Sally Field Thinks She Looks Like Dog Poo

August 21, 2007 / Posted by:
Shit, that's sad! In an interview with September's Health Magazine, Sally Field spoke about being 60. When asked how she stays looking so hot, she said,
“It’s hard for me to answer that question. I think I look like dog poop. I’m not any different from a lot of American women who want to put a piece of black velvet over the mirror when they turn 50. The good news is that I’m healthy and I’m here.”
Damn, at least she's being honest and at least she's not pulling that mug to try and look 30. 
Oh and I wish my dog pooped out Sally Field. I'd ask her to perform my favorite scenes from "Sybil."
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JLove Is Moved By JLove

August 21, 2007 / Posted by:
Jennifer Love Hewitt said that she can't watch one full episode of her show "The Ghost Whisperer." The CBS show is about a dumb skank who can talk to the dead. It's like "Touched By An Angel" meets the trash can. She said everytime she tries to watch it, she's so moved by it that she cries and has to turn it off.
She said, "I can't I cry every time I watch it. It kills me. I cried for the entire shooting of pilot. I am very moved by it."
Yeah, I cry too. I cry, because I can't believe they gave a no-talent pear like you her own show. I also cry, because I can't believe I'm home on a Friday night watching that.
Her face is also very angular. Is that a condition?

Charlotte Church Is Still Pregnant

August 21, 2007 / Posted by:
I thought this bitch already popped one out. No, she's still knocked up.
Charlotte Church is also planning a water birth, because they are "all the rage." Um, they were all the rage about 5 years ago.
Charlotte's mother said, “Charl’s friend had a water birth recently and told her how fab it was, so she’s decided to go for it. Birthing pools are all the rage at the moment and there are lots of benefits too.”
They better get a birthing lake, bitch is HUGE! Can you say cankle city? I shouldn't laugh, I thought it was Britney from the back at first.
Charlotte also said that she's "happier than a pig in shit."  No need for me to take that one. She's handled it herself.

Never Met

August 21, 2007 / Posted by:
A few months ago there was a story about how Jennifer Aniston had cocktails with Shiloh or something after running into her and Brad at a restaurant. Shockingly enough, it didn't happen. Jennifer Aniston's has denied it all. He also denies an interview Jen reportedly had with Look Magazine where she said she was going to be visiting Paul Sculfor a lot in London. 
Her rep said, "The interview never happened,” says Huvane. “The events like Jennifer running into Brad with Shiloh at a restaurant is completely false as well, as are all the events and quotes they attribute to Jennifer."
He also said that Jennifer never compared herself to "Bridget Jones" with ice cream laying all around her after her split with Brad Pitt.
Like Shiloh wants to meet that slag. I'm sure Angie already showed her a photo and said that "this is the wicked witch and cry whenever you see her." 
Source: UsWeekly Image: Splash

Afternoon Crumbs

August 21, 2007 / Posted by:
All in Aniston's ass – Just Jared 
Drew Barrymore is dating a Yeti – Popsugar 
Sean Penn is a total DILF as long as he keeps his yap shut – Cityrag 
John Mayer and Cameron Diaz get a room – Hollywood Rag 
Michelle Rodriguez is a bikini butterface – Egotastic! 
Fergie needs to quit it with the mom jeans – Hollywood Tuna 
Mena Suvari takes her peachhead jogging (NSFW) – Drunken Stepfather 
Brit Brit always looks like she's farting – IDLYITW 
Flight of the Concords gets a second season – ASL 
Winnie Cooper as Princess LeiaThe Bastardly 

Put Some Clothes On Woman!!!

August 21, 2007 / Posted by:
Here's a small preview of Mimi, naked on the cover of Interview Magazine. The world's biggest diva? They are so rude! Aretha Franklin is the world's biggest, she has at least 30 lbs on Mimi.
Seriously, will these women realize they don't have to take off their damn clothes for every effin magazine. It's not shocking anymore! That being said, what the hell is going on in that pic? Is her dress half off, is that a tablecloth?

Who’s Keeping Track!

August 21, 2007 / Posted by:
Sienna Miller might be dating Rhys Ifans, but I'm pretty sure she might be dating somebody else this hour. Just in the past two weeks alone, Sienna has been linked to Matthew Rhys, Sean Bean and who knows who else. All these men have been her co-stars.
Sienna and Rhys have been seen hanging out nude in Ibiza. The two starred in that turkey of a movie together. Factory Girl.  
You probably know Rhys from "Notting Hill" where he played Spike.  
I used to hate that twat Sienna, but now I'm growing into her. Wait, maybe that's because I slept with her. Shit, I probably did. She's basically effed everyone else.
P.S. – Will someone please making something happen! This cannot be like last week. I need NEWS and in news I mean good goss. 

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