Barbara Uses Astroglide?!

October 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Wednesday night Rosie O'Donnell was invited up to the stage by Roseanne Barr who was performing at Comix in NYC. Rosie told the audience that she was "fired by Barbara Walters."
She went on to say she used to be so close to Barbara early on that Barbara recommended Astroglide to Rosie.
Rosie also revealed that all the co-hosts have earpieces, so that the producers can tell them what to say. Rosie refused to do this.
We all knew about the earpiece thing, but ASTROGLIDE?! I totally figured Barbara for an old fashioned Vaseline kind of gal. Actually, not even Vaseline. I pictured her for a spit and shine type. I mean that's how they did it in the prairie times, right? Wait or did they use cow lard? 

A Different Day, A Different Hotel

October 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Does Britney Spears work for now or something?! Brit checked herself into a hotel AGAIN last night. This is the third hotel in three nights. Last night was the Viceroy in Santa Monica which isn't that far from her Malibu mansion. She apparently checked out really early this morning which means she was only in that hotel room for a few hours. STAY HOME!
Brit was also in tears as the photogs papped away. Apparently, she was wiping the tears from her cheeks and shit. Normally I'd feel sorry for someone crying out in public like this, but she wants it. She can easily just stay home and keep this all to herself. She seriously needs Jesus in a bad way! She's beyond the crazy train. Get Dr. Phil, Jesus, Maury, Marilyn Kagan….anybody! Just get help, damn! 
She's also wearing sunglasses to drive at night. Yup, always in the dark.

Did Anyone Really Think This Was Going To Last For More Than Five Minutes?

October 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Guess what people? I have some shocking news for you. Bret Michaels and his "Crack Rock of Love" winner Jes are no longer together. Page Six reports that they never even got started. When Jes got back home to Chicago she called up Bret and told him that she's dating somebody else now, a local fashion designer. Fakery!
Oh well! Guess Brett and his bandana-wig-thing are alone for now. Vh1 has announced there will be a second season, but it's unclear whether or not Brett will be back.
Heather got the last laugh in the end! I can see her now with that freaky hair of hers cackling like a witch on crack!

I’ve Given You Everything Already! Greedy Bitch!

October 5, 2007 / Posted by:

Here’s the official video for Brit Brit’s “Gimme More” and it officially SUCKS! Paris Hilton’s night vision porn video had better production value than this crap.

The rumor is that a different video will be premiering on MTV’s TRL this Monday and that this is just a preview of the video that was available on iTunes starting last night.

Hopefully, the “REAL” video is more than just Brit’s dumbass trying to be sexy near a stripper pole. Honestly, this is some Friday-afternoon-tweens-fucking-around-with-their-new-camcorder-bullshit!

Start over!

If you can’t see the video above Click here to download it

The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNER For October 4th!!!

October 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Serena Williams announced she was pregnant with twins today by showing off her baby bump. "Yes, my doctor says everything's normal, although I'm carrying them a bit high. – City Barbie
He-Man and She-Ra are so proud of their child SheHe-Ra and her new job at Sunset Tan. – RebekahBooBoo 
Thanks Elodie

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