Crazy Eyes

April 21, 2007 / Posted by:


Beyonce's copycat ass is in Sydney for her 5-date Australian tour that began today. She looks hot, but I hope she gives RuPaul her dress back when the tour is over. That's also some strong-ass glue in that weave.

Those are some crazy eyes! She's trying to hypnotize the audience into believing their money was well spent.

To the the left…


A Pony & Elephant Show!

April 21, 2007 / Posted by:
For my next trick I'll make this lil' pony pet this elephant!
Hilary Duff made an appearance at the International Polo Club Gala last night. I don't know what the hell that is, but she was probably surprised when they popped a saddle and feather headress on her and ordered her to dance on a little platform.
Seriously, she doesn't look that awful. She's always be the hotter Duff. 

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