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Hilary Duff’s Placenta Smoothie Was The Best Smoothie She’s Ever Had 

November 9, 2018 / Posted by:

Like the viking women who came before her, Hilary Duff is here to let you know that drinking weird genetic brews will extend your life and give you the strength of a warrior….. or something. Hilary has done what many people have done before (and some researchers warn against), she ate her placenta, and ate hers in a smoothie, which was delicious. Well, it was probably better than a kale and spinach smoothie, but what isn’t?  Continue reading

Owen Wilson Hasn’t Met His Third Child Yet

November 8, 2018 / Posted by:

About a month ago, Owen Wilson became a father for the third time when his on-and-off girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates gave birth to a baby girl named Lyla Aranya. Owen found out he was the father after taking a paternity test. And it looks like a third-trimester paternity test is as close as he’s getting to his third child. A source tells UsWeekly that just because there’s a chance the baby’s first words will be “Oh wow“, doesn’t mean Owen wants much to do with it at the moment, if ever.

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Kenya Moore’s Baby Was Delivered Early Because Of Preeclampsia

November 5, 2018 / Posted by:

If you’re a ho like me who has never really heard of “preeclampsia” before, you’re probably looking at that word like, “OH! I’ve had that plenty of times and the nice people at the free clinic gave me some antibiotics for it.” No, slut, that’s prechlamydia, and any of us who have looked at orgasm face pictures of John Mayer have gotten that. But this is preeclampsia we’re talking about.

Kenya Moore, formerly of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, announced to her 1.3 Instagram followers on October 27 that she had tested positive for preeclampsia, which caused her feet to swell bigger than NeNe Leakes’ ego and caused her to gain 17 pounds in one week from water retention, high blood pressure, and excess protein in urine. Kenya’s baby was supposed to twirl out of her body around Thanksgiving time, but because of her serious condition, her doctor busted out a c-section yesterday and her first child is here. If Kenya’s baby is anything like her, the kid probably screamed, “Don’t come for me unless I send for you!!!!!”, while being pulled out.

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Diane Kruger And Norman Reedus’ Baby Has Arrived

November 3, 2018 / Posted by:

And all I can think of is poor, sexy Joshua Jackson probably sitting in the stands of an abandoned hockey rink in Canada somewhere, swilling a Labatt Blue in just a jockstrap, and wondering why the hell his hot blonde German ex just had a baby with greasy crossbow guy from the zombie show. Pacey – I’m available to you for consoling.  Diane Kruger, 42, has given birth to her first baby with Norman Reedus, 49, according to UsWeekly and People. There are no pics yet, so it’s unknown whether or not Diane gave birth to the squintiest baby in history.

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Reminder: Pippa Middleton Was Pregnant Too And Just Had Her Baby 

October 16, 2018 / Posted by:

Believe it or not, but up until today, Duchess Meghan wasn’t the only woman in Britain who is pregnant with a human, even though 3,865,999 posts about her pregnancy may make you think otherwise. But Pippa Middleton (aka Duchess Kate’s younger sister aka the owner of the ASS who upstaged Duchess Kate at the OTHER royal wedding) also had a baby growing in her body. She doesn’t anymore, because Pippa pippa’d out a baby yesterday.

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