Madonna Flies Commercial?!

August 15, 2007 / Posted by:
Reportedly Madonna shocked passengers on a transatlantic commercial flight when she injected herself with vitamins. Passengers say she didn't eat a thing on the 7-hour flight and only drank water. Just before they landed they claim she took out a needle and poked herself.
Madonna's rep would not comment.
A British Nutrition expert said vitamin shots are unnecessary and "they can be useful for the elderly and the very young, but generally they're unnecessary.

'We wouldn't recommend taking them without consulting a GP first.'

If this story is true, how the hell did she get a needle on the plane?! I've seen people practically get arrested and vagina-searched for getting caught with tweezers at security!

Source: Metro UK Image: Splash




MAN Moore

August 15, 2007 / Posted by:
I kind of adore Mandy Moore, because out of all these young tarts, she seems one of the most level-headed and normal. So it saddens me to call her a tranny, but she does look like one here. It's amazing that one little slab of dark lipstick can take you from girl to guy. If she removed the lipstick, she would look stunning.
She should also stay away from posing next to that troll, Billy Crudup. Damn, he was hot for a quick minute, but now he looks like he was beaten down the fugly fug stick. That fugly fug stick being Claire Danes! See! That's what you get for leaving your girlfriend when she's knocked up!
Here's Mandy and Billy at the premiere of "Dedication" last night in NYC. 

Anne Hathaway Is Not Polishing The Pole

August 15, 2007 / Posted by:
These pictures of Annie Hathaway and her rich ass boyfriend broke last night and some people are saying she's sucking dick. Haven't you ever sucked dick or gotten your dick sucked before? That shit don't look like that. Trust. I'm an expert and if Annie will openly suck on a boat, while he's on the phone, with a friend next door then that girl is the hottest bitch on the planet.

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