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Ariana Grande And Mac Miller Are Over

May 10, 2018 / Posted by:

Those hardcore Ariana Grande fans who were dying to see their queen in a giant floofy gown with a train nearly as long as her ponytail are just going to have to settle for pics of her at the Met Gala on Monday. Because Ariana Grande isn’t getting married anytime soon.

TMZ says that 24-year-old Ariana and her 26-year-old rapper boyfriend Mac Miller (not the love child of Mac Tonight and the Miller High Life lady, I checked) have called it quits. Ariana got with Mac a little over a year and a half ago. Neither Ariana nor Mac have confirmed the news themselves on social media, although People can confirm it’s not just a rumor.

Sources tell TMZ that despite breaking up, Ariana and Mac remain “the closest of friends” and that they “love each other dearly.” Their busy schedules kept them apart. Or maybe Mac was sick of coming down for breakfast and finding that every donut in the box had a tiny human tonugue lick taken off of it. But whatever the reason, it must have been serious enough to end things. Because there’s no way Mac let Ariana go for something trivial. Forget the annoying perpetual baby voice and shedded hair tumbleweeds blowing through every room; none of that means anything when you can do a perfect Jennifer Coolidge impersonation. That’s reason enough to keep anyone around in my book.

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Geena Davis’ Husband Of Almost 17 Years Has Filed For Divorce

May 9, 2018 / Posted by:

TMZ says that Geena Davis’ husband Dr. Reza Jarrahy filed for divorce on Tuesday listing “irreconcilable differences.” According to the documents, Geena and Reza have been separated since last November. Also according to the documents, Reza didn’t list their real names, instead he chose to go with Rob Doe vs. Veronica Doe (although TMZ has confirmed it’s them, and not just Rob Lowe with a sinus infection).

Geena and Reza got married in September 2001. They share three kids together, 16-year-old Alizeh and 14-year-old twins Kian and Kaiis. This was Geena’s fourth marriage. She was previously married to Richard Emmolo, Jeff Goldblum, and director Renny Harlin.

Reza, who is a surgeon in L.A., has asked for spousal support, as well as joint legal and physical custody of their three kids. But if Geena thinks she can ask for the same, she might be out of luck. Reza has requested the judge block any requests for spousal support from her side. I know surgeons make serious money, but to be fair, there’s no way Reza is pulling in the kind of cash that Geena is. You could literally turn on the TV right now and have a 75% chance of finding a channel playing Thelma & Louise (or if it’s October, a 100% chance of Beetlejuice). I’m pretty sure she gets a decent cut of that. If not, her next call better be to her manager. Get those residuals Geena.


Colton Haynes And His Husband Of Six Months Are Done 

May 4, 2018 / Posted by:

Now I’m not saying that Colton Haynes’ marriage to his flower daddy Jeff Leatham was doomed as soon as they chose Pimp Mama Kris to officiate their wedding, but I am saying that Colton Haynes’ marriage to his flower daddy Jeff Letham was doomed as soon as they chose Pimp Mama Kris to officiate their wedding.

Six months ago, 29-year-old Colton Haynes married 46-year-old floral designer Jeff Leatham in a big, gay and lavish all-star Palm Springs ceremony that PMK officiated. I say all-star only because Melanie Griffith was a guest and that’s really all you need to make your event all-star. And seven months before that big, gay and lavish wedding ceremony, Jeff proposed to Colton in a big, gay and lavish engagement ceremony featuring Cher, bitch! And now TMZ reports that Colton and Jeff are over.

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Paulina Porizkova And Ric Ocasek Are Separating After 28 Years Of Marriage

May 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Now is the time to grab your friends, neighbors, and a priest and form a prayer circle around whichever long-term celebrity couple you thought was untouchable to the curse of the shocking split. I will not be joining you sadly, because I will be off mourning the one couple I honestly never, ever thought would utter the words, “It is with a heavy heart….“. People says that The Cars’ Ric Ocasek and my personal favorite ANTM judge Paulina Porizkova announced that their 28 year marriage is over.

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John Cena And Nikki Bella Have Called Off Their Engagement

April 16, 2018 / Posted by:

Sad news for fans of both rasslin’ and weddings. There will be no WWE Presents: Two Rings in the Ring marriage ceremony throw-down for John Cena and his professional wrestler fiancée Nikki Bella. John proposed to Nikki during WrestleMania 33 last April. A year later, a rep for the two of them confirmed to E! News that John and Nikki have decided to separate after six years together.

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It Sounds Like Miranda Lambert And Anderson East Are Really Over

April 9, 2018 / Posted by:

Back in February, InTouch claimed that 34-year-old Miranda Lambert, formerly of the boots n’ moonshine marriage to Blake Shelton, had called it quits with her boyfriend of two years, 30-year-old Anderson East. And then nothing really materialized. But here we are now in April, and it looks like InTouch might have been onto something.

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