Alexyss Is Back!

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Vagina Power is back! Behold! Alexyss Tylor has returned and once again preaching the power of the dick. Somebody get this woman in touch with Hilary Clinton or Obama, because she really needs to be Vice-President or something. She has a strong message and people need to listen. She’s right. Dick will fuck the water of you! There a lot of master dicks out there that know the terrain of the pussy! There are many men that will bring you gifts of hot dick and nuts! They will fill you with some of their yum yum and cum. Seriously, she said of all that. She’s a damn poet! This is NSFW, but take the chance. She’s my Jesus!

Thanks Orianna


Britney’s Buy Angers The Humane Society

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Britney Spears dropped $3,000 on a little Yorkie puppy named London this past weekend. She purchased it from a pet store which is a big no-no. The Human Society has sent her a little letter that goes something like this:
"Most dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills — factory-like facilities, churning out purebred and “designer” puppies in large numbers…Every time someone purchases a dog from a pet store, they risk perpetuating the horrendous business of puppy mills.”
"Choosing a dog is a major lifestyle decision that should not be taken lightly. We suggest that people take time to choose a member of their family, and to be sure they are working with a reputable breeder.”
I agree and $3,000?! You can get that pooch from a breeder for half and it's probably healthier. I've seen some beat ass dogs from the pet store and I totally just want to release their asses, but then they'll be forced to sell their pussies and asses on the street for food, so I guess they are better off in a pet store for now.
Brit is clueless. 
Source: Us Weekly
Image: INF Daily

Rock Of Love: Heather & Tiffany

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Last night was the premiere of “Rock of Love” starring Bret Michaels. It’s the exact same premise as “Flavor of Love.” A bunch of skanks (and some ladies) try to win the hard-on of Bret Michaels of Poison. I’m not going to do a full-blown recap as I did in the past with FOL, but I’ll throw around some gems from each episode throughout the week.

Today, I’m going to cover two of my favorite chicks. The first chick is Heather who is described as the “35-year old stripper” or “Heather the Whore.” I mean how can you not love someone like that. The below clips starts with Bret first meeting the girls and he decides to take pictures of them. This is basically a great moment for the women to act like 2 cent hookers for Bret. The first chick tries so hard to bring the sexy, but she has a look on her face that is more reminiscent of when Bambi found out his mom died.

The second chick Jessica is just straight-up FUG! Did they find her at the bottom of a gutter? I mean…..then it’s Heather’s turn. She decides to really bring on the hotness by showing her tits. This is what the show is all about and at the moment I knew Heather was my favorite bitch in the house. Because if I had tits I would probably do the same thing everywhere I went!

My second favorite girl had too many amazing clips to mention here. Tiffany was eliminated right from the beginning along with 4 other girls. They were asked to go home before entering the house by Bret’s “head of security.” I’m guessing they were too ugly which is hard to believe, because some of those chicks made Kimberly Stewart look like Jessica Alba.

Anyway, Tiffany begs Big John (head of security) to let her back in. He agrees and she repays him by getting SHITFACED. I mean this chick gets bombed. She probably starting hugging on the freon from the AC to speed it up. The clip below is Tiffany trying to have a conversation with the other girls, but bitch needs her own interpreter. I have no idea what she’s saying! That being said, she’s all sorts of hot.

Tiffany is right. All the other girls drink “haterade.”

The show will be repeating all week and I seriously have high hopes for this one. Bret basically only cares about screwing as many chicks as possible and those chicks are completely on the same page which makes for great TV!

Ugh, Him Again

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The Apprentice will be back on NBC and this time it's an all-celebrity edition. The celebs will battle it out for their favorite charity. The cast has not yet been announced.
The show will be the exact same premise. Celebs will break up into two teams and compete in tasks. The losing team will report to the board room and one celeb will be fired. Ivanka and Donald Jr. will return as Trump's advisors.
Donald also said that he would love Rosie O'Donnell to be invovled. Ben Silverman of NBC said, "I think it would be great to have Rosie on The Apprentice. Donald personally asked me to extend an invite to her." 
Anything for ratings! Donald most likely wouldn't say the things he says to Rosie behind her back. He's a pussy and she likes pussy….wait…they are a match made in heaven!
I'm guessing that by "celebrities" they mean F-listers and reality TV people.
Source – Image: Splash

What’s Going On Here?

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Dax Shepard is such a gentleman! He removed his shirt for his date, Kate Hudson, while leaving Nobu in Malibu. He did it so she could use his probably sweat-stained shirt to cover her face.
His body's fine, but he still looks like he should be pumping gas a station in the middle of Oklahoma. I will say that he's definitely an upgrade from Owen Wilson. At least his nose doesn't look like it was put together with super glue. 

Sex With A Pumpkin?

July 16, 2007 / Posted by:

There’s nothing to do in the Big Brother house, but talk. That’s probably why the oddest stories come up. The clip above features Silver-Dollar-Joe telling the other men that he was once had sex with a pumpkin and was so into it that he almost “filled it up.” Pumpkin pie! BARF!

He brings up, because all the dudes in the house are all horny and haven’t jacked off for a while.

Sex with a pumpkin?! That’s a new one.


Afternoon Crumbs

July 16, 2007 / Posted by:
She looks better in black & white…I'm just saying! – Just Jared 
Suri Cruise is adorable, Katie Holmes is 50 – Popsugar 
Cameron Diaz has nipple-itis – Hollywood Tuna 
The Romjin Lettuce/O'Connell wedding pictures – IDLYITW 
Is Ashley Tisdale old enough to slip a nip? – Egotastic! 
Kelly Clarkson cops pot – Cityrag 
Diane Krueger gets naked – Drunken Stepfather 
Snoop Dogg gets real – ASL 
Dennis Rodman knows how to dress – Hollywood Rag 
Gumby gets curious – Popbytes 
Click here to see a hot catfight outside of Les Deux! Blonde weave everywhere!!!
Thanks to the NY Times for mentioning Dlisted in an article about dumb whores. Okay, it was about gossip blogs.  
Thanks to Andrew Williams and Metro UK for interviewing my ass for an article about dumb whores. Okay, it was about gossip blogs.

The Photoshop Awards: Nicole Kidman In The Golden Compass

July 16, 2007 / Posted by:
There's something to be said when Nicole Kidman doesn't have one wrinkle on The Golden Compass poster, but Daniel Craig has plenty!  Why is it ok for him to have the Nile river running through his face, but not OK for Nicole. 
They probably didn't even have to airbrush her ass. She gets a little help from "Photoshop in a Bottle" aka BOTOX! 

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