Supermarket Sweep

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White Oprah and those other Lohan kids descended upon Sundance, Utah yesterday to visit the most famous Lohan in rehab. Of course they had to draw attention to themselves by going to the grocery store. Unfortch, they didn't go to the one where Lindsay allegedly works. She was probably already fired for drinking the booze straight out of the customer's bags.
Do they not have food at the rehab joint. These damn attention whores! This was probably W.O.'s plan! Ali Lohan hasn't been in a magazine or blog for a few days, so she probably made Lindsay take her out for some pap action.
Apparently, they bought some chocolate. Yeah, with Bourbon filling.  
I'm also not really sure what's going on in these pictures. I see a lot of standing and not a lot of shopping. I see some cell phone action and I'm guessing it's to her drug dealer… not her! She was just checking in with her sponsor.
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The Loneliest Girl In The Club

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On August 19th at Teddy's in Los Angeles, a Life & Style staff member noticed that Britney Spears looked down in the dumps. They went up to her and asked her what was going on and why she looked so sad? In between her sips of a Vodka Sea Breeze Britney said, “My babies are my life. I love them more than anything.
If she loves them so much, why doesn't she put down that Sea Breeze and go spend some time with them. Sea Breeze? NAST!
Sources told the weekly that KFed's custody battle against Britney is putting her into a deeper depression. She's sick of reading "lies" that are published about her every single day. A source said, “Britney feels a mix of anger and sadness. She knows she isn’t a perfect mom, but it’s hurtful to be picked apart.” 
Britney has reportedly put her feelings into her music. Life & Style has heard 9 tracks and they say Britney sings about her sorrow.
"Every day I’m in a daze, looking for that someone,” she sings on one track. “I sit and kneel and pray. Oh sweet love…why do you desert me?” 
She probably misplaced her Red Bull stash and put it into a song.
If Britney loses custody, expect the meltdown of meltdowns!  
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Smile, You’re Going To The Clink!

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Foxy Brown entered a Manhattan court this morning, yes dressed like that, to listen to a judge demand that she go to jail for violating her probation. Foxy is apparently 3-months pregnant and engaged, but that didn't stop the judge from immediately putting her in jail until her next hearing.
Foxy was on probation for assault charges, but two incidents in the past two weeks violated that. A source told TMZ Foxy's face was "priceless" when the female judge handed down her sentence.
So let me get this straight…Foxy gets thrown in the clink, but Lohan is most likely not going to serve more than 4 days for using cocaine while driving?
And Dreamboat Doherty violates his probation on a daily basis and he's still not in the big house?
Don't get me wrong, Foxy is a crazy bitch and belongs there…but so do the rest of those skanks!

Morning Wood

August 22, 2007 / Posted by:
Is Marc Jacobs engaged to his ex-hustler boyfriend? – Towleroad 
Brad Pitt is hot in a hard hat – ICYDK 
Brad also says Hurricane Katrina was a "man-made" disaster – Celebitchy 
Guy Richie doesn't know his own strength – Mollygood 
Xtina shows off her baby bump, but wears the wrong bra – INO 
Ginger Spice has nabbed herself a Billionaire – Gabsmash 
Super Mario Bros. in 11 Minutes FLAT – Horny Oyster

DanniHope Is Already Turning One

August 22, 2007 / Posted by:
Oh how time flies! Dannielynn Hope is getting ready to turn one next month and she's still on magazine covers. This time she's on UsWeekly where sources close to Larry tell the magazine that he's making sure Danni knows who her mother is.
Larry's sister tells the magaine, "Larry says that it’s important Dannielynn knows about her mom. He’s always telling Dannielynn how much he loved Anna and how great she was.” 
Larry is also planning a big Birthday bash for Danni at their L.A. mansion where ANS lived. Dolly Parton is said to be a guest, because she's Danni's favorite singer. How the hell does Larry know that? Is Dolly on Danni's iTunes or something?
Larry also keeps ANS' memory alive by showing Danni videos of her mommy. I hope he's not showing her THIS ONE!

Even Petey’s Kittens Are Crackheads!

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So funny, but so sad! Dreamboat Doherty's cats are said to be hooked on crack! One of the cats he owns, Dinger (slang for syringe) gave birth to a litter of kittens. One of the kittens got sick and Dreamboat took it to the vet where they found cocaine in his system. 

An RSPCA rep told the Daily Star, "It is a police matter, so we cannot deny or confirm the identity of the man who had this kitten removed. But it is very important to protect animals from substances that can do them serious harm."

Put those pussies in rehab! So young and already riding the white line. What the hell is wrong with that man! Kate Moss probably told him it would be hot if he did lines off the pussy and he took it too literaly! Poor pussies….they never asked for this life! 

Thanks Jenny


TomKat’s Separate Bedrooms

August 22, 2007 / Posted by:
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are apparently moving to a bigger house and want to keep the same sleeping arrangements, separate bedrooms. Star Magazine reports the two currently live in different wings of their Beverly Hills mansion and this situation works best for them.
A source said, “Of course they spend time together alone at night like most married couples; after all, they conceived Suri!  In fact, they even joke about having separate bedrooms to their friends – Katie says Tom snores, and this way she can get her beauty sleep!”
The source claims they've always had this arrangement. “At first, it was because Katie was Catholic and single, and they were only dating.  It was the proper thing to do. Now that they are married, they don’t feel the need to alter the arrangement.  Tom has his master bedroom, and Katie has hers.” 
Katie also wanted her own suite so she could design it how she wanted. "Over the course of several months, Katie created a larger space to have as her own.  In the end, she designed the room of her dreams, a very feminine room painted in pastel colors, with a small carousel and filled with many stuffed animals.” 
Um…that sounds more like Tom's room.
TomKat will move into their bigger $35 Million BH mansion later this summer and everything will stay the same.  
Yeah, meaning they still won't boink. They should just move into different homes in different cities in different countries on different planets. They can meet up for the occasional photo-op. Nothing will change!

Can You Blame Him?

August 22, 2007 / Posted by:
Pink's husband, Carey Hart, has denied the rumors that he's cheating on his wife of 18-months. Carey was allegedly seen making out with a chick in Hollyweird while wifey was touring in Europe.
He said, "Just a bunch of trash talk. It's a nasty rumor. Everything's fine."
Uh huh. I believe it. Some readers even wrote to tell me they witnesses this shit. He probably wanted to know what it feels like to kiss a woman. I love Pink, but that's a dude. She looks like the kind of gal that likes to strap on more than she likes to take it.
Source: The Sun

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