Don’t Do It Katie!

May 23, 2007 / Posted by:
Tom Cruise apparently purchased his new $35 million in hopes to expand his family. What, the other mansion wasn't big enough?! Tom and Katie Holmes are reportedly during one of their 7 bedrooms into a nursery.
A source said, “He told her how much he loves their little girl [Suri] and how he wants to have another baby when Katie’s ready. She told him she’s ready.”
This "source" was probably paid to say all of this. The baby is probably currently being built and Katie will once again have to wear that pillow crap. Let's see they have an Asian robot now, they should totally pull an Angelina Jolie and get an African robot next!
PS – WTF is Katie wearing? Is it 1999 again and nobody told me!  
Source: MSNBC

Nicole Richie Probably Got Bored

May 23, 2007 / Posted by:
Early this morning there were rumors that Nicole Richie checked her ass into rehab, but her rep denies it. Star Magazine insists she entered rehab on an out-patient basis on May 11th to fight being an ano and having an addiction to painkillers. They said she checked herself full-time on May 19th. 
Her rep said, "She is not in rehab. She is at home in Glendale. Sobriety is an ongoing process but she is sober."
Bitch was probably jealous of Paris Hilton getting all the attention so decided she'd put herself out there more. She probably just went to rehab for a quick touch-up the way some of you get your highlights touched up.  
Furthermore, bitch lives in Glendale?! 
Source: TMZ – Picture: Splash

Birthday Sluts

May 23, 2007 / Posted by:

Kelly Monaco (31)
Ken Jennings (33)
Jewel (33)
Maxwell (34)
Eric Nies (36)
Guinevere Turner (39)
Karen Duffy (45)
Lea DeLaria (49)
Drew Carey (49)
Joan Collins (74)


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