The Real Angel of Wonderland

February 5, 2007 / Posted by:

While Lindsay Lohan creates drama at the Wonderland rehab facility in Los Angeles, patients are saying the exact opposite about another guest. Mike Tyson checked himself into the facility after a major coke bust. Sources say that Mike is extremely nice and trying to get his life together.

The source told TMZ, “He’s humblest, sweetest, and most genuinely considerate celebrities I’ve ever met. He is just another person trying to get his life together.”

He hasn’t asked for any special treatment, unlike Blohan who wants her make-up artist, masseuse and hairstylist around her ass.

That’s pretty sad when the mess known as Tyson is making you look like a crazy? Do you think Lindsay hit that? Yeah probs. She probably let him bite the clit too.

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Is Heather Locklear Going to Play Tanya Turner?

February 5, 2007 / Posted by:

Gabrielle Union has already been cast as Chardonnay Lane for the ABC pilot of “Football Wives.” The pilot is an American remake of the hit UK soap “Footballers Wives” revolving around the wives of football players. A little faggy told me that ABC and producer Bryan Singer have begged Heather Locklear to play the lead wife, Tanya Turner. The character of Tanya Turner was played in the UK version to perfection by Zoe Lucker. Seriously, this is one of the greatest TV roles of all-time.

First of all, Heather is too old. The character of Tanya is in her late 20s. Second of all, Heather isn’t good at playing crazy. If they cast Heather, this show will fail. The entire show is dependent on Tanya Turner. When the actress left the show during season 4, the ratings tanked and the show was cancelled. I know ABC loves Heather, but they need to leave her out of FB!

I was also told that the producers and network are thinking of changing the name to “The Wives.” I also heard that Denise Richards auditioned for both the role of Tanya Turner and Chardonnay Lane. Will Heather take the role just to spite Denise?

The pilot is set to shoot very soon with Bryan Singer (X-Men) at the helm. God, I hope they don’t eff up this classic.

Here’s some typica Tanya Turner for those of you that don’t know this hot piece.

Did I Miss Something?

February 5, 2007 / Posted by:

When did Kristen Johnston of “Third Rock from the Sun” get so skinny? I thought she was a big boned girl? Well, she showed off some skinny bones at the “Music & Lyrics” premiere tonight in London. Kristen is doing some play up in London. She looks hot. Maybe it’s the black that’s slimming her?



February 5, 2007 / Posted by:

TMZ is reporting that Tom Cruise is talking to Ben Stiller about starring in an updated version of the classic “The Hardy Boys” for Fox. Shawn Levy who directed Ben in “Night at the Museum” is also in talks to helm the movie. Production of the movie is expected to start this October.

Sources say that Tom is hoping comedy will make him a box office King again. The film is tentatively called “The Hardy Men” and will follow the boys as men.

WTF?! This sounds like bad porn! They need to change the title to “The Hardy Man and His Gay Friend.” I mean, Tom needs to stop. Just stop!


Powder Face, But Still Purty

February 5, 2007 / Posted by:

Drew Barrymore looks well put together at tonight’s Music & Lyrics premiere in London. She’s cute, annoying but cute. There’s something off about her. She’s a 30-something that wants to be 12-years-old forever. Hugh Grant looks beat down too.

drewbarrymore6.jpg drewbarrymore5.jpg drewbarrymore4.jpg drewbarrymore3.jpg drewbarrymore2.jpg


Afternoon Crumbs

February 5, 2007 / Posted by:

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