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Bella Thorne Is Selling Guided Tours Of Her Very Special Home

February 13, 2019 / Posted by:

Ah, Hollywood – land of dreams, glamour and glitz, and all those things. Well, OK, Sherman Oaks but who’s counting. If the siren song of the west calls your name, I’ve got exciting news for you. For a small fee, even you, a lowly nobody with 23 Instagram followers, can taste the exciting world of the Troll doll crack den that is The Trippy Twins Fun House, owned by Bella Thorne. It’s totally tricked out and Instagram ready, and guided tours are available for just $50. That’s less than the price of a (recommended) Hep C vaccine! According to Page Six, the house is also available to rent for parties, photo shoots, or as a film location if your movie is called The Candy Land Murder House.

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Pussy Riot Has Accused Bella Thorne Of Ripping Off Their Signature Ski Masks

November 16, 2018 / Posted by:

In between cleaning more than a dozen kitty litter boxes, Bella Thorne has been working on her makeup and clothing brand, Filthy Fangs. Unfortunately, Bella is going to have a hard time catching up to other 21-year-old business moguls her age, because she keeps getting accused of blatantly ripping people off. Over the summer, Bella released several Filthy Fangs eyeshadow palettes that looked a whole lot like another makeup company’s eyeshadow palette, and she was promptly called out for it. Bella’s company just released some Filthy Fangs-branded ski masks that had the members of the Russian feminist protest band Pussy Riot thinking Bella’s been up to her old tricks again.

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Bella Thorne Has 19 Cats, Got Some Teeth Jewelry, And Was Broke At 18

October 19, 2018 / Posted by:

Everyone’s favorite Hot Topic employee, Bella Thorne, did a long-ass interview with The Los Angeles Times. She talks about everything from her drug use, to being broke at 18, to having too many cats (no such thing). It is long and if you want to spend a chunk of your day reading it, go ahead, but I sifted through the mountain of used cat litter and pulled out what I think are the most interesting pussy dingles.  Continue reading


Bella Thorne Has Been Accused Of Ripping Off Another Makeup Brand

August 15, 2018 / Posted by:

Bella Thorne recently launched her very own makeup brand, called Filthy Fangs. A risky venture, considering I’m not sure the first thing people think when they look at Bella Thorne’s face is “Gee, I wish I looked like that too.” But the point is, someone out there does, and her first two eyeshadow palettes sold out in the first day. The only problem is, they look somewhat suspiciously like another makeup brand, and now Bella’s cosmetic success has been tainted with accusations of plagiarism.

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Bella Thorne Decided To Boycott This Year’s Teen Choice Awards

August 13, 2018 / Posted by:

Activism comes in many forms. For example, I’ve been silently protesting my local grocery store every since the bakery raised the price of cake slices by $0.30 (now I buy the whole cake, and I’m sure they can feel my dissent). For Bella Thorne, she had some issues with last night’s Teen Choice Awards. But instead of showing up and smiling through gritted teeth while counting down the minutes, she decided to bail on the whole thing.

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