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“The Alec Baldwin” Show Will Take A Backseat To “Shark Tank” Reruns

November 7, 2018 / Posted by:

It’s a sad day in America when a decent, humble, family man like Alec Baldwin can’t catch a break in showbiz. Sadly, after only 4 episodes on the air, his ABC talk show The Alec Baldwin Show, is being moved from its coveted Sunday nights at 10 time slot. And in the rudest of insults to injury, is to be replaced by reruns of Shark Tank. TABS will be moving to the dark side of the moon; aka Saturdays at 10. Not even his adoring black fans are going to watch him in that time slot!

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Alec Baldwin Says He Never Punched That Guy

November 5, 2018 / Posted by:

If Alec Baldwin’s personal life reputation was a corny joke, it might be:

Why did Alec Baldwin cross the road?
To get to the other side, so that he could rage out on some random driver/pedestrian/photographer.

Seeing Alec Baldwin lose his shit on the streets of New York is almost as New York than a rat getting married to a pizza slice in an alley way under a hobo pee-soaked menu from Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. So when Alec was arrested on Friday for allegedly punching someone over a parking spot, it wasn’t exactly a shock. But Alec has denied it happened.

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Alec Baldwin Got Arrested Again, And Punches Were Thrown (UPDATE)

November 2, 2018 / Posted by:

I never think of Alec Baldwin as having a short fuse so much as just a rip cord that explodes whenever he gets out of a chair and interacts with the world-at-large. Alec isn’t exactly known for being an Ina Garten-type who soothes our soul with a nice dinner party and warm words. He. Is. Out. To. RAGE! Well, he rages unless his wife Hilaria Baldwin is needing him to step in and take photos in lieu of whoever is her normal Instagram influencer photog. That rage manifested itself in a tiff over a New York City parking spot today, punches were thrown, and Alec was the one who ended up in handcuffs.

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Alec Baldwin Won’t Be In Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie After All

August 30, 2018 / Posted by:

Alec Baldwin may be rich, a frequent tuxedo wearer, and have a history of facing off with strangers on the streets of New York, but he won’t be playing Batman’s dead dad in an upcoming film about The Joker. A few days ago it was reported that Alec would appear opposite Joaquin Phoenix in Todd Phillip’s origin story about The Joker, as Bruce Wayne’s father Dr. Thomas Wayne. Sources were extremely sure that Alec had been cast in Joker, and it seemed all that was left was for Alec to confirm the news himself. But he tweeted that it’s not happening.

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Alec Baldwin Will Play Batman’s Dad In Joaquin Phoenix’s Upcoming Joker Film

August 28, 2018 / Posted by:

In the origin story of Batman, a young Bruce Wayne decides to fight crime in disguise after witnessing the murder of his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne. I don’t know if part of Bruce Wayne’s origin story includes receiving an angry phone call from his dad calling him a rude, thoughtless little bat. But in the event he did, then the best casting decision of the year was just made. Variety says that Alec Baldwin will play Dr. Thomas Wayne in Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming standalone film about The Joker.

Joaquin’s Joker movie, which still doesn’t have a title, is set to begin filming in September on a budget of $55 million. Since Joaquin’s Joker movie is a prequel/origin story, it takes place before The Joker is The Joker, which means we’re also dealing with a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne and Thomas Wayne, who is a Gotham doctor and philanthropist.

As for the rest of the cast, Variety says that director Todd Phillips will be working with Robert De Niro, who will be playing a talk show host that partly contributes to The Joker’s insanity. Zazie Beetz and Marc Maron will also appear, although it’s unknown who they’ll be playing.

Alec’s involvement also feels a bit like a six-degrees situation. Alec was married to Kim Basinger, who appeared in the 1989 movie Batman, which also featured an origin story for The Joker. It also featured the death of Batman’s parents too. Except this time around, whoever kills Bruce Wayne’s dad has a real job ahead of them. It’s Alec Baldwin: even with all the thespian strength in the world, there’s no way Alec will be able to tackle a street confrontation without hissing something offensive or threatening to get in their face.


Hilaria Baldwin Posted A Post-Baby Lingerie Selfie To “Inspire” Other Moms

July 28, 2018 / Posted by:

How kind of her. People reports that Alec Baldwin‘s wife and unecessary public yoga poses activist Hilaria Baldwin wanted to help the rest of the moms out there who want to look way tight and all right after excreting a human being. Her idea? A lingerie selfie to “inspire feeding and exercising your body right!” Where you see a “selfie,” Hilarious sees a “selfless.” Or something. Girl, stop.

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