Night Crumbs

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Olivia de Havilland elegantly responded to The Hollywood Reporter’s questions about Feud, the 1963 Oscars and Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Since Olivia de Havilland is 100 years old and living in Paris, I expected her to gracefully end her response by telling that youngin’ to get off her meticulously manicured French lawn as she unwrapped a Wertheré’s Originalé. That’s “Werther’s Original” in French, by the way – Lainey Gossip 

A topless Joe Jonas and a bikini-wearing Sophie Turner used their middle fingers to let the paps know how much they love them – Drunken Stepfather

Aaron Rodgers’ and Olivia Munn’s people are stretching out their break-up for maximum attention – Celebitchy

Erika Jayne thinks Kenya Moore should twirl twirl twirl on the next season of Dancing with the Who Cares About That Trash Show Since They Got Rid Of CharoReality Tea

If you’ve always thought that being around Backdoor Farrah must be as pleasant as getting a hot sauce enema, her ex-boyfriend has confirmed that thought as true – WWTDD

America’s Finest Rose, Bella Thorne, is spreading her signature brand of demure elegance once again – The Nip Slip

Okay, but why is Lady Gaga doing Duchess Kate cosplay? – OMG Blog

Sorry, Ricky Martin, go backstage, put on some tighty whities and try again – Towleroad

Hilary Duff is serving “Effie Trinket on a budget” on the set of her show – Popoholic

I’m not high enough for this mess – Pajiba

Selena Gomez looks like she’s wearing one of Ann-Margret’s old ones – Hollywood Tuna

I’m sure Tom Brady will blow an air kiss apology at Donald Trump during their Skype kiki tonight – Just Jared

The first trailer for season 3 of the Unbreakable Kimmy Gibbler is here. I can’t help it. When my fingers type Kimmy, they just naturally start typing Gibbler – Popsugar

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Richard Simmons Tells His Fans That He’s Sure He’ll Be Feeling Okay Soon 

April 19, 2017 / Posted by:

The sparkly cloud-topped Pixy Stix that is Richard Simmons hardly ever speaks directly to his loyal disciples ever since he retired from the spotlight, but today, he left a message for his fans on his Facebook page. Richard very briefly responded to the podcast Richard Simmons Is Missing and mostly thanked everyone for praying to their Santo Simmons candle while he’s laid up in the hospital.

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Open Post: Hosted By “Rob Lowe’s” Dick Stamp

April 19, 2017 / Posted by:

Kate Beckinsale shared a little story on Instagram yesterday about how when she was 13 years old, she had a crush on Rob Lowe and proposed marriage to him in a fan letter. The year was around 1986, two years before Rob Lowe made that sex tape, so if he really saw a 13-year-old Kate’s letter, he probably would’ve told her to send a pic and if he likes what he sees, he’ll send a car. But instead, Kate says she got a postcard from “Rob Lowe” telling her that he’ll marry her. “Rob Lowe” must’ve used the Hung Like A Pony Express to send the postcard, because he drew a super short dick in the stamp area. If Rob Lowe was really a romantic, he would’ve rolled his peen on a stamp pad and slapped the postcard with it.

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Will Smith Is In Talks To Play The Genie In Disney’s Live-Action “Aladdin” Movie

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We learned last year that Disney’s live-action Aladdin movie would be “nontraditional” and directed by Guy Ritchie. Well, it’s not going to stray that far away from tradition; there will still be a genie in a lamp, and Deadline says that genie might be played by Will Smith. An all-knowing cosmic human-like magical creature? Are we sure they want Will and not Jaden?

Deadline has been told that Will Smith is currently in talks to play the genie, whose name is simply Genie, like Cher or Madonna. Will had also been in talks to appear in the live-action Dumbo movie, but he never ended up signing on. He may not sign on to Aladdin either. It’s scheduled to shoot for a long six months, and Deadline thinks that could possibly be a deal breaker for Will. Oh, I’m sure it will be fine. Just as long as he has a strong internet connection so he can convince the crew he’s having twice-daily FaceTime sex on his iPad with Jada Pinkett Smith.

The original Genie was voiced to perfection by Robin Williams, and anyone who takes that role should be prepared to hear “Okay, but he’s no Robin” at least six hundred times. But I think Will is a great choice. When I was a kid, I thought Genie always looked like a cross between a Smurf and Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince. Since the real Uncle Phil is up in Heaven with Robin, they might as well get the next closest thing.

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Model Tess Holliday Claims An Uber Driver Body Shamed Her

April 19, 2017 / Posted by:

Uber hasn’t had a great April when it comes to famous-ish passengers. Last week, Busy Philipps claimed her life was at risk after she climbed into an Uber driven by a creepy guy with an even creepier guy in the backseat. Now plus-size model Tess Holliday is claiming a recent Uber ride put her her self esteem at risk, thanks to a body-shaming Uber driver.

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