What Is It We’re Talking About?

August 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Uncle Kracker aka Kid Rock's former sidebitch was arrested yesterday morning on a second-degree forcible sex offense charge in North Carolina. He spoke to People Magazine and I'm very confused. I wish I knew what we were talking about. Is that a confusing way of saying "rape?" 
Kracka said, "It's regrettable that someone would make this kind of allegation, not only because it's not the kind of thing I'd do, as the father of three girls, it's the kind of thing that I wouldn't stand for. Anyone can say anything about anybody but it doesn't make it true or correct. This is one of those cases. I'm saddened that anyone might think I'm capable of this sort of thing."
Cops say the incident went down at the Ess nightclub.
I hate when bitches say "as the father or mother of two kids." Just because you have kids or daughters or whatever doesn't mean you are a saint or not capable of forcing bad sex on someone. 

You Want This Ass

August 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Damn! I just want to get some honey, blueberries, cream and rub up all in that oatmeal. Just have a hell of a time rubbing all over that goodness.
Yes, it's Kimbo Stewart and yes I'm pretty sure that's panties and yes it's nasty.
Source: ONTD

It’s A Nice Day For A Douche Wedding

August 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Yes I'm alive you dumb whores! Sorry I didn't post much yesterday afternoon and I'm getting a late start now. I'm in the process of moving, because I was evicted for being a piece of trash. 
Anyway, in case you give a hell. Sources told TMZ that Joel Madden and Nicole Richie are engaged. He apparently told people at the Hot 99.5 concert in DC last night. Yeah, shocking news. They probably don't want Baby Thumbelina to be a bastard. I give that whole marriage 1 year, IF THAT!
P.S. – Have you ever noticed in TMZ comments that someone there is OBSESSED with Amy Sedaris. Like CRAZY obsessed.

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