Such A Gorgeous Creature

June 28, 2007 / Posted by:

Leelee is a goddess of fashion. The ho knows how to dress. She's so bold and daring. A true fashion icon.

Here's Leelee looking oh so fabulous at the Black Tie Boxing event in NYC last night.



Jesse Wants To Sing

June 28, 2007 / Posted by:

Jesse Metcalfe wants to expand his horizons and become a singer.

He told People that "I'm trying to do music, actually," MAC Viva Glam party in London on Wednesday. And that "I've just started writing and trying to develop my sound a little bit, but it will be as a solo artist. I sing and play guitar."

He met with some record producers in the UK. He's also there to host some parties. BOOZE FREE right? Since he was like, in rehab and all.

Please no. No singing. Beards can get expensive, he's desperate to keep the cash flow in to get another one.


Smell Like A Tranny

June 28, 2007 / Posted by:
Always wanted to smell like a mixture of plastic, burnt penis, Wet N'Wild lip gloss and Barbie hair? Well, now is your chance. Amanda Lepore has launched a new website where you can buy all of her products. Yes, don't look too excited. Here's how the press release reads:
" was created due to the
overwhelming fan responses and requests from Amanda's
fans nationally and from around the world," said Jimmy
Floyd, Lepore's manager. “Because of this, we decided
to begin slowly and offer a collection that fit in
well with Amanda's participation in the True Colors
Tour with Cyndi Lauper and the many pridefests going
on around the United States. We are excited about
adding more products as we approach the holidays!"
You can buy everything from the Amanda Lepore doll, Amanda Lepore perfume, bath products and many…many more!  
She should've thought about this when she had her surgery and kept some of her dick skin. She could put it in a crystal jar and market it as "A Piece Amanda." Now that I would buy. Wait, I'd also buy a mold of her mangina. It would taste great with cool whip and frozen peaches.

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