America’s Sweetfart

July 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Thank God Phoebe Price attended an event last night! I was going through withdrawals. Look at her. She's such a beautiful creature. Yes, she bought her dress in the Barbie department at Toys 'R Us, but she carries it well!
Here's PP at the opening of a Bennigan's in Toledo, Ohio. NO! It was the "Bourne Ultimatium" premiere. She was probably serving cocktails.

Extorting Tom

July 26, 2007 / Posted by:
David Hans Schmidt was arrested this week by the FBI for trying to sell private wedding pictures of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes he stole. He was asking $1 Million for the pics. This idiot approached Tom's camp earlier this year into buying the pictures back. Tom's camp immediately called the FBI. 
Over the past decade David has been distrubing celebrity sex tapes. He's known in getting the tapes and pictures and trying to sell them back to celebrities. He has brokered x-rated images of Jamie Foxx, Fred Durst, Tonya Harding and others.
No word on what the pictures were of. I mean if he's asking $1 Million they must be sort of juicy, right? It's probably pictures of Tom prancing around in Katie's wedding dress singing "I Feel Pretty."

UGH! How Did They Not Hang Up On Her?

July 26, 2007 / Posted by:
TMZ has the 911 tapes made by the woman who claims she was being chased by Lindsay Lohan or someone. I guess it was made by Lindsay's assistant's mother. This woman is crazy! She doesn't answer any of the dude's questions and she has no idea what she's talking about.
She keeps saying she's being followed by a White GNC and keeps saying "he is following us." So maybe Blohan wasn't driving?
That ho needed to be slapped!
Click here to hear this looney.

Rumer In A Drug Bust!

July 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Rumer Willis found herself in the middle of a drug bust in a Maryland hotel room. Seedy. People reports that Rumer and 4 others were at the La Quinta in Aberdeen when police busted in and arrested one dude for weed posession. Rumer was not arrested.
She's in Maryland shooting "From Within."
Police busted in the room after noise complaints.
Hey, could happen to anyone. Shit it could happen to me right now. Wait…oh shit. Did you call the cops? Rumer should've been a friend and used her giant head to block the door.
Thanks Laura

How Time Flies

July 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Dannielynn Hope is almost 1-year-old and Larry Birkhead is once again using her for a little publicity. I kid I kid. Larry showed Entertainment Tonight these pics of DanniHope.
Larry also spoke to ET at last night's Bourne Ultimatium premiere. He said, "Every day she does something new, and now she's sharing her bottle with me. So if I say, 'Give daddy a drink,' she'll toss it over her shoulder. It's cool being a dad."
"She actually spit up on my jacket I was going to wear, so I had to take it off and do a quick change."
Larry said he might give Danni a Princess themed Birthday party, because that's what her mother called her. He also said that Danni is the only lady in his life right now. What about Virgie?
I give him shit, but he's a good daddy compared to a lot of others. I'd be pissed though if my daddy was showing off pictures of me almost naked and shit.
I wonder where Howard K. Stern is? He's probably bussing tables at the Sizzler. Mmmm….cheese toast. 

White Oprah Keeps Talking

July 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Doesn't White Oprah have some "healing" to do with her daughter? Why the hell does she keep talking to Access Hollywood! She told Billy Bush that she was upest by this gag Rob Schneider did on Jay Leno.
"We have a great respect for Jay Leno, but we are disappointed in the path he chose to allow a guest to make light of a very serious situation concerning Lindsay. Thank you to Craig Ferguson for not making a mockery of such a serious situation to which teens and young adults are facing across the country. – Dina and Family"
White Oprah didn't stop there. She released another statement:
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to all families who have had to see a family member through tough times. This is a very personal and private matter and our only concern is to get Lindsay the help that she needs. We will get through this together and it will make our family stronger."

This dumb bitch of a mom talks about how she wants privacy for her and her family yet she continues to keep herself in the public eye. Dumb ho needs to sit down and shut up. Turn off the TV White Oprah and take care of your family since they mean so much to you!
Those hydrangeas have better parenting skills than WO. They really do.

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