Get Out Of Jail Free Baby

June 15, 2007 / Posted by:
Nicole Richie has not answered to the rumors that she's knocked up with Douche Madden's baby. She's been photographed around town with a bit of bloat, but she could've just ate a lima bean or something.
A friend of Nicole's  said she's definitely knocked up and is hoping that a baby will keep her out of jail due to a DWI arrest. The friend said,  "Nicole is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail." Other friends are concerned that she will be able to carry the baby, because of her stick-thin figure.
That baby is going to be bigger than her! She better transfer that baby right now to another oven if she's pregnant.  If she is pregnant that would be awesome if they sent her to jail anyway! Nothing says useless piece of trash like being knocked up the slammer! 
Source: Page Six

Thin Is Not A Compliment

June 15, 2007 / Posted by:
Angelina Jolie told reporters that the reason she's a skinny bone jones is because of her mother's death back in January.
She said, "I've always been lean and this year I lost my mom and I've gone through a lot. I have four kids and I finished breastfeeding – it's been hard to get my nutrition back on track. Instead of people saying I look like a person dealing with something emotionally, they assume it's because I want to fit into skinny jeans."

"Someone saying to me that I'm thin is not a compliment.

She breast fed all 4 of those kids?! No wonder Maddox wasn't walking on his own until he was like 5!

Source: US Weekly


The Ivy Goes Down With Blohan

June 15, 2007 / Posted by:
The dude suing Lindsay Lohan for crashing into his van outside The Ivy restaurant in 2005 is also suing the restaurant, because he claims bitch was drunk during the accident. The lawsuit claims that The Ivy is partly responsible for the accident, because they served Lindsay booze right before the crash. 
He is seeking $200,000 in damages.
If The Ivy served her ass shouldn't they be investigated or something? Bitch was a minor when this went down and of course she was drunk! Does homegirl do anything sober anymore? 
Source: TMZ

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