This Should Go Straight to Late Night Local TV

May 8, 2007 / Posted by:

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! The trailer for “Blonde Ambition” starring Jessica Simpson has finally arrived. Hopefully, Hollywood will finally see this ho has NO TALENT and they’ll banish her away forever. The cast in this movie reads like a list for possible cast members of “The Surreal Life.” Penelope Ann Miller, Andy Dick, Willie Nelson, Luke Wilson and Rachel Leigh Cook all lend their talents to this turkey.

I like it a lot more when it starred Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver. A release date hasn’t been set and I’m sure one won’t. This one’s going straight to BETA!

Thanks MontgomeryBluepants

Extraordinary Circumstances

May 8, 2007 / Posted by:
TMZ contacted Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's office to get the details on this little petition going around asking for Paris Hilton to be pardoned from jail. Paris posted it on her MySpace asking for people to sign it. 
Arnold's press secretary told TMZ that he would deal with Paris the same way he deals with every requests that go through his office. He went on to say that Arnold only acts under "extraordinary circumstances." When asked if Paris was one of those, his press secretary just laughed. He said that they haven't gotten the little petition yet and he doesn't think Arnold's aware of it, but he knows the office is. Somebody else in the office said that Arnold "might" have plans for Paris. Whatever, this is a joke!
There's also a few petitions going around asking for Paris TO BE SENT TO JAIL. Some even ask for her to be sent to jail for life which is pretty funny. I'll link to a few, but there's a lot out there!
Take your pick! Thanks to all who sent these to me.

Jacinda from the Real World is Knocked Up

May 8, 2007 / Posted by:
Jacinda Barett was always one of my favorite Real Worlders even though she came from one of the worst and boring seasons ever, The Real World: London. Since then Jacinda has become one of the rare Real Worlders to actually become something and not only do those horrendous Real World/Road Rules challenges. She's been in movies like The Last Kiss, Poseidon, Bridget Jones and The Human Stain.
Jacinda, 34, and her hot husband, Gabriel Macht, are expecting a brat later this year.
I wonder what happened to Legend? Remember her dog that wouldn't stop shitting all over the place? Aww..memories…
Source: People

Tom Sizemore Busted in Bakersfield with Meth!!

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How ghetto can you get?! 45-year-old Tom Sizmore was arrested outside of a Four Point Sheraton hotel in Bakersfield after cops found meth in his car. Cops were called when Tom and another dude named Jason Salcedo started an argument in the lobby when they weren't allowed to check in. 
Tom has had drugs problems in the past. He was also arrested a few years ago for beating down Heidi Fleiss.
Getting busted with meth in Bakersfield?! He's just missing the trailer park and underaged hooker. I'm sure that was in the works, though.  
Source: CBS

Dissecting Rose McGowan

May 8, 2007 / Posted by:
Rose McGowan recently said that she HAD to have plastic surgery after a piece of glass cut the bottom of her eye open in a car accident. She said that's the only reason why she had plastic surgery. Um…was the face lift needed, because that's what she had. She might have had cheek implants too. I mean…why? She was way hot. 
On the left was Rose only 5 years ago and there's a drastic difference. You can't even tell the two apart! Homegirl is crazy looking now! Dixie Carter's slightly younger sister is right!  
Below is some more shots of freaky Rose at that dress up party last night.  

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