Afternoon Crumbs

/ July 6, 2007
Becks loves spandex – Just Jared 
Jessica Alba sexes up GQ Magazine – Egotastic! 
Eva Mendes in a bikini, because it's ok – Hollywood Tuna 
Ashley Tisdale in a bikini, because you hate it (NSFW) – DS 
The Afflecks are still in Hawaii?!? – Popsugar 
Jessica Alba wants more naked men – IDLYITW 
Bai Ling CANNOT be married – ASL 
Jennifer Lopez's glamorous life – CItyrag 
Brit Brit disses mommy in her will – Hollywood Rag 
Nemcova won't eat fish, because she's afraid they'll go extinct  – Popoholic
Becks Image: Splash
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This Woman Just Had A Baby

/ July 6, 2007
Keri Russell had baby River a month ago and she's already almost back to normal. Damn, she totally had a tummy tuck I bet. Yeah right, she's not the type.
Fun fact, did you know that you can't have a kid after you've had a tummy tuck? Well, my friend had a patient that got knocked up after she had her tuck. Not a good idea. Her stomach muscles wouldn't expand, so the baby didn't have room to grow. What a moron.  I know, what a lovely story. I'm such a downer.
Cheer yourself by looking at River. 
Source: ICYDK
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Paula Thinks Simon Would Be A Selfish Lover

/ July 6, 2007
In a recent intereview with Metro , Paula Abdul was asked if there any sexual chemistry between her and Simon Cowell.
She responded, " Oh God. He’s like a brother, so it would be some scary incest. The thought is terrible. I couldn’t be with him. He’d be a selfish lover – he’d wear his condoms ribbed on the inside. "
Ribbed on the inside! What a comedian that one is and that's not a bad idea for a product actually. I'd buy that shit.
Paula also revealed that she has a new song coming out soon attached to her Greatest Hits album. Paula also has a new perfume coming out soon. Damn, this ho is busy. When does she have time to drink? Joking.
She said, " I smell pretty good most days. My dogs like it, my family likes it and even Simon Cowell likes it. You’ll all be smelling very sexy in a few months."
I'm guessing it's a mixture of weave glue, sweet vicodin and the musty smell of dried up scabs.
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Eff Work! Let’s Go Boozing!

/ July 6, 2007
Thousands of fans are pissed off at Amy Winehouse after she cancelled a Liverpool gig due to "exhausation." Well, bitch wasn't that exhausted according to The Sun . They report that Amy got her drinking dress on to booze at The Hawley Arms in London. 
They claim that on the night of the cancelled gig she was at the pub with her husband and another friend.
Amy's rep claimed that her doctor insist she cancel the gig. Fans were upset.
One said, “We heard her rehearsing earlier in the afternoon and she seemed fine. It’s strange her scrapping the performance with fans already here.
Recently Amy cancelled a gig at G-A-Y in London after she threw up on the side of the stage from a late night booze bender with Kelly Osbourne
Hey! In her defense maybe the medicine she takes for her "exhausation" requires it to be taken with booze. I mean, mine does!
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