Someone Is Messing With Britney

/ July 13, 2007
TMZ reports that Child Protective Services is getting called from one of Britney Spears' "stalkers." The man has been calling claiming "bizarre" complaints against Brit Brit. CPS talked with Brit's reps and figured out the calls were bogus. Nobody from CPS was sent out to investigate.
The Daily Mail reports that KFed called CPS, because B doesn't have the right pool fence. She's apparently staying at a hotel until the correct pool fence is installed. WTF?! I don't think KFed is the "stalker" caller. I'll put all my money on SPF! He wants out! I bet the caller used a lot of "goo goo" and "ga gas."
Image: Splash
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Nicole Richie Doesn’t Like Turtlenecks

/ July 13, 2007
Joel Madden's dick must be cut, because Nicole Richie said she will only date a dude if his wang isn't wearing a turtleneck. EOG quotes Nicole as saying, "The one thing I always look for in a guy is for them to be circumcised."
Ok I'm about to get raunchy, so clothes your eyes if you're under the age of 17 or get shy when talking about dick cheese. 
Turtlenecks are fine by me as long as they keep that business fresh and clean. Douche in there every now and again. I smell it to make sure it's cheese-free, because trust me when I say that nothing kills a sexy moment like a mouthful of dick cheese.
I also think Nicole doesn't like turtlenecks for technical reasons. Her ladypart is probably so small that even a little foreskin will be denied entry.
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Afternoon Crumbs

/ July 13, 2007
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I don't know who Abigail Clancy is but she's topless – Egotastic! 
Garner gets into a Shaq attack – Popsugar  
When movies mateCityrag 
Jessica Alba makes out with an ice cream cone – SOW
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