What Happens To Harry Potter?

July 1, 2007 / Posted by:
The final Harry Potter book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" doesn't come out until July 21st, but spoilers are already hitting the internet. Gawker reported the ending earlier this week.
A little birdie who has seen parts of the book gave me a few details. This is all rumor, because who really knows what happens in the book until it comes out. I don't read that shit, but it's a slow Sunday and some of you are into this. To get spoiled, highlight below:
Ron and Hermione die at different times in the book, but both of them are dead by the end
The main plot of the book focuses on Harry as he tries to find the Horcruxes
Snape is forced to kill Dumbledore
Harry kills himself in order to kill Voldemort
In the end of the book Harry is reunited in the Deathly Hallows (Ghost World) with his parents, Ron, Hermione, Sirius and Dumbledore
Again this shit is all rumor and who really knows what happens? I only read books written by Jackie Collins.
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