Getting A Little Practice In

October 7, 2007 / Posted by:
Xtina was getting a little practice in while shopping for baby crap in Los Angeles yesterday. She held a friend's baby while she picked out baby bottles and baby clothes. Xtina hasn't officially announced she's knocked up with bat baby, but methinks this isn't going to happen.  
It's nice to see her looking a little more natural and trust me this is natural for her. Instead of wearing 20 pounds of make-up, she's wearing like 10.
I don't know how she wakes up to that face every single morning. That mug would be enough to send me into premature labor. He has a face made for separate bedrooms.  

Kid Rock Goes After Sean Penn

October 7, 2007 / Posted by:
In the new issue of Penthouse Magazine (classy) Kid Rock takes aim at a certain American actor who is against the war. It doesn't take a damn brain surgeon to figure out he's talking about Sean Penn.
Kid Pebble said, "These kids [U.S. soldiers] are very young and a lot of them think people who oppose the war are against them. You have to be very careful with what you talk about – especially when you are some Hollywood fucker. Just because you made a great movie doesn't make you are an expert on foreign policy."
"I was at the White House drinking a Beam and Coke, shooting the shit with Rumsfeld, when [President] Bush came by and gave me five like we were on Seven Mile and Van Dyke in Detroit."
"If it weren't for guns and people who know how to use them in America, we'd all be sitting around with swastikas saying, 'Heil Hitler!' "
It's funny, because he says that Sean Penn isn't an expert on foreign policy, but he thinks he is? And it's not like this country deafeated the damn Nazis. Ugh, he's such a moron. Pam Anderson come get your ex-husband! This douchebag needs to STFU!
Funny story about Sean Penn though. A Dlisted reader was at the premiere of his movie "Into the Wild" at the DGA theater in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Sean was so offended by the American flag hanging in the lobby that he demanded that it be removed! They denied his ass. Ahahaha!
Damn, Sean is so fucking hot, but so damn serious! Get effed once in a while. Let Robin Wright do you with a dildo to loosen you up. It's not that serious!  
Source: Page Six

I Give It Two Weeks, TOPS!

October 7, 2007 / Posted by:
As expected, Pamela Anderson's dumb brains married Rick Salomon in Las Vegas yesterday. This is her third wedding and his second. The pair made it legal at the Mirage Hotel in front of Pam's kids and family members.
Pam is currently playing "assistant" in Hans Klok's magic show. She married quickly in about 30 minutes between her shows. She wore white Valentino and Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas also attended.
A source close to Pam said, "They are head over heels in love. They are really close. They have a relationship already and they have the license. Rick is always with her. He's backstage when she does her show all the time." 
Pam's last marriage to Kid Rock lasted a whole 4 months. Rick was previously married to Shannen Doherty, but that crazy bat beat his ass or something like that.
Pam is one stupid broad! Rick Salomon is nothing but a sleazy leech! Trust me when I say that this one is going to end in absolute disasater! Sex tapes, accusations, shit flying…this isn't going to be pretty!
You don't marry a man that has had sex with Paris Hilton. That should be the #1 rule in choosing a husband! 
Source: People

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