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Britney Spears has crossed the line looking like a used tampon out in NYC yesterday. I mean….this has gone far enough. What is wrong with her? I’m being serious here when I say she might have a case of adult retardation. There’s such a thing, right? She has it. I think weed, KFed’s baby batter and red bull has done effed up her brains. Somebody get this heffer help!

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ChupaZoe Hits NYC Fashion Week

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Hide your virgins! Like there’s virgins in NYC? Anyway, Rachel “Chupacabra” Zoe hit fashion week hard. She’s done all the shows and it….shows. She’s at Peter Som in this pics. Girlfriend needs to pop into Teri Snatcher’s plastic surgeon’s office to “NOT GET BOTOX.” Deep down I love ChupaZoe and want her to force feed me meth and tell me I’m too fat to wear Lanvin.


Mischa & Cisco are Not Broken Up

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According to Cisco Adler’s rep, he has not broke up with Mischa Barton. There were earlier reports today that Mischa dumped Cisco, because of this photo that made the internet rounds last month.

Cisco says that she wasn’t happy about the pic. “Mischa wasn’t too excited, to say the least. I think it was actually worse for her than for me in some ways. So yeah, I’m gonna try to keep my pants on from now on.”

Saggy nuts isn’t alone I guess. With his saggy nuts and her cottage cheese thighs they can make a delicious low-fat waldorf salad!


Teri Hatcher Had Lunch with George Bush….Yeah

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RANDOOMMMM!!! Why the hell did Teri Snatchers break bread with George Bush Sr. in Beverly Hills this afternoon? What is going on? Does Barbara know? Is Barbara still alive? This is very weird and unsettling. The thought of them screwing makes my genitals become part of my gallbladder.

Maybe he’s making sonny boy give her a job in the White House?


Source: Flynet


Afternoon Crumbs

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This fitness video will change your life – College Humor


Madge Parties with a Royal

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Madonna is probably pissing in her depends! She’s finally a grand English lady! Madge and Guy Ritchie had drinks the other night in London with Prince Harry. The three had a two hour chat at Mayfair’s Mahiki club. They most talked about Madge’s African adventures while popping $200 champagne cocktails.

Prince Harry is interested in African orphans and even put together his own charity. Harry shed a tear for his love of the African oprahs. They also talked about other things, but who really cares?

Witnesses say that Madge and Guy looked happier than ever. They have had marriage problems in the past and now look to be working them out.

Chim-Chim cheerie or something. You know Madge is going to try and hit that so she can be a Princess. Princess Saggyvag!

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