Afternoon Crumbs

May 21, 2007 / Posted by:
If only sharks could jump that high – Egotastic! 
Zahara is a bad ass – Cityrag 
Eva LongWHORIA's nasty ass – Hollywood Tuna 
Honestly, where does Britney buy this crap? - IDLYITW 
DJ AM is gayer than bicycle shorts – Drunken Stepfather 
The Depp has kind words for Kate MossPopsugar 
Nick Carter looks up to Angelina Jolie – Hollywood Rag 
Is Edie Britt dead? – Popbytes
Nicole Kidman takes her son to work – Just Jared
Josh Hartnett needs to open his damn eyes – ASL

Chipmunk Loving Back On?

May 21, 2007 / Posted by:
Are Jessica  Simpson and John Mayer already back together? Just when John was starting to look attractive he's tappin' that mess again. Sources at InTouch Weekly say they saw John leaving the SoHo Grand Hotel in NYC today where Jess is saying.
A friend of Jess' said, "They definitely went on a date last night,. She still loves him, but he's not stable. He's scared of commitment. He breaks up with her and then regrets it and then begs her to get back together." 
John is vaginatized by that?! Actually, these two chipmunks deserve one another. Will they get married already and just go away! The both of em!

Too Much Information

May 21, 2007 / Posted by:
Calum Best has been telling his friends that Lindsay Lohan is hot in bed and the best sex he's ever had. Gross.
A source close to Calum said, “Calum was knocked out by her body. He said she’s got one of the best he’s ever seen with all the curves in the right places. He joked Lindsay loved being on top during sex and controlling the pace but sometimes he felt he needed ear muffs because she screamed so much during sex. Lindsay likes her sex rough and passionate and Calum says he has the bruises and bumps to prove it.”

“He joked their hotel room would often look like a whirlwind had run through it with sheets torn away from the mattress by the force of their bodies rolling across the bed.”

I find this surprising, because usually drunks are so bad in bed. Usually they either vomit on you, pass out, can't get it up, have the worst bref ever or shoot you and take your money. True story. Calum needs to keep the gritty details to himself. SICK! His dick is probably covered in moles.

Popeye’s Employees Love Chucky

May 21, 2007 / Posted by:
Jennifer Tilly said doing "The Bride of Chucky" ruined her smart-actress persona and opened her up to a whole new audience.
She said, "When I go to Popeye's Fried Chicken in L.A., they give me free bis cuits because they love [it]. When I had to go to the courthouse and was going through the X-ray machine, the guys are like 'Bride of Chucky, Bride of Chucky!' . . . Before that my fans were more intellectual."
RUDE! Is she saying people that work at Popeye's and public service employees aren't smart? Hmm…I want some Popeye's biscuits now. I need to get some for myself and for Jennifer. Bitch needs to shut it and just look hot.
Source: Page Six

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