G.I. Hoe

August 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Who the hell dresses this skank?! Air Force Amy?! I know some strippers that wouldn't even be caught dead in something like that. Anyway, we haven't heard from Paris in a while. That's a good thing, but I thought I'd let you know what you've been missing. Paris had another little beach party for her friends yesterday in Malibu and by friends I mean Fat Elvis and Paul Sorvino. HAH! 
In other P news, it looks like her brief romance with surf douchebag Tyler Atkins has come to an end. Tyler said that he's over Paris, but that he already has a new love.
He said, "I only met her about two weeks ago and we've hung out a lot.

"We were hanging out but I recently just went to New York and I sort of met this girl over there, who is a pretty big supermodel."

He said she the same name as an animal that leaps through the air. He's talking about Gisele, but nice try moron.


A “Cops” Sunday

August 5, 2007 / Posted by:

Last weekend I posted that amazing video of Steven aka “Excuse My Beauty” on Cops. I still can’t get over it and I’m sure I’ve annoyed everyone around me by using that phrase thirty too many times. I even lay awake at night wondering where that hot mess is?

Well, since it’s yet another slow day here’s another hot mess from “Cops.” This woman probably smokes at least 3 cartons of ciggies a day and I’m sure she’s smoking a lot more than nicotine.

Cops truly needs its own channel. I need hot messes 24/7!


Tori Spelling’s Selling Her Dirty Ass Flip-Flops?!

August 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Dlisted reader Danielle sent me this eBay listing featuring Tori Spelling's used flip-flops. Apparently, Tori is selling a few items that didn't sell at her garage sale along with new items like these beautiful sandals.
The listing reads:
Featured here are Tori Spelling's Hawaiian blue and Cream thong sandals with orchids painted on the top. These sandals are made out of wood and the thong is made out of suede. Size 37, which is equivalent to a 5 ½ or 6. Measurements (approximately): Length: 9 ½ inches. Width: 2 ½ inches. Condition: No tears or stains, but this item has been used and there are visible scratches as well as chipping. These sandals are hand painted with the artist signature on the side; they are great for this summer season. Don't miss out on adding these sandals to your shoe collection!
The bid is at $20.51!!! That is $20.50 too much! Tori was also apparently selling off the wedding dress she wore when she married Charlie Shanian but I don't see that in there anymore.
I can see selling off the wedding dress, but flip-flops?! Nasty
Click here to bid on other beautiful items Tori has to offer like used dog dresses.
UPDATE – Bidding already ended on Tori's wedding dress . It didn't get picked up, because the reserve wasn't meant. It can still be yours! I know you want it! (Thanks Robyn)

Hot Slut Of The Week: Marjorie Newlin

August 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Age: 86 or 87?
Birthday: ? Let's just say she was born a long ass time ago
Birth Name:?
Original Date of HS of the Day: August 4, 2007

Claim to Fame: Marjorie is known as the body building great granmama. She started body building when she was in her 70s. She's won 25 trophies and isn't stopping. 

Where is she now? Lifting weights or drinking protein shakes or something. I mean that's what body builders do, right? 

Why is she HS of the Week? She's in her 80s and isn't letting a little thing called age get in her way of being a hot ass piece. Oh and that picture above was taken around 7 years ago.




Scars On Knuckles

August 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Thandie Newton confessed to U.K.'s Easy Living Magazine that she suffered from bulimia for about one year. The 34-year-old said she suffered with weight issues when she was a teenager and it became worse after a series of bad relationships.
She said, "I'd been involved with this guy for a long time, he was much older than me and I felt a lot of shame about my sexual relationship with him. I would have these dinners with him and then go back to the flat and I'd throw up. Then I went out with someone who was emotionally abusive, criticizing me the whole time." 
She said her disorder was so bad that she still has scars on her knuckles from throwing up. "I've still got the scars on my knuckles from where I put my fingers down my throat." 
She got help when she was shooting a film in Los Angeles and started seeing a therapist for the first time.
I've heard about rotten teeth and bad breath from bulimia, but never scars on the knuckles. That's a new one for me. Ouch.
Has anyone seen that Intervention with this girl who was bulimic and would throw up into trash bags, because she was so afraid of the toilet backing up and people finding out her secret? She would go into her walk-in-closet and vomit into these bags and then store them behind her dresser. She would clean them out weekly. It was probably one of the grossest and saddest things I've ever seen!  

Drink That Money!

August 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Scary Spice was papped yesterday in Miami drinking up a $200 bottle of champs by the pool. Homegirl was probably celebrating the fact that Eddie Murphy finally fessed up to being Murphy Brown's daddy.
Get that money! You know Scary was never my favorite Spice Girl, but she's crawled her way up and now this woman is my absolute favorite. I love a woman that isn't afraid to rape a man's checking account!
I just hope she sent that champs bill to Tracey Edmonds!

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