Don’t Touch That Blood!!

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

Pete Doherty is at it again! The singer was left bloody after a fist fight in Italy. Pete attacked an Italian photographer and the bitch fought back leaving Pete with a bloody mess.

The fight was broken up and Petey returned to his hotel with a couple of girls he met at the gig he just played. Band members from Babyshambles joined in on the brawl using ashtrays as weapons. The police were not called, but the photographer planned to file a complaint. This wasn’t the only fight the band took part in that night. Moments earlier Petey threw a microphone stand into the crowd making one audience very angry. The audience bitch then threw a bottle, hitting the drummer.

Kate Moss is such a very smart girl. She’s marrying such a gentleman and a fella that will only treat with her with utmost respect. I can already see the beautiful and romantic nights they will spend together in fucking jail!!


The World Will End on November 18th

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

TomKat’s rep confirmed they will be legal on November 18th.

Guests have been notified to keep the weekend of November 16-19 free for some kind of party. The spokeswhore confirms this, —“All those details are correct, proper security measures are being taken.”

He also confirmed that they will marry in Italy and she will wear Giorgio Armani. Giorgio said, “When I am asked by a friend to make a wedding wardrobe, it goes straight to my heart. It really is an honor to play a small role in that milestone moment.”

We all need to find our local bomb shelters; because this is the day the aliens will plummet from the sky and reclaim their planet. Suri will be the new leader of the World and we will all be doomed. This is also the day that Katie Holmes has officially sold her soul.

P.S. – Pictures of cats are much more entertaining than pics of their crazy mugs.


What Will She Be Without Those Tits?

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

Do the boobs make Jordan or does Jordan make the boobs? That’s the $2 question. Katie Price aka Jordan aka Katie Andre is going under for a fourth boob job. This time she wants to have them reduced.

Jordan, 28, is keen to have a third child and thinks that reducing her fake breasts will help this process. She said, “I hate them. Get them out of me. Yuk. I’m having them reduced and I can’t wait. I want them done by Christmas for Peter.”

“Men may think they’re great but they’re just not pert any more and it’s a turn-off. I used to love them but I don’t need them any more. I hardly ever go out now. I’m always in with Peter so I don’t need to show them off. I want another baby but I’ve got to get a boob job first.”

Jordan’s 30Gs plan to be reduced by Christmas just in time for the release of her truly terrible music album with Peter Andre. Homegirl needs to keep those things. That’s one of the reasons why I love her. Big titties go well with small brains!


The CAPTION THIS Contest Winner for October 23rd!!!

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

You know you have to have it removed..when the mole on your ass has it’s own clothes. – El Bastardo

Congrats to El Bastardo who is the first winner of our prize contest. Bitch won a Dlisted t-shirt that he can now use to wash a car. They are that elegant! Thanks to all who entered!

WITH PRIZE!! The first CAPTION THIS contest at our new home will feature a prize. Yes, I’m cheap but sometimes I can show some love. The prize is a Dlisted t-shirt worth about two cents. This t-shirt is perfect with ass-less chaps or red panties. Simply, respond in the comments with your caption. Make sure you enter in your e-mail address. Any caption without an e-mail address will not be considered. Good Luck, whores!

Birthday Sluts

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

Tila Tequila (25)
Kevin Kline (59)
Monica (26)
Zac Posen (26)
Caprice (32)
B.D. Wong (44)
F. Murray Abraham (67)


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