Afternoon Crumbs

August 7, 2007 / Posted by:
Woof! Biel looks like a character on "Cops" – Popsugar 
Geri Halliwell's girly pink bikini is a little too young for her – Hollywood Tuna 
Surprisingly, Charlize Theron in a bikini isn't working for me – Egotastic! 
38th Anniversary Scientology Gala?! Creeeeepy – IDLYITW 
Rumer Willis is blonde, half nekkid and still busted in the face – Just Jared 
Sienna Miller does more partying with Puffy – ASL 
Vintage Jeff Goldblum naked on the beach (NSFW) – Drunken Stepfather
Inside Lindsay Lohan's rehab palace – Hollywood Rag 
Britney Spears is sooo transparent – Cityrag 
Trump claims he was kidding about RosieGabsmash 

Banned From London?!

August 7, 2007 / Posted by:
Earlier I wrote about how Dreamboat Pete Doherty was given a month to clean up his act by a judge. Well, it looks like he was also banned from the streets of London as well.
The London ban came down, because the judge allowed him to escape jail time.
Pete also showed off the anti-heroin implants Kate Moss bought him! Loverly.
Banned from the streets of London?! Finally some words of wisdom! How do we go about practicing the same kind of rule on Lohan, Paris, Britney and Nicole? This is the only way our streets will ever be safe!
Thanks Judith

That’s A Dude!

August 7, 2007 / Posted by:
GODDESS GWYNETH?! Every shade of fug!
She looks like a Romanian, twinkie, super-bottom, gay porn star! That being said, I'd definitely let her strap one on and take it.
This is Fishsticks on September's W Magazine .


The Gays Do Love A Good British Accent

August 7, 2007 / Posted by:
Posh Beckham has reportedly been giving "English" lessons to Tom Cruise. Tom loves their accents and slang so much that he uses it around them and wants Posh to teach him.
A source said, "He loves the British language because some of the sayings are so quirky. Victoria says things like, 'bloody hell' and 'blimey', and tells her sons to 'come on chaps.' Tom loves hearing it all and is building up an Anglo-English vocabulary. It could come in useful for his film career."
Tommy Girl just wants to learn so he can seduce David Beckham in his native tongue! Blimey!

This Is Toooo Easy

August 7, 2007 / Posted by:
Catherine Anne Delgado was arrested for packing fudge. LITERALLY! Cathy, 35, was arrested at the Maryland House Hotel when police were called after hotel staff found Cathy crying in the lobby. She had chocolate fudge smeared on her hands and shirt, her purse next to her was overlowing with fudge and spilling on to the sofa. 
A police dude immediately recognized the unwrapped fudge from a nearby candy store. They later checked the store surveillance tapes and confirmed that Cathy stole ten fudge loafs valued at $70 and five M&M pretzels valued at around $20.
Cathy tried to get rid of her fudge by packing the hotel toilet with it, clogging it.
Don't laugh! This is probably what Britney Spears is going to be arrested for! 
Cathy can't even pack fudge right! She should've called this fag. I would've schooled that bitch on how the big dogs do it!  

Morning Wood

August 7, 2007 / Posted by:
Strangely enough, Mena Suvari's new pubehead takes the attention off her massive 10-head – INO 
Pete Wentz's unknown guest – Mollygood 
Renee Zellweger's new man is gayer than the last – ICYDK 
Ray J will seriously screw anyone – VH1 Blog 
Want to know how to get into an Oliver Stone movie? – Holy Moly! 
Jason Alexander is in no way funny – Best Week Ever

Give It A Bone!

August 7, 2007 / Posted by:
The Backstreet Boys are back and they should really consider a name change. They haven't been boys for ten years now. I'm thinking Backstreet Has-Beens, Backstreet Douches, Backstreet Pepaws, Backstreet Methfaces…any of those will work.
Well, these dumb dumbs are back, but without Kevin Richardson. Kevin was the creepy one with the moustache. He was smart and decided to sit this one out.
Their first single off their sixth album "Inconsolable" hits radio this month. Their album is out on October or somewhere around there. It's not like you care!
You can visit TMZ to hear the song. I haven't heard it and I'm not planning on it. There's nobody here to console me. Ohohoho…yeah really bad joke. 
Oh and Nick Carter said he's skinny now and healthy. He said he gained weight due to depression. Yeah, coming off of meth will make anyone depressed.

Age Of Gross

August 7, 2007 / Posted by:
WTF is all I have to say? Ok,  I watch every single reality show on TV, so it's no surprise that I watched "Age of Love." AOL was that reality show where pro-tennis player and former Tara Reid piece, Mark Philippiwhatever had to date a bunch of broads in their 40s. Of course NBC had to add a twist and later on added a bunch of skanks in their 20s to the mix.
In the end Mark had to choose between horse-faced, but 20-something Amanda or 48-year-old and hotter than shit Jen .  
Of course, Mark picked the 20-something pony! I mean this woman was nuts. She said she was in love with Mark even though she never had a one-on-one date with him. She looked older than the 48-year-old and she was always sweating which is not acceptable! UGH! I should've known this was going to happen. I'm pretty pathetic, because I actually shed a tear when Mark let Jen go. Oh Jen, you will find love.
Mark is a major douche anyway. Anyone that dates Tara Reid has to be a tool and a half!  

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