Jade Goody’s Popping Out Another One

May 11, 2007 / Posted by:
File this under IDGAF! Jade Goody is expecting her third child with boyfriend Jack Tweedy. Jade is best known for being a pig and a British reality TV star. She infamously went on a racist rant about Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year. After the rant, Jade apologized and visited India.
Jade has two kids from a previous relationship. Click here to see a picture of Jack Tweedy . He's way hotter than her, so let's hope the baby gets his looks.
She seriously looks like a pig and I'm not even trying to be mean! Ok, I'm trying just a little bit.
Source: BBC

Robbie Williams Goes Off

May 11, 2007 / Posted by:
Robbie Williams is following the new celebrity trend by going off on his website. Robbie who's just out of rehab went off on some woman he was dating named "Tina" after he found out she had a boyfriend. Robbie goes:
"There are a few dating rules people adhere to out here in Hollywood. And they're all fucking stupid. Don't call until the next day. Then don't get back to him for at least two days, etc. It's all rubbish. If any of these rules are applied to me, I respond in kind by never speaking to them again.
"I trust you (Tina) less than ever now. You have completely blown any trust I had for you by being a devious cunt.  If I knew my girlfriend had been on a dinner and DVD night with another man I would be livid. I'm furious thinking about it!!!!! And it happened weeks ago."
As I left the sweaty eatery I noted her carp-like eyes dancing a merry jig. A jig that said a: He's got my number, he may call it, and b: Look at the paparazzi swarm his car. He is wanted – I must have him. Indeed, if she had a cock it would have been standing to attention."

"She's amazing from the front, but from the side she looks like a shed is about
to land on her on a special delivery from Kansas".

Wow. Can you say crack rant?! I love crack rants, because they are so damn entertaining. My favorite part is "if she had a cock it would have been standing to attention." I should offer Robbie a job to write full-time for Dlisted. He's got mad skills. 
Source: LondonNet – Image: Splash

Is Halle Knocked Up?

May 11, 2007 / Posted by:
It's a slow ASS news day so I have to resort to asking stupid questions. Halle Berry actually does look like there's a baby on board. Her ta-tas look a little full. Ugh, that grossed me out. Anyway, I'm sure her children with Gabriel Aubry. She's sort of looking a little Scary-Spice-ish here. 

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