End Of An Era….Or Something

/ June 12, 2007
Dermot Mulroney's fine ass has ended his 17-year marriage with Catherine Keener. The two have one seven-year old son. Divorce papers were filed yesterday in Los Angeles claiming Catherine tried to cut his dick off. Ok, no…they aren't that exciting. They cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce. Boring! 
The papers also stated they seperated in 2005. Where's Dermot's fine ass been? Come to me Dermot. I'll be your shoulder to cry on and by shoulder I mean asslips.
Now Catherine can go steal Brad Pitt from Angelina! Aren't they like bffs forever?
Source: TMZ
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Damn! Anne Heche Must Be Seriously Crazy!

/ June 12, 2007
Celestia aka Anne Heche has lost primary custody of her 5-year-old son with Coley Laffoon. Anne's crazy ass accused Coley of being nuttier than her. One of her examples on why Coley was a "bad father" was that he took their son to one of his poker games. Yeah, call CPS!
Coley will also get child and spousal support, but sources claim it's way below the $33,000 a month he requested. Anne was accused of lying to make her ex-husband look worse, so she can get custody.
Anne left Coley for her "Men in Trees" co-star. She also infamously took too much ectasy and wandered into the desert claiming she was the daughter of Jesus, Celestia. That was a few years ago shortly after her break-up with Ellen Degeneres.
I guess the crazy hasn't left her ass yet! 
Source: E!
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Why Didn’t They Just Go On Maury?

/ June 11, 2007

Today Eddie Murphy has been ordered to submit a DNA test to see if he's the baby daddy of Angel Iris, daughter of spice girl Melanie B. Here they are at the facility to get tested.

According to The Sun a source claims, “At least this way they will know officially whether Eddie is the daddy or not and move on from there. This isn’t about the money, it’s about Angel knowing for sure who her dad is.”

Why did it take so long? Of course it's about the money! It'll be funny if Maury comes out and says Eddie is not the father and it ends up being Kevin Federline's kid. Then Eddie will be free to hump more trannies and make five more Shrek movies in peace.


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