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Ariana Grande Resumes Her “Dangerous Woman” Tour

June 7, 2017 / Posted by:

After the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s show in Manchester on May 22, the European leg of her Dangerous Woman Tour went on hiatus. During that time, she visited survivors of the attack in the hospital and put on the One Love Manchester concert to benefit the victims and victim’s families. One Love Manchester has raised more than $13 million, and performances from the concert have been released as an album. But it’s back to business.

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“One Love Manchester” Has Raised $12 Million So Far 

June 5, 2017 / Posted by:

As you know, One Love Manchester, Ariana Grande’s benefit concert for the victims and victims families of the terrorist attack at her show two weeks ago, happened in Manchester last night. 50,000 people were at the show and performers included Miley Cyrus, ColdplayKaty Perry, Little Mix, Take That the Black Eyed Peas (sans Fergie), and Justin Bieber. Normally this would be where I’d want to make a “Haven’t they been through enough already?” joke about Bieber, but I do have a shred of a soul left, so I won’t. Yesterday, Red Cross UK said that One Love Manchester raised over $9 million for the victims. Today, TMZ says it has raised $12 million. They expect to raise more from television rights and merchandise.  Continue reading

Ariana Grande’s Manchester Charity Show Will Go On, Despite Last Night’s London Attack

June 4, 2017 / Posted by:

The hits just seem to keep on coming. There was another attack in the UK last night, this one was in London on the London Bridge and in London’s Borough Market. Seven people were killed and many were injured in a combination van/knife attack. Jesus, there’s only so many Golden Girls reruns with which I can numb myself. They only did seven seasons. *sad-face* How about leave the UK alone for a bit, fuckwads? Sorry, make that THE WORLD.

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Ariana Grande Has Pressed Pause On Her European Tour After The Terrorist Attack In Manchester 

May 23, 2017 / Posted by:

Since my first post about the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s show in Manchester last night, there’s been many more updates and each is awful than the last and has made some of us temporarily think to ourselves that we should use whatever is left in our checking account to build an underground bunker where we’ll stay the rest of our days. But that’s not going to happen, because that’s what the terrorist want and also because my checking account is filled with nothing but moth balls, empty wine bottles and overdrawn slips.

Last night, Greater Manchester police said that 19 people died so far and around 50 were injured. They later said that 59 people suffered injuries and 22 lost their lives, including a girl who was only 8 years old.

The bomber died in the attack, and the police arrested a 23-year-old man who have been involved. ISIS has claimed the attack, but well, ISIS would claim the fart I let out 10 minutes ago if they could.

Ariana’s Dangerous Woman tour was supposed to play the O2 Arena in London on Thursday night and Friday night, but that’s probably not going to happen. Those concerts haven’t officially been postponed or canceled yet, but sources tell CNN that those shows aren’t going to happen and Ariana’s team has also postponed dates in Belgium, Poland, Germany and Switzerland. Another source told Entertainment Weekly that the tour isn’t canceled and they’re not really thinking about that right now.

“Right now, the focus is on the victims and grieving for them. We’re not focused on the tour.”

Sources told TMZ yesterday that Ariana can’t perform right now and is “in hysterics.” She tweeted these simple words last night:



A “Serious Incident” At An Ariana Grande Show In Manchester Has Left Multiple Dead (UPDATE)

May 22, 2017 / Posted by:

The details are pretty blurry and it seems like there’s all kinds of misinformation being thrown around on Twitter, but so far we know for sure that some kind of awful incident happened at Ariana Grande’s show at Manchester Arena in England tonight and multiple people have died.

Update: The BBC reports that witnesses say there was at least one big explosion that came from the back of the arena behind where everyone was sitting. It’s currently being treated as a possible terrorist attack. And in more even horrific news, Greater Manchester Police confirm that 19 have died so far and there’s around 50 injuries.

TMZ says that witnesses say they heard some kind of loud boom at the end of her show. Some described the “boom” as being explosions, others say it sounded like a speaker popping and some say they thought it was a balloon popping. Whatever it was, it caused people to freak out and stampede out of there. There’s videos on Twitter and YouTube of people running out of the arena. Greater Manchester Police tweeted out a note saying that anybody who doesn’t need to be in the area (aka nosy tricks) need to stay away .

Ariana had already left the stage and her rep said that she’s “okay.”

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What In The Hell Kind OF GD Illuminati Ritual Is This?

March 6, 2017 / Posted by:

The live-action Beauty and the Beast (aka the upcoming movie that we at Dlisted have written about approximately 3,499 times) is finally coming out next week, and to further promote that mess (because it really needs more promoting), Disney has released the video for Ariana Grande Latte and John Legend’s karaoke version of the title song. You know, instead of clutching their bibles over something innocent and normal like a gay character, the crazy Christian conservatives should really be losing it over the strange dark-sided satanic ritual dance that happens in this video. If my feet didn’t catch on fire as soon as I stepped into a church, I’d run into one to dunk my head in holy water after seeing this scary video.

The video stars off with the anti-donut demon summoning fiery evilness out of a mirror while wearing what looks like a giant bloody shower puff. Ariana then walks into a ballroom and a chorus of over-used, raggedy maxi-pads dance around her and cover her. It’s supposed to look like a big rose, but instead, it looks like the humongous blood clot that falls out of your ear when you listen to a version of Beauty and the Beast that is not sung by Angela Lansbury, Celine Dion or Peabo Bryson.

Ariana joins John at the piano and as she mumble yodels, a human girl dances with the buffalo she’s trying to fuck. This shit is like a horror movie done by a film major who really wants to be the next Guillermo del Toro.

And the scariest part of that video is that Ariana isn’t wearing her hair up in her usual Charo-wannabe ponytail. I always thought that millions of evil spirits lived in Ariana’s ponytail, and now she’s set them free. We’re doomed.

Pic: YouTube

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