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For Serious?

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This is the latest cover floating around of Brit Brit's "Blackout" which is out October 30th. Trick or treat? This is also probably the worst cover of the album that I've seen. I'm serious! Jive hates her ass! They should've let the Britaloonies design the cover, because they would've done ok by that mess. Instead they are putting out some busted ass shit. I guess the cover matches the music?
Jive pushed the album after a shit load of songs have already leaked. Here's the tracklisting with what's leaked courtesy of ONTD :
1. Gimme More (04:11) – LEAKED
2. Piece of Me (03:32) – LEAKED
3. Radar (03:49) – LEAKED
4. Break The Ice (03:16) – LEAKED
5. Heaven on Earth (04:52) – LEAKED
6. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) – LEAKED
7. Freakshow (02:55)
8. Toy Soldier (03:21)
9. Hot As Ice (03:16) – LEAKED (COld As Fire)
10. Ooh Ooh Baby (03:28) – LEAKED (Fillin' Me Up)
11. Perfect Lover (03:02) – LEAKED (Got Me High)
12. Why Should I Be Sad (03:10) – LEAKED (Stupid Things)
Toy Soldier?! I doubt, but I pray it's a cover of Martika's Toy Soldiers. That would be a mess worth listening to. 
BS is also holding auditions today for dancers for her upcoming TOUR and video. Yes, TOUR! Hopefully it's a tour of the country's biggest mental hospitals, because the last thing this trick needs is a damn tour.
Source: UsWeekly 

Has Hell Frozen Over?

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Dreamboat Doherty has cleaned himself up, gotten a new hair color and reportedly kicked booze for good! The Sun reports that Petey has traded in his Jack Daniels and heroin for tea and crumpets! To make matters more strange he's in talks to headline a "Dry Tour" with his band, Babyshambles.
Petey only wants to play booze-free venues. A source said, “Pete came up with the idea. He feels like a new man. It’ll be a challenge for him to go on a tour without drugs. Everyone expects him to fall back into it but he’s confident he can keep on the straight and narrow.”  
Booze-free venues?! You mean coffee houses and record stores?! Something in the milk ain't clean! I mean….good for him…I guess? I know it's awful to say, but I miss the crackhead Doherty! It will take me a while to adjust to this new and not-really-but-improved Dreamboat. 
If he starts singing Christian songs, I'm fucking out of here.

Orlando Bloom Crashes

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TMZ reports that Orlando Bloom was involved in a car accident last night and may or may not have minor injuries. He was seen leaving the Green Door in Hollywood last night before the crash which went down at around 2:15am. A Matrix and a Porsche Cayenne were involved the crash and both cars are doing fine. Don't worry.
TMZ also has video of Orlando taken before the crash getting into some stranger's car and arguing with him about the dude's wife. Douche fights! It happens every night in Hollywood.
In another Orlando wreck news. OK! Magazine reports that he may be dating Jessica Simpson. They arrived together at a Fall Out Boy concert on Wednesday. A source said, “Jessica and Orlando are trying to keep their relationship on the down low. It’s all new to them and they’re still just feeling their ways but they are definitely an item.”
Hopefully this accident knocked some sense into him and he's dumped Jessica! On second thought, both are annoying and seriously losing the hot , so they totally deserve each other!

He Can Do So Much Better

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Rose McGowan is engaged to director Robert Rodriguez reports People Magazine . Robert left his wife for Rose's plastic ass face after they met on the set of Planet Terror. Robert had five kids with his ex-wife!
Rose was previously engaged to Marilyn Manson.
Rose and Robert are also getting ready to ruin the classic film "Barbarella." Filming starts soon on the remake. Hopefully Robert finds another piece before then which will prevent Rose from ruining this classic!
Congrats to the couple, but Rose better watch herself! What goes around comes around!

In Pants!!!?!!!!

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Following her courtroom ordeal where a judge granted her one monitored overnight visit with her boys, Brit Brit celebrated by doing some shopping at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. I don't know why she bothers buying expensive shit! She's going to make it look like it came from Wal-Mart, so she might as well just buy her threads from there! Save some cash.
After her Neiman Marcus spree, she headed to her mother's Marina Del Rey apartment.  
She's wearing pants and she looks decent for the most part. It's time to bury that weave in the pet cemetary though. It's past its prime. Wait, did it ever have a prime?  

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