Dirty Tampon Cake

/ July 15, 2007
*Image Removed By Request* 
Yuck. That is one of the most hideous cakes I've ever seen. The sad part is Eva Longoria and Tony Parker had that shit flown in. It probably cost a grip. They could've gotten a hotter cake at the Mexican bakery for like $80 and I'm not even joking.
Click here to see all the pics from their wedding. They've airbrushed her to hell.
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Queef Face

/ July 15, 2007
I don't know how Ken Paves does it. Well, I know how he does it…CASH! I'm just not that fag. I could not sit there and watch as Jessica Simpson's mouth closed and opened like a fucking porn star receiving a cum shot. It's beyond annoying and I would end up freaking out and shoving her mouth with her own weave. I would say she looks like a blow-up doll, but blow-ups dolls have more personality and know not to annoy you!
Here's Jessica at the premiere of her swim line at Miami Fashion Week. Click here to see the suits.  
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