Italian Melons

May 7, 2007 / Posted by:
DAMN! Sophia Loren let her 38-Cs out at a party in Italy. I mean I'm all for showing the honkers, but I think I see 72-year-old nip! Is that all her? I don't remember her ass having huge ass tatas. Anyway, here's Sophia at a party for the oldest movie studio in Italy with some old dude.
When asked how she stays so young she said she likes to bathe in olive oil. NASTY! That shit gets all up in her coochie? I am never going to look at a can of Bumblebee Tuna in Olive Oil the same way again!  
Source: Daily Mail

Katie Holmes’ New $35 Million Prison

May 7, 2007 / Posted by:
Tom Cruise has bought Katie Holmes a beautiful new prison to the tune of $35 million. The new home of the Cruise Asylum is 10,000 square-feet and boasts a tennis court, pool and 1.5 acres. This way Katie really can't get away! There's probably a built-in dungeon.
Now Tommy can be much closer to his main-boyfriend David Beckham. The Beckham pad is only 2 minutes away!
Source: People

The Hoff Can’t See His Kids

May 7, 2007 / Posted by:
A Los Angeles judge has temporarily stopped David Hasselhoff's right to see his children after a videotape of him drunk was released to the media. The tape shows The video shows a drunk Hoff eating a pizza shirtless while answering questions from his 17yo daughter. 
A judge will hold a hearing on May 21st to determine how the tape will affect his long-term rights. He is currently only allowed telephone contact with his kids.
Prior to the hearing, The Hoff, his ex-wife and their kids will have to meet with a psychologist. 
So he can't see his kids, because he's a drunk? I mean his daughter is 17, isn't that her decision? It seems like she only videotaped daddy to help him. He's still The Hoff and he's still a mess, but I think he probably needs a little love from his kids. Who's gonna love him?
Source: TMZ

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