/ August 16, 2007
Criss Angel and Britney Spears were spotted entering the Tower Beverly Hills Hotel at 4 this morning where sources claim they were holding hands as they went into a suite on the 11th floor.
Criss was recently linked to Cameron who is currently linked to John Mayer.
This makes sense. Both look like they have an ungodly stank coming from them. Rub them together and they could probably start a fire.
I know why Criss is effin Brit, because he is a star fucker and will do just about anyone. But Brit……..she needs to straighten that wig and go on home to her kids.
UPDATE BreatheHeavy claims they are not bumping smellies, but that they are working together on her upcoming MTV VMA performance. Yeah, he probably demonstrated his magic skills by making his cheesy peen disappear into her vajayjay. 
Source: Us Weekly
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Baby Bumpin’

/ August 16, 2007
Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan's alleged muff-muncher, Samantha Ronson, were spotted at the Justin Timberlake show last night at MSG in NYC. Nicole was mostly all smiles as she sported a slight bump.
Friends of Nicole say that she might get married any day now. They claim Nicole wants to tie the knot with Douche Madden before she's as "big as a whale." Um…a baby whale? She won't even get as big as a guppie.
This source said, "Whe does not want wedding pictures of her in a big old white dress, with a big old pregnant belly."
They claim she will probably get married within the next 3 weeks in an intimate ceremony.  
That's all lovely and everything, but how does Nicole find bracelets small enough?! Do you think those are rings and not bracelets? Her wrists are miniature. 
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