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Pamela Goes Back to the Beach

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Pamela Anderson got back into her red, Baywatch bathing suit for a Direct TV commercial yesterday. Personally she looks the same to me which is amazing, because she's a lot older now and has had a lot more work.
Still hot from afar! Just don't get close up!
Source: Flynet

Snoop Dogg Gets Banned from Australia

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Snoop Dogg won't be visiting Australia anytime soon. He was denied entry, because of his criminal record. Snoopy was due to host the MTV Australia Music Video Awards this week.
The country''s Immigration Minister said, "He doesn't seem the sort of bloke we want in this country."
Ouch. Snoopy has 28 days to appeal the decision. Last February Snoopy overstayed his Visa in Australia by two days and was given an official warning.
Do Australians like weed? Snoopy should've given them a peace offering and they could've held hands and smoked over Vegemite and toast. 
Source: USA Today
Thanks Daniella

Baked Beans!

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Hugh Grant was arrested in London for throwing a can of baked beans at a paparazzi photographer.  The paparazzi also claimed Hughey kicked him and told him he hopes his children die of Cancer.
This all started when the photographer was in the neighborhood taking pictures of  Elizabeth Hurley. She lives near Hugh. When Hugh showed up the photographed asked him to smile for the cameras and that's when he flipped out.
Hugh was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. He was later released. His rep said that Hugh did not make those comments about the photographer's children.
Baked beans! Damn, don't waste those Hugh! Cook them up with some bacon and you got yourself a delicious meal. Hey, at least he wasn't arrested for getting it on with a hooker again.
This arrest is almost respectable!  
Thanks Laura

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