UGH! He Still Turns Me On

October 11, 2007 / Posted by:
Joaquin Phoenix must've missed his morning shit the other day, because dude was in quite a mood. During a phone interview with New York's Time Out Magazine, Joaquin was asked how he prepared for a role in his new movie "We Own the Night."
That hot ass mess of a drunk said, "I never prepare. I think that's completely overrated. It's a very simple job. All you have to do is . . . stand in the right spot and say the line. So I don't really believe in preparation."
At least somebody around here speaks the truth! Time Out reminded him that he said he prepared for his role in "Ladder 49" by training with firefighters.
Joaquin responded, "I just said that because I thought it would sound good to the press. I don't know why it seems to be of note that actors do any kind of preparation. It's just what you're supposed to do in your fucking job. Do you think that because you did some research you deserve some special credit?"
He then hung up on her.
What a GRADE-A ASSFACE! It still turns me on. If Joaquin yelled at me and then hung on me, my genitals would probably explode. He's right though. Acting is easy. You show up, stand on the tape, say your line and then go play Xbox.
Source: Page Six

It Was Just A Little Checkup

October 11, 2007 / Posted by:
Bobby B denies that he was knocking on death's door yesterday. It was reported that Bobby was rushed to the hospital after having severe chest pains. His spokeswhore even said he had a "mild heart attack."
Late yesterday Bobby B denied it all. He told AP radio, "None of it's true! I don't know where the heart attack thing came from – I'm just fine."
"I did go to the hospital, to just get a checkup, get everything tested out so that I could go on this tour, and everything is fine. The doc gave me a clean bill of health."
Bobby B was even videotaped on his hospital bed giving his "last words" just in case he didn't make it. Crackheads are so crazy! When asked about the video he said,
"Just in case I didn't make it huh? That's something new to me," Brown laughed. "I gotta find out about that one." 
Does he have the alzheimers and the crack disease?!  
Source: People

I’m Gonna Git Them Babies!

October 11, 2007 / Posted by:
BS will be in court this morning at 8:30 her time in order to ask a judge for overnight visits with JJ and SPF so says TMZ . She will apparently attend the hearing. Her lawyers will show the judge that she has passed all her recent drug tests. They also feel that by BS showing her face in court it will prove to the judge that she cares enough to show up! 
TMZ also reports that KFed, BS, SPF and JJ all have pink eye! Ugh, sick! If she has pink eye she needs to stay the hell inside! Instead she's galavanting around town spreading that shit! Filthy! 
I think there's a 50/50 shot BS will show up in court. 8:30 is a little early for this one. She's probably barely putting her weave to bed at 8! And if there's a Starbucks on the way to the courthouse, FORGET IT!
Here's more of BS and a friend yesterday in Los Angeles. They ate Mexican and went to Target. Can I have the nachos supreme with a side of pink eye pleeeaasseeeee? 

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