Birthday Sluts

June 27, 2007 / Posted by:

Tobey Maguire (32)
Vitamin C (37)
JJ Abrams (41)
Tony Leung (45)
Isabelle Adjani (52)
Julia Duffy (56)
Vera Wang (58)


Slurring Stamos Sent Home

June 26, 2007 / Posted by:
John Stamos was in Australia promoting his role on E.R. During an interview with the Daily Telegraph, John was slurring his words and basically looked beat down. When asked about his relationship with the Olsens, Johnny could barely put something together.
He said, "It was interesting the time they were going through some of their issues, um, certainly Mary-Kate….I was getting divorced, so, um, I think Ashley was kind of alone, and, um… at a beach house, and she came down to stay with me… but, um, I think they're doing really well now…"
John blamed his behavior on being jet lag. The next morning he appeared on a morning show where bitch completely lost it.
He begged the native Australians to ban the Daily Telegraph for what they said about his behavior. He then insulted the host of the show and started getting freaky with a studio prop. He then talked about Elvis and Princess Diana and said, "Who else has died? My career after coming to Australia."
BADA-BUMP! John was immediately sent home and the rest of his Australia tour was cancelled. A rep said he "needs rest." More like needs rehab!
Get yourself together Uncle Jesse!
I couldn't find video of his infamous moring show apperance, but click here to see his Daily Telegraph interview.
Thanks Gerald
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Kim Kardashian’s Mom Is Pretty Hot

June 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Everyone is commenting on how juicy Kim Kardashian's ass is from these pics taken yesterday. We know bitch has a booty that could launch some lethal farts. I'm more interested in her hot mom. The "posh bob" and "Olsen heels", I think I love her.  
There's also a rumor that Kim had ass-plants put in. She should have an ass-battle with CoCo

Alanis Has Body!

June 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Alanis Morissette has a face like Mr. Ed's long-lost girlfriend, but who knew she had body. Is that what keeps the boys coming around? Alanis and her pal Matthew McConagay are seen here strolling the beach. Shocking, Mattey isn't wearing a shirt.
I doubt they are a couple. Alanis may have a hypnotic vagina (she did nab Ryan Reynolds after all), but it's not that hypnotic. Now if she had a hypnotic dick that would be a different story!

We All Get Old

June 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Sinead O'Connor  is a hot ho, but she's looking like a lesbian faith healer nowadays. Wait, maybe she is a lesbian faith healer. She's hawking some new CD in NYC today. 

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