Tyra’s Toilet Tips!

/ June 18, 2007

Tyra Banks is the new Hints for Heloise! In this video she teaches the ladies how to pee properly so that your panties don’t rub all over the toilet seat. Damn, she’s so smart. She probably keeps her panties from touching the seat, but I’m sure her piss gets all over it from the acrobatic moves she’s trying to perform.

Bitch is nuts!


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Oh Shit! Happy Belated Father’s Day!

/ June 18, 2007
Sorry to all the fathers out there! I forgot to wish you a Happy Father's day yesterday! I'll make it up to all you daddies.
Anyway! Paris Hilton spent her F day with daddy behind bars. Paris made him a card out of tampons and fruit punch. I'm joking! It was toilet paper and rat poop.
Kathy emerged from the visit of course talking crap. Ugh, she's so annoying. She told reporters outside Lynwood that she thought Paris' arm was broken, because she was shivering so much from the cold.
Poor poor Paris! Kathy wonders why the media is all over this? Um…maybe because you keep talking about it! Kathy loves this.
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