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Danny Boyle Will Direct The Next “James Bond” Movie And Promises A Bond Girl Fit For The #Metoo Era

March 16, 2018 / Posted by:

Daniel Craig’s last go round (definitely, maybe, probably, I’m sure, unless it isn’t in which case next to last at most but probably last, for sure) as James Bond will be directed by Danny Boyle and, according to Page Six, it will feature a Bond girl who is more than the sum of her parts (traditionally that adds up to tits, ass and a confusing pan-european accent). Danny recently said he wants to make a Bond girl who is compatible with the “modern world”.

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Harry Styles’ Name Has Come Up As Another Choice For The Next Bond

January 23, 2018 / Posted by:

Over the years, we’ve heard talk of the possibility of a Black Bond (Idris Elba), we’ve heard talk of a Thirsty Bond (Tom Hiddleston) and there was even talk of an Aussie Bond (Hugh Jackman)! But is the world ready for talk of a Baby Bond? While Flinty Bond (Daniel Craig) still has the role on lockdown for one last go-round, one of the editors on Spectre, Lee Smith, had the brilliant idea that Harry Styles should be the next James Bond, reports The Daily Mail.

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