tone is called “dogged determination.” So it’s a little rough and growly. Brit looks amazing and she is gonna sing this fucking song all the way through if it kills her! And it does get better. Brit finds her vocal sweet spot on the chorus and the audience is clearly loving everything she is doing. Britney is so cute, y’all! I’m happy for her and for these lucky fans who will have a wonderful if unlikely story to tell their great-grandchildren around the campfire someday.

Britney singing "Something to Talk About" live 😵 #shook #pieceofme

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Pic: Instagram


Open Post: Hosted By Brit Brit Spears Shocking Humanity By Actually Singing Live 

June 30, 2017 / Posted by:

First the likes of Adele and Celine Dion learn that Katie Price is back in the live singing game, and now they’re learning that Britney Spears is singing live during her shows. This is probably the real reason why Adele might retire from touring. How can she ever compete with the live vocal stylings of the Cheetos chanteuse?

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QOTD: The Queen Of Lip-Synching Denies That She Lip-Synchs 

June 27, 2017 / Posted by:

“That’s not a picture of Sasha Velour.” – all of the Sasha Velour fans who watched her lip-synch on the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 finale.

Anyone who has seen a live Britney Spears performance has said for decades that the day she actually sings during a show is the day that water becomes dry, bears stop shitting in the woods and the Pope converts to Judaism. I went to see Brit Brit’s show in Las Vegas and either she was lip-synching or her vocal cords are time travelers who can go back to the 90s, because her voice sounded a lot like her auto-tuned voice on her old albums. But Brit wants all of the hating bitches to stop saying she doesn’t sing live, because she does. I’m gonna go ahead and type “GIRL, STOP” in all-caps so you don’t have to.

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Russian Hackers Infiltrated Britney Spears’ Instagram Account

June 8, 2017 / Posted by:

According to a report from security firm ESET (via The Independent), a Russian hacking group named Turla committed digital deviousness by using Britney Spears’ Instagram page to spread malware. On February 6th, a user named asmith2155 left a comment on a picture of Britney in a bodysuit that read: “#2hot make loved to her, uupss #Hot #X.” The user was actually a Turla hacker, and the comment contained a link to a malicious Firefox extension designed to steal people’s data. Basically, it was a virus. No word on whether or not Britney responded to the hacking news like this:

I swear…. no where in my house is safe 😂😂😂

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Fortunately, only 17 people clicked on that link. ESET calls that number “quite low” (sorry Turla!), and thinks it might have been a test hack. Or maybe nobody wanted to learn more about asmith2155’s 2hot tips for making loved. The picture is still up, but the comment has been deleted. Those hackers might want to work a little harder on their bait next time. That comment was filled with spelling errors, nonsense hashtags, and random empty flattery. If you want more than 17 clicks, you’ve got to at least attempt to look a little different than most of the other fan comments on a Britney pic.

Pic: ESET via Instagram


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