All Shades Of Gorgeous

October 26, 2007 / Posted by:
It's been a while since Pheobe Price's stunningness (is that even a word?) has graced our presence and by "our" I mean me, because I'm the only one that cares about her.
It's also sad that I know PP has worn those earrings at least 5 times to different events. We need to start a PP earring fund. Oh fuck it. I'll eat the whole $5 and buy her a new set of those red ones in a different color. I care for her that much.
The pattern on that dress belongs on the walls of a B&B in Vermont.
Here's PP at the premiere of "Somebody Help Me" last night. Yes, somebody help her!


Jennifer, Lose The Queen

October 26, 2007 / Posted by:
It's the preacher's wife and I'm not talking about JHud!  
Isn't Andre Leon Talley supposed to be some fashion deity or something?! More like fashion joke! It looks like he took one of those rented wedding reception tablecloths and made a mumu out of it. HIDEOUS!
Here's these two at the Annual Night of Stars last night.  

Bloomie’s Off The Hook!

October 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Orlando Bloom won't be charged with trying to walk away from the car accident he caused reports TMZ. Two people were injured, one girl fractured her neck.
They say Bloomie was not under the influence just dazed and he only walked away from the scene to get away from the paps. They also say he "was being pursued by 4 vehicles containing paparazzi and one vehicle containing fans."
Oh well! Orlando's sweet ass is saved from prison this time. I'm sure inmates everywhere are upset, because they wanted to tap that shit.
Not surprised. Celebrity = Innocent!

Afternoon Crumbs

October 26, 2007 / Posted by:
Angelina Jolie should stay in the 20s – Just Jared 
Halloween dog parade costumes – Cityrag 
Posh looks better when she smiles – Hollywood Rag  
Oh great! We may see more nude Natalie Portman in the future – Egotastic!
Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are a hot couple (site NSFW) – Drunken Stepfather 
Gemma Atikinson's boobs need more attention – Hollywood Tuna 
Cybil Shepherd picks a winner – Celebslam 
Hayden Pantyairs is dented – IDLYITW 
Ugh, I guess Jessica Simpson IS going country – Popsugar 
Adam Brody wants to be a superhero – A Socialite's Life

BARF!!!!! Chrissy Crocker Recreates Brit’s Cooch Flash!

October 26, 2007 / Posted by:
That's all I can say. Chrissy Crocker showed his lil' crocker (very little) outside of Hyde last night. Well, he keeps it completely hairless like Brit. Why am I even looking?
Chrissy please….gimme LESS LESS LESS!
Click on the pic to see it all, but your eyes will never forgive you for it.

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