Shut This Ho Up!

June 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Did Jordin Sparks not get the memo that manufactured and bought pop stars should not comment on important issues. Obviously she didn't, because she decided to talk about how she's "saving herself for marriage." Yeah Britney did the same thing and look where she is.
Jordin told Us Weekly, "I haven't been in love yet. I am saving myself for marriage."

"I think that [abortion] is wrong. I'm not going to try to debate people on it; that's just my opinion… I believe what I believe." 

And I believe you are a moron. It's fine to say you're saving yourself for your husband, but don't talk about abortion. Just smile your fake smile, sing the songs that are given to you and talk about hair and make-up. It's not hard.

R.I.P. Claudia Cohen

June 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Claudia Cohen died yesterday at the age of 57. Claudia passed away from stomach cancer which she had been battling for 6 years. I knew Claudia best from her regular fashion and gossip reporting on "Regis and Kelly." She was so hot and a true class act.
Claudia's ex-husband Ron Perelman said, "Claudia was a remarkable, dynamic woman, a terrific mother and also our best friend. She will be missed by everyone who knew her."
Thanks Madam Pince
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Is The Free Clinic Open On Saturdays?

June 16, 2007 / Posted by:
I ask this question, because after looking at these pictures I need a shot of something. I might just go into the kitchen and gamble with a shot of bleach straight into the veins. Ugh, they are so raunch. I can't even comment. I like them together, but they both need a good scrubbing.
Here's Pammy, Tommy and that Hans magic dude in Las Vegas last night. 

Put Some Chicken And Veggies In Her, Pop Her In The Oven For 20 And You’ve Got Yourself a Delicious And Quick Meal!

June 16, 2007 / Posted by:
I know exactly why Tyra Banks wore this disgusting frock to the Emmys last night. She did this so we all could talk about it, bash her and then she could go on her talk show next week bitching and moaning about it and talking about how "enough is enough." I know her tricks.
I actually think the wig and the face looks good, but that dress! It's like one of the cast-offs from Beauty and the Beast the Musical. Elmo doesn't know what to do. He thinks he's talking to Oscar the Grouch's trash can.

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