Lucky Star

October 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Ricky Martin got his star on the Santa Monica Blvd. Gay Walk of Fame today. NO! Ricky's major. It was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Kodak Theater. He's the 2,351st star!
I love Ricky and think he's hot sometimes….but he needs to cut that 'do. He's looking like a gay COCKatoo. Polly want a cracker and by cracker I mean 10-inch dick.  
And did he go to the Jessica Simpson school of posing? Close that mouth! Ricky, I know your mouth automatically opens when you get on your knees, but keep it under control! You're in public and there's childrens around!
I kid…I kid!  


Why Doesn’t Brit Brit Cover Her Coochie Cat?

October 16, 2007 / Posted by:
One of Britney Spears' longtime friends, Tuesday Knight, spoke to InTouch about why BS doesn't wear panties. Wait…Tuesday Knight?! The actress?! That bitch was in one of the greatest short-lived shows of the 90s "2000 Malibu Road" with Drew Barrymore. Ok, I doubt it's her.
InTouch says Tuesday is a jewelry designer and has been friends with BS since 2003.
She said, “The underwear thing is ridiculous — and I’ve told her! “I’ve said, ‘You cannot walk into a store wearing just a shirt with your underwear off.’ I’ve told her that no one will take her seriously when she does this.”
 “Britney doesn’t need to do it and she knows it’s stupid. But she says that she just doesn’t like to wear underwear.” 
Yeah, I don't either! But I'd rather wear underwears than get my nuts caught on the zipper and if I was a chick I'd rather wear panties than have the flies build a nest in my open coochie! That's no excuse!
Tuesday goes on to tell us that BS is a good mother. “Britney has always been a good mother. I want people to know that she’s the better parent — not Kevin!” Tuesday adds, “Britney asked me, ‘Doesn’t anybody get to see this part of me?’ The answer is, no, they don’t. People just read about her not wearing underwear.”
I knew Britney when she and Kevin first met. She remade her entire life so it was all about him. She didn’t even want to sign a prenup. Since then, I’ve watched her spiral downward.” 
Tuesday Knight darling! Since you're such a good friend of BS, you need to cover her vagina and then get her a damn shrink! Come into the light and out of the Knight. AHAHAHAH! Seriously, what kind of friend goes blabbing to the weeklies? That's why BS needs a gay. I'd tell that bitch just it T-I-S to her meth face! 

Orlando Bloom Might Be In Trouble

October 16, 2007 / Posted by:
TMZ is reporting that the LAPD are investigating Orlando Bloom's once pretty ass on possible hit-and-run charges. Orlando crashed into a parked car at around 2am last Friday. His passenger, Cher Coulter (no relation to Cher or Ann) suffered a fractured neck. Right after the crash Orlando walked away from the scene until a police officer told him he had to come back and deal with it. What a friend!
Orlando told police that a paparazzi SUV cut him off causing him to hit the parked car. He was not given a sobriety test at the time.
The case is open and active, but no charges have been filed.
Hit and run! Hit and run! Damn, it's a trend. First it was DUIs and now it's hit and runs. Just put Orlando's ass in the clink for a good hour. All those inmates will work him over so hard, so he won't ever want to drive again. Jail sex would do that to a bitch. Make the asshole raw, but keep you out of trouble!

Bikini Fresh

October 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Fanny always delivers! Just when I thought I've seen enough, she shows me more. Bossip has some sort of outdated pics of Fantasia looking juicy and thick in a two-piece. I don't know what the hell she's got tattooed on her side. It looks like a scroll of the constitution of America.
Fanny looks like she borrowed that bikini from her little cousin. It's like ten sizes too small. Fanny, go for the miracle suit next time. It does…well…miracles…
Visit Bossip to see more pics!  
Thanks Chanel

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