This Fool Needs His Jaw Wired Shut

/ June 21, 2007
Isaiah Washington was fired and that sucks, but bitch needs to shut his trap. He needs to learn to just keep his mouth shut and thank ABC for the memories. But noo……he's digging himself a deeper grave. He believes that TR Knight should've gotten the boot. Yes, T.R.! 
He told the Houston Chronicle, "They fired the wrong guy." He thinks that T.R. was the one that made it about him and created the tense atmosphere. He said that the slur was said in an argument between Patrick Dempsey and had nothing to do with T.R. 
"I used the word during a disagreement with Patrick. I apologized for that. We shook hands and went back to work."
"I did everything they told me to do, including not saying anything, and then they didn't renew my contract. That's not fair."
Just shut up already! It's not hard. You put your lips together and keep em that way.
Source: US Weekly
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Animals Revolt!

/ June 21, 2007
According to the neighbors of Paris Hilton, homegirl hates her animals. Her neighbors have told the New York Post that bitch doesn't give a fuck about her many pets.
One neighbor said, "She had a little orange kitty about a year ago that kept getting out and we kept telling her it was outside. She didn't seem like she cared, and then one day the cat got run over in the middle of the street and died. Not long after, little [Chihuahua] Tinkerbell came to my door and I left a note on her gate. Her assistant came over frantic and tried to offer me a $40 reward. I said, 'Don't insult me.' "
Another neighbor said that her dogs are always running free down the street. "I found two little Chihuahuas of hers running up and down the street with cars and people going up and down. I put them in my bathroom and called Paris. Her assistant answered and said, 'You can't drop them off! Miss Hilton isn't home!' She took three hours to come get them although she only lives five houses away."
Why aren't these neighbors calling the ASPCA and have that ho arrested again?! I watch Animal Police on Animal Planet! Send that hot bitch Annemarie Lucas over there. She will set things straight.
Paris' pets should ban together and beat that slut down! She basically has an animal army living in there. I'll have my dog call Tinkie and set that shit up. 
Source: Female First
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