Isaiah Parties with the Gays!

January 23, 2007 / Posted by:

Isaiah Washington met with members of GLAAD yesterday. Isaiah is on damage control after he used the word “faggot” not once, but twice. He already issued an apology and he also agreed to meet with members of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. President Neil G. Giuliano said, “Isaiah understands that he is going to be judged by more than just his apology. He knows that his future actions, including the genuine first step that today’s meeting represents, will demonstrate his sincerity in becoming part of the solution to anti-gay bigotry. As a parent himself, Isaiah Washington seemed to particularly appreciate the impact these words have on young people.”

You know his ass was grossed out by being around all those gays. He probably had to think of “pink elephants and candy canes” in order not to call everyone in that room a fag. Isaiah should prove his loyalty to the gays by taking it up the hinder with a 12-incher.



CoCo is An Inspiration to Us All

January 23, 2007 / Posted by:

CoCo and husband, Ice-T, showed off their style and elegance at a party held in CoCo’s honor for Smooth Magazine. CoCo and her watermelon ass grace the cover and they celebrated with a party in NYC last night. She once again proved why she’s the world’s most refined woman. I think she should start her own clothing line. Women need and want brushed spandex, rhinestone boots and leather corsets.

CoCo not only is the camel toe queen, but she’s udder perfection and by “udder” I mean her tits remind me of cow knockers.

coco3.jpg coco4.jpg coco2.jpg coco5.jpg coco6.jpg coco7.jpg



Birthday Sluts

January 23, 2007 / Posted by:

Mariska Hargitay (43)
Tiffani Thiessen (33)
Gail O’Grady (44)
Princess Caroline of Monaco (50)
Rutger Hauer (63)
Chita Rivera (74)
Jeanne Moreau (79)


Okay, I Love Naomi Campbell

January 22, 2007 / Posted by:

Naomi Campbell is NUTS! She recently got community service for admitting to beating down her maid with her jewel encrusted Blackberry and she’s at it again! On Friday, Naomi traveled to Brazil as an ambassador to the country. Ambassador of what?! Ambassador of Beating Down Illegals?! Damn. Anyway, Naomi told reporters that she was interested in helping the poor of Brazil and stuff. Yeah, she was probably there to pick out her next maid. Let’s be real.

There are additional reports that Naomi was in Brazil to visit some kind of witch doctor. The witch doctor is trying to help Naomi not be so damn crazy! Her spokesperson denies that Naomi is seeking help from his ass and says they are just friends. Friends with a witch doctor?! Yeah that sounds right.

While in Brazil, Naomi couldn’t help herself. She beat down another HO! She was on the beach when she noticed a photographer taking snaps of her. Naomi went into attack mode and started screaming at the photog, demanding his film. She got her girlfriends involved and they surrounded him. The wuss of a photographer handed over the film.

After Brazil, Naomi traveled to London to meet Jennifer Hudson and Danny Glover for the premiere of Dreamgirls.

Ok, at first I didn’t like this ho, but now I’m in love. Homegirl doesn’t care. She will beat you down, get a slap on the wrist and then beat you down again. She’s a menace to society in a Liza Minnelli wig!

naomi11.jpg naomi5.jpg naomi3.jpg naomi6.jpg naomi4.jpg


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