Why Do I Like This?

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The trailer of the Bob Dylan biopic “I’m Not There” is here. The film comes to us from director Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven, Velvet Goldmine, Safe) and features Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Marcus Carl Franklin, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger and Ben Wishaw all as Dylan himself.

The rest of the cast includes Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

It comes out November 21st.

I’m a sucker for gimmicks and I’m into this shit. Cate Blanchett makes me laugh in the trailer, but maybe she can make it work. She reminds me more of my new neighborhood homeless-psychic-crazy rather than Bob Dylan. Knowing Cate, she’ll pull it off.

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Faye Weighs Her Chicken

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Janet Charlton reports that diners at the fast-food joint Koo Koo Roo in West Hollywood. were taken by surprise when Faye Dunaway waltzed in wearing plastic gloves to handle her food. They were even more surprised when she pulled out a scale to weigh her chicken.
A witness said, "She ordered chicken and broccoli to go, and then she sat at a table with her food container. She pulled a tiny scale out of her purse and . . . proceeded to pull the chicken meat off the bones and weigh it. She piled the bones and skin on a napkin. She carefully weighed the chicken meat and broccoli, and the broccoli was a little short, so she went to the counter and asked for more."
How is this surprising in L.A.? Don't you all do that over there? 
Those plastic gloves were most likely not gloves and were her real hands. I mean her face is plastic so I'm sure her hands are too!
Above is Faye with Joaquin Phoenix earlier this year.

The Great Crackdini Escapes Again!

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Pete Doherty must love going to court! Pete faced a judge today, because he breached his bail by getting arrested again yesterday. However, the charges were dropped due to a technicality, because he wasn't brough into court within 24-hours of his bail breach. 
The judge said, "Anyone arrested for a breach of bail must be brought before the court and dealt with in a 24-hour period."
He's a magician that one! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have no idea how many times he's been arrested and how many times he's gotten off. Has he even served ANY jail time? He's probably best of friends with the cops. I'm sure they have drinks after every court appearance.
Source: Metro UK

That Was Fast

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Amy Wino has quit rehab for the second time after she had a fight with her husband, Blake. The Sun reports that Amy and Blake left the The Causeway clinic in Essex on Sunday night  after several screaming matches. Together they called a cab and spent the night in a hotel. 
A source said, “It is supposed to be a peaceful backdrop to help people deal with their problems. But Amy and Blake kept rowing and spoiling the ambience.

“While Amy would be welcomed back with open arms, I’m not sure they’d say the same for Blake."

Sources say that Blake is the one causing all the drama and it's always about him. When Amy was in the hospital, he caused shit and when she was in rehab for the first time, he caused shit then too. Her family would apparently like her to go to rehab without Blake and kick him to the gutter.  

Amy is apparently back in London and her friends and family are fearing that she's going to get back into drugs. DUH! Of course she is. She was in the tank for like 3-minutes. She probably did shit in the driveway of the clinic, waiting for the cab.

Amy is an adult and can certainly make her own decisions, but it sounds to me that these bitches probably only get along when they are high. That's usually the case with crackhead lovers.

Bitch needs to drop the man in order to drop the crack.  

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He Is Going To Win An Emmy!

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Yesterday, it was announced that KFed would be guest starring on "One Tree Hill." I thought it would be like a 10-second spot, but the show's creator said it's a multi-episode arc. KFed will play Jason, the cocky lead singer of the legendary rock band No Means Yes. HA! Rock band?! They should change that to Wigga band and then they'll be on to something.
He said this was not stunt casting and that KFed did great in his audition. "I have to honestly say he was a good fit for the character. I don't know anything about the kid but he seemed very sweet and very sincere about working hard and embracing the opportunity. It's just about being good in the role." 
Oh come on! If he wasn't the ex-Mr. Britney Spears he wouldn't of been allowed to deliver lunch let alone audition!
KFed is totally going to win an Emmy then Steven Spielberg is going to see him in the show and cast him in his big-screen version of Macbeth and he will win an Oscar and then Britney will certifiably lose it and end up in the looney bin for the rest of eternity.
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It’s everyone favorite meth-faced Nazi, Waaaamber! In this hilarious clip taken from the feeds last night, Waaamber is telling someone that she wants to win the money and donate it somewhere, but she doesn’t know where. When I was watching this clip, I thought she was talking to Jameka, but no….she’s talking to GOD! Eric interrupts her for a minute, but she asks him to leave. She finishes her “talk with God” by telling him how much she looooves him and how much she trusts him and then she tells him “God Bless You.” She blesses GOD with GOD?!

People, METH makes you mentally stupid! Actually, it makes you brain dead. Ugh, I hate this fugly ass whore with a passion! Blessing God with God?! How stupid can you be! You know God was like “AS IF!”

As a bonus click here to see another crazy, Evil Dick, curse out the resident slut, Jen. He calls her every name in the book. You name it, he calls her it. Seriously, blow up the house already!

Thanks Jordan


Naomi Fights The Good Fight…Or Something…Until She Gets Bored

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Naomi Campbell is sick and tired of magazines like Vogue putting white women on the covers of their magazines. She said even when she became a supermodel, editors still put lesser known white chicks on the cover rather than put her.
She told reporters in Kenya that she's planning to open her own modeling agency. “Black models are being sidelined by the major modelling agencies. It is a pity that people don’t appreciate black beauty”.
“I even get a raw deal from my own country. For example, I hardly come on the front pages of London’s Vogue magazine. Only white models, some of whom are not as prominent as I am, are put on the front pages”.  
The 37-year-old said she would not quit modeling until black models get the same attention as white ones.
Oooh…Anna Wintour's gonna get her. Naomi's right, but it's not only black models, it's Latin, Asian, Indian……I mean I don't think Vogue even puts models on their covers anymore.
And it's a bigger issue. TV, Film, Theater, they all do the same thing. I'll go see a Broadway show and there's like one non-white person in the cast. It's like they are the token. 
Hopefully, Naomi will take her Blackberry and beat as many bitches down as necessary to change things. 

May The Child Be Brave

August 21, 2007 / Posted by:
According to Cindy Adams , Foxy Brown was overheard telling people at the Bed, Bath & Beyond in Manhattan "I'm getting married in September. I'm pregnant."
Hmmm…..pulling a Nicole Richie are we? Foxy is in more trouble with the law after she lied to cops. She was pulled over and allegedly kept spelling her name wrong and giving an incorrect birthdate, so that cops would not be able to find her in their system. She told them she didn't have her drivers license on her when it fact it was suspended. She was arrested, booked and given a court date.
Foxy is also in trouble after she reportedly beat her neighbor down with a Blackberry early last week.
Foxy with child is nothing to joke about! It's totally her 'get out of jail for free" card.

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