Fake Dick

January 8, 2007 / Posted by:

David Hans Schmidt is a known celebrity-porn-tape agent is tired of Dustin Diamond’s lies. Dustin Diamond aka Screech from Saved by the Bell said he was shocked and bewildered when a sex tape he made with two lovely ladies made it to the internet. The 40-minute sex tape showed Dustin’s large dong and featured a lovely act called “a dirty sanchez.”

David is saying that Dustin was in on the tape the whole time. They set up the scene in a St. Louis hotel room knowing very well that David would try and sell the tape. David also claims that a stunt penis was used and Screech isn’t that huge. Screech told Howard Stern last year that he’s packing nearly 9 inches of hot bayside man meat. David also said he has a document with Dustin’s signature on it confirming the plan.

However, Screech’s girlfriend and co-star on the tape, Jennifer Misner, questions the validity of the signature. She said that Dustin had no choice but to sell the tape since it was going to get out anyway. She also said that a stunt dick was definitely not used.

I believe it. His ass tried to get some fame by asking for dough to save his ass. He saw how much attention he got that he tried to set it up. Next he’s going to pull a Vincent Gallo and try to sell Screech sperm. He should go on The Surreal Life like any other respectable has-been.


Sand Booger

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There’s nothing worse than a sand booger and Orlando Bloom snotted one out the other day while surfing. He also took a whizz on the rocks. Don’t act like you’ve never done it. Better there than in the water. He looks like Kate Bosworth topless. They probably rubbed nipples easily. He’s still something that I would definitely get into sticky situations with.



Source: Flynet

Elizabeth Hurley is a Tacky Bitch

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Elizabeth Hurley and her husband-to-be Arun Nayar are planning a tacky and lavish several-day wedding extravaganza this March. The couple will marry in a traditional wedding ceremony on March 3rd in England before heading to India. The five-day Indian adventure will include stops in Bombay and Rajasthan.

Sources close to Liz claims she’s spending almost $1 million on the affair. She’s also planning to wear a 4,000 pound pink sari worth nearly $12,000.

Why does it way two tons? I don’t understand, is it covered in weights or something? I hope that slag trips on it. Stupidness. That being said, her man is all sorts of hot.

Thanks Jane

Nick Carter, Gets Pissed, Barfs

January 8, 2007 / Posted by:

A Dlisted reader sent me this hot picture of Nick Carter was taken in St. Louis around Christmastimes. Here’s the story:

Nick Carter dating someone in the St. Louis area and apparently on Christmas he got so pissed he had to go to the bathroom and hurl. This picture is the aftermath…

I’m not sure what he was pissed about? I say it was a booze and e mix. Hey, that happens.

Do You Love New York?

January 8, 2007 / Posted by:

Tonight at 9pm is the premiere of Vh1’s “I Love New York.” In this spin-off of “Flavor of Love” Tiffany Patterson aka New York searches for love among several bachelors fighting for her love. The 90-minute premiere also features New York’s popular mother as well as some crazy dudes. I mean, who really wants to get with that? Vh1 has high hopes for this spin-off, but I smell a stinker and that isn’t Tiffany’s cooze.

Image Source: FOL Blogspot

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