Is This Britney?

September 4, 2007 / Posted by:
3 more Britney Spears tracks from her new album "Cheeto and Slurpees" have apparently leaked. I'm not sure if it's Britney though? If it is they totally remastered her chipmunk squawk. The songs are pretty standard dance songs that will most likely play in every gay club in the World. This shit is probably best served with E and a glowstick. I didn't get through all the songs, because I was starting to have flashbacks of smoke machines and male go-go dancers in midriffs.
Above is Britney with her new boyfriend, Spiderman, in L.A. this past weekend. You know she makes love love to that doll. 
Oh and the title isn't "Cheetos and Slurpees." If only. 
Thanks Edward

Birthday Sluts

September 4, 2007 / Posted by:

Beyonce Knowles (26)
Wes Bentley (29)
Kirsty Hume (29)
Shar Jackson (31)
Nona Gaye (33)
Ione Skye (36)
Noah Taylor (38)
Mike Piazza (39)
Damon Wayans (47)
Dr. Drew (49)


The Face Of Crazy

September 3, 2007 / Posted by:
Jennifer Aniston is that you?
Then he was attacked by some crazy fan! Bradaloonie on a mission! The woman busted her way through his security and tried to hug Brad. She was pulled off of him and led away screaming and crying!
Jennifer just won't give it up, will she?!
On that note I'm off to drink my troubles away! Happy Labor Day to one and all! I'll be back late when I sober up.

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