Hohan Out, Sienna In

April 23, 2007 / Posted by:
Lindsay Lohan backed out last week of starring in "The Best Time of Our Lives" with Keira Knightley. Sources say that Lindsay didn't like the way the script was coming together. They probably cut all her sex scenes out.
Sienna Miller has replaced Lindsay in the film about two women fighting over Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Keira's mommy wrote the script.
Matthew Rhys will play Dylan Thomas, Sienna will play his wife and Keira will play his childhood friend.
Shooting begins this May in Wales. Cillian Murphy also stars.
Bad teeth alert! I hope they have a dentist on the crew. Sienna makes more sense than Lindsay anyway. At least Sienna can sort of act. Sort of.
Source: Coming Soon

When You’re Feeling Sad and Low

April 23, 2007 / Posted by:
A Spice Girls' reunion of sorts went down this past weekend for the christening of Geri's daughter, Bluebell Madonna aka Blueballs. Melanie C aka Sport, Emma Bunton aka Baby and Vicky Beckham aka Posh all came in support of their former girl group mate.
Scary Spice aka Melanie B was in Los Angeles with her own new tot and couldn't make it. Posh was named as the baby's Godmother.
They all look really amazing. Geri got her body back fast and Melanie C doesn't look like a major dyke. Beauty all around!
Source: Daily Mail

Madge Leaves Malawi, Doesn’t Purchase

April 23, 2007 / Posted by:
Madge, Lourdes and David left Malawi this weekend without a new purchase. It was rumored that she was going to adopt a little girl named Grace, but so far that hasn't happened. She also left Africa without meeting with David's bio-daddy.
The orphanage had organized a meeting between David's daddy and Madonna, but it was cancelled by Madge's camp. A source at the orphanage said that he waited around, but they never showed.
Madonna and company were in Africa for her "Raising Malawai" foundation to build a children's health center.
In her defense, she doesn't owe David's daddy anything. He gave up his child and she's now his mother. I'm sure his daddy will cry to the press on how difficult Madonna is. He needs to recognize. 
Source: People

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