What A Wonderful Husband He Is

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Enrique Iglesias says he was "just joking" when he said he was divorced from Anna Kournikova. He previously told a Swedish newspaper, "We're divorced. I am single now, but that's okay. I don't mind being alone."
A source told People that he was joking and "They are still together.
Joking about divorce. Yeah, he really loves her ass. Speaking of asses here's a funny picture of Anna and Enrique and some dude with his ass out. 
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Harvey has been hurt in yet another accident! According to The Sun, he fell into a mirror and badly cut his face. The nanny was also injured while trying to save Harvey. His last accident was on New Years Eve where he seriously burned himself in the bathtub.

Jordan's Spokesperson issued this statement saying, “She is in hospital with Harvey and is devastated. All she seems to do is spend time in hospital. It is unclear how long he will be there.”

This incident comes shortly after Peter was released from the hospital with meningitis.

This is terrible! No! Harvey! Not again! Ho needs to invest in some more nannies. The boy needs to be under watchful eyes at all times. Save Harvey!

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Morning Wood

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Jordin Sparks is a liar according to her vocal teacher! Don't you love fame? – Mollygood
Ozzy Osbourne has no love for SanginaICYDK 
Is Nicole Richie even strong enough to drive a car? – INO
KFED is wasting his money by funding his own sophmore album – Celebitchy 
When hair extensions attack – SOW
Eva LongWHORIA lost jobs because she's so hot…more like lost jobs because she's insane – Gabsmash 
Jaime King is engaged – CN

For Her Next Trick, Paris Hilton Will Read To Sick Children!

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Paris Hilton has been photographed carrying a Bible and several self-help books around town. She's also made sure to look "sad" and "demure." Yesterday, she ventured out of her home to make pottery with a friend. Photo-op! She's totally going to be photographed reading to sick children next.
Paris made a heart-shaped vase at "Color Me Mine" before heading home. Paris is probably following the advice to her lawyers to clean up her image. A source told People that she's having a really hard time.
The source said, "Paris hasn't been eating at all and her parents and friends are beyond worried about her. She breaks down crying a lot because she just can't deal with the reality and the pressure of everything that is happening." 
What the hell is happening to her? She already got her sentence cut in half and she's already getting special treatment?! What the hell does she want! Does she want to do her sentence in a men's prison instead. That way she'll get dick all the time. I mean, come on!
She most likely wasn't eating so she could get into Nicole Richie's under 100lbs only party! 

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