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Katie Holmes continued to look hot in Paris while attending the Giorgio Armani Prive show this evening. I don’t think that’s Katie. That’s a robot. You know Tom Cruise had one built. I just can’t help hating myself for thinking she actually looks…um….gorgeous. This has got to stop.

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Madonna for H&M

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Here’s one of the first shots of Madonna photographed by Steven Klein for her “M” line for H&M. Maddonna has designed a line of clothing and sunglasses for the retailer. Let’s hope this line is a little more successful than that tracksuit debacle.

Thanks Al


Dakota Fanning Isn’t Happy

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12-year-old Dakota Fanning has lashed out at critics and the media for blaming her mother for the reason why she agreed to a rape scene for her new movie Hounddog. The film was screened the other night at Sundance and Dakota spoke out about the controversy.

“When it gets to the point of attacking my mother, my agent … my teacher, who were all on the set that day, that started to make me mad. I can let other things go, but when people start to talk about my mother, like, that’s really bad in my opinion … that’s an attack, and that’s not fair. They hadn’t seen the movie.”

Dakota is defending her role and says she is challenging herself as an actress. “It’s not a rape movie. That’s not even the point of the film.”

This is making me really uncomfortable. I’m going to go watch Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story and pretend this never happened.


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