Afternoon Crumbs

January 2, 2007 / Posted by:

Jessica Alba is perfect – Hollywood Tuna Matt Damon gets naked – Just Jared

Keanu Reeves needs new clothes – Cityrag

Xtina didn’t give out to Ryan Gaycrest on New Years – Popsugar

Teri Snatcher’s reasons for not going to the gym – Hollywood Rag

Jessica Simpson never dated Tony RomoIDLYITW

Rihanna keeps bending over – Crunk +Disorderly

How did Tara Reid spend her New Year? – ASL

No talent Cassie looking hot in a bikini – Egotastic!

Courtney Coxsucker’s Dirt premieres tonight – Popbytes


Is Cash Warren Hot?

January 2, 2007 / Posted by:

Jessica Alba and her longtime boyfriend, Cash Warren, spent their holiday in Miami. You know I can’t ever figure out if I think Cash Warren is hot. I mean the Alba is really hot, but is he hot? I mean is her hotness just transferring to him? Is he just average. I’m so confused. Ugh, who am I fooling? I’d hit it harder than Britney hitting the floor on New Year’s Eve.

alba5.jpg alba4.jpg alba3.jpg alba2.jpg alba1.jpg

Russian Billionaires are Crazy!

January 2, 2007 / Posted by:

A Russian Billionaire paid George Michael, $3 million to perform at his New Year’s Eve party 20 miles outside of Moscow. The unnamed businessman paid that crazy ho to perform an our-long concert for his 300 guests.

A source said, “The businessman contacted George directly and asked him to perform. He has a vast private estate just outside Moscow and had turned his sports hall into a nightclub especially for the party.

“It was a fun night and George was back home in Britain by morning.”

This makes George the highest paid entertainer in Russian history. Christina Aguilera previously received $2 million to perform at the wedding of some rich Russian.

$3 million for George Michael?! What is that crazy Russian smoking? I mean if I’m going to pay that kind of dough, I at least want someone with a little more talent. The Captain & Tennille weren’t avaible. Their rate is probably much higher anyway.



Meg Ryan is So Fug

January 2, 2007 / Posted by:

Meg Ryan is turning into the Scarecrow. I mean, what happened to America’s Sweetheart? The kid she purchased is cute, though. At least she spared an innocent child by NOT passing her fug genes over.


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