Whippits? That’s A New One For Me

July 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Blohan might be on ectasy and now she might be on something called "whippits." According to Star Magazine Lindsay Lohan found a way to get high while at rehab. Star reports she even got caught!
A source said, “She uses ‘whippits,’ the tubes that you buy that contain nitrous oxide.  She mixes that with the cold medicine Coricidin.  Together they get you really wasted.  At first, the counselors couldn’t figure out how she was getting high, but then they found the cold medicine and whippit containers under Lindsay’s bed.  Lindsay admitted to using the stuff in group counseling meetings and said she was sorry.”
She apparently got the stuff from a dude that was on out-patient treatment. Promises doesn't check patients when they come in and out, so the dude was carrying boxes in of the stuff.
Star also reports that she drank up a storm at her Birthday party in Malibu and was caught again when she returned to rehab.
Lindsay was also a complete wreck in rehab and accused someone of stealing her Rolex when she was wearing it the whole time.
So…basically nothing has changed. Damn, I think I gave the girl 6 months. It looks like she's not lasting 6 days!
Whippits sounds like a damn drug invented by bored suburban kids. This bitch is nuts. She's going to start drinking paint thinner and shit soon.

Pagans To Perform Rain Magice On Homer!

July 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Fox is on marketing overload for their new "The Simpsons" movie. They've done everything from turn 7-11's to Kwik-E-Marts to whoring them out on JetBlue flights. Well, their latest stunt is pissing off the British Pagans.
Homer was painted with chalk in a field next to Cerne Abbas, a symbol of fertility in the hillside above Cerne Abbas. 
The Pagan Federation said, "It's very disrespectful and not at all aesthetically pleasing. We were hoping for some dry weather but I think I have changed my mind. We'll be doing some rain magic to bring the rain and wash it away."  
"It's just a publicity stunt for a film and we are talking about a monument which is definitely of great historical significance and a lot of people feel has important spiritual significance as well."

Don't fuck with the witches! While they are doing their "rain magic" can they also do some "sun magic" on NYC. The weather effin sucks right now!

Personally, I think there are bigger things to worry about than some chalk Homer on grass. Another thing…why is the grass so much greener on Homer's side?  





Morning Wood

July 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Usher tries to shush up his own fansite – Celebitchy 
More info on J.J. Abrams secret project – ICYDK 
Adam Sandler pit-smelling – Mollygood 
Amanda Bynes is the new Lindsay Lohan – INO 
Mel Gibson is fun again – HM! 
The ever original Gwen Stefani is suing over copycat designs – CN 
Britney gets a job…hosting a party…in Las Vegas – VH1 Blog

They Were Probably Just Saying Hi

July 18, 2007 / Posted by:
It's been reported that Dreamboat Pete Doherty left rehab after only one day. It was also reported that hours after leaving the clinic he was pulled over by the cops! I mean, he's been arrested at least 10 million times so he's most likely best friends with them. They were probably just giving a quick hello.
No, they were citing him for throwing out trash from his cab.
A source said, "He looked pretty sheepish, like he was embarrassed to get done for such yobbish antics."

"He scrabbled around in his pockets to find papers that could prove who he was. The policeman gave him a stern ticking-off, then issued him with the fine. It looked like he got a severe warning."

A severe warning?! He's been busted for driving on drugs and let go….what kind of severe warning could have gotten? "Pete, now we REALLY mean it this time. Don't ever ever do it again. Pinky swear on it!" That's as severe as it gets for Petey.

Pete's lawyer said that he wasn't in rehab, because he's not due to begin detox until next Monday. Petey probably wants to store as much heroin in his system like a bear does before going into Winter.




July 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Kimbo Stewart and Tommy Lee showed up together to last night's Courtney Love concert in Los Angeles. The gruesome pair have been seen out and about together for the past few weeks. It saddens me that Tommy's long dick is being wasted on that snatch!
Tommy also showed off a broken finger. He probably got it from trying to finger bang that skank! You know her vagina probably has teeth in it.

Hot Douche Attacks Photographer!

July 18, 2007 / Posted by:

A TMZ photographer ate concrete last night by the hands of CSI star Gary Dourdan. The photographer caught Gary outside of a Hollywood club and Gary mistook the dude for somebody else. Gary told the dude to get the camera out of his face which he did eventually. Gary didn’t seem to like that anyway and proceeded to attack the dude while the other paps screamed at him to stop.

Gary then told the dude, “I know all the cops around here, they’re my friends.”

TMZ’s photographer filed a police report anyway. TMZ described their photographer getting “the crap beaten out of him” and although I didn’t see that in the video I did see Gary being a total douche.

Coke rage! Gary should be lucky that anybody wants to take his picture! He’s a hot piece, but damn he needs to check that attitude.


Guess The Fake?!

July 18, 2007 / Posted by:
This is hilarious! When the Spice Girls broke up in 2001, so did the fake Spice Girls. Now that the original group are reuniting this Christmas, the fake group will do the same and they can't wait!
AHAHAH! Look at Posh! I will say for being the low-rent Spice Girls they really matched those outfits up pretty much perfectly. I mean you can tell they bought that shit at Daffy's or something like that, but still!
That's like a before & after Photoshop job of the Spice Girls.
Source: Daily Mail

It’s Just Stealing

July 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Winona Ryder told Vogue Magazine that she doesn't feel guilty about stealing shit back in 2001, because she didn't hurt anybody. Um…she hurt the consumer and she hurt my feelings! I had so much trust in her up until that.
She said, "I didn't have this tremendous sense of guilt, because I hadn't hurt anyone. Had I physically harmed someone or caused harm to a human being, I think it would have been an entirely different experience.
Winona blamed painkillers for the reason she was caught taking a bunch of crap from Saks Fifth Avenue. "Two months prior to that, I broke my arm in two places, and the doctor, a sort of quack doctor, was giving me a lot of stuff and I was taking it at first to get through the pain. And then there was this weird point when you don't know if you are in pain but you're taking it."
Hmmm…….that's a good one! I'm going to have lunch at the damn Four Seasons this afternoon and when I walk out on my $300 check I'm going to blame "Vicodin" for making my head blurry. When I go to the Jaguar deal today and accidentially drive to Atlantic City while test driving, I'll blame a little "Darvocet." Genius! And when I accidentially slap Winona in her deer-face I'll also blame a little "Oxycontin."

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