All For Nothing!

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Brit Brit doesn't get her overnight visits just yet reports OK! Magazin e.  Brit wanted overnight visitation with her boys. Her lawyers begged the judge to change the custody agreement and to also make Brit's mother, Lynne Spears, the legal monitor. Brit have issues with "trusting" people and wanted her mother around instead of the court-appointed monitor.
Commissioner Scott M. Gordon told Brit's attorney, "This doesn't seem like an 'emergency.' I've made all these rules, and your client made a choice not to follow them. This is why this current order was made."
Brit's attorney that told Commissioner Gordon, "She has trust issues. It takes her a while to build trust. We're finally getting her to trust us."
Brit also didn't attend this morning, because it was leaked last night that she would attend and she didn't want to deal with the media.
OH! That's fucking rich! Since when doesn't she love the media and the paps? I'm surprised she hasn't let them photograph her taint yet! I mean we've seen it all. 
Commissioner Gordon did not rule on the overnight visits as well as Lynne being the legal monitor.

This CANNOT Be The Cover

October 11, 2007 / Posted by: claims this is the official cover for Britney Spears' "Blackout" which comes out October 30th. That shit looks like it was thrown together using MS Paint and an old BS picture! I could've pissed out a better cover. Ugh, Jive must hate her ass. For real.

Afternoon Crumbs

October 11, 2007 / Posted by:
Just For The Cameras: Javier Bardem and Penny Cruz's sexy Maldives vacation – Popsugar 
Pamela Anderson endorses fetal alcohol syndrome – A Socialite's Life 
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Hayden Pantyairs needs pants – Egotastic!  
Carmen Electra gets manhandled – Hollywood Tuna 
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Nicole Richie's bikini tan line – Just Jared 
Giada De Laurentis and that hot bitch Laird Hamilton go paddle surfing (site NSFW) – Drunken Stepfather 
Amazing animals caught on video – Cityrag 
Liza Minnelli thinks Brit Brit is diseased – Towleroad

I Just Don’t Get It

October 11, 2007 / Posted by:
I can't tell you how many requests I get for this dude from Heroes. Seriously, Zachary Quinto makes panties wet and I just don't get it. Don't get me wrong I'd get with that, but sluts like me would fuck an iguana for the right price aka the italian sub at Quizno's. Seriously that shit is good.
Zachary doesn't even want to be attractive. I mean look at that. You are at a movie premiere! Quit trying to look like you're not trying and just try! Wait…that didn't make any sense. My point is he's fug, so stop asking me to post his "hotness" because there's no hot there to post! Done!  
Here's Zachary at the "Rendetition" premiere last night.  
I just realized that I fucked myself, because I just posted about someone I said I wouldn't post about.  
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Enough With All These Lawsuits!!!!

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Is there such a thing as a professional suer? Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead, Virgie Arthur….all they do is file lawsuits! Ugh, Anna Nicole's memaw, Virgie Arthur, filed a lawsuit against Howard K. Stern and CBS yesterday in Texas.
She claims her daughter defamed her during an interview with HKS orchestrated. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight ANS claimed Virgie knew about the sexual and physical abuse Anna faced as a child. Anna said that Virgie never did anything about it.
In the complaint, Arthur contends that Stern conspired with Smith to make defamatory comments about her. The lawsuit, a copy of which you'll find below, was filed Tuesday in Harris County District Court in Texas.
Arthur alleges that Stern "influenced and controlled" Smith by providing her with prescription drugs, some of which were "obtained illegally" in Stern's name. Arthur's complaint also describes Stern as a "manipulative, deceitful, and dangerous person" and "not the type of man who was likely to have been selected by her daughter as a sexual partner." Arthur also noted that she knew that Stern's claim to be the father of Smith's daughter Dannielynn was "highly unlikely because of the type of person Stern is."
In addition to Stern, Arthur is suing CBS Studios, which produces Entertainment Tonight, and a Houston TV affiliate which aired the allegedly defamatory comments last November. Arthur's lawsuit does not specify monetary damages.
HKS is already suing Rita Crosby (above with Virgie) for $60 Million. Rita claims in her ANS tell-all that Larry and HKS sucked each other's penises before.
Virgie Arthur needs a tuna melt up her coochie and HKS needs a dick in his ass. Maybe, that will shut them up. All of them are scum and no lawsuit is going to prove otherwise!
Oh and Virgie! Just a little advice. Getting a makeover at "Glamour Shots" in the mall doesn't mean your suddenly glamorous and gorgeous.
Thanks Crystal

The Apple Of My Brown Eye

October 11, 2007 / Posted by:
Ricky Martin was given a key to the city yesterday. No, not Emerald City even though he's a friend of Dorothy. Ehehehehehe….I know, I know. Hit the gong.
He was given the key to Miami Beach at the opening ceremonies of the Fillmore.
Ricky is a hot muffin even though it's clear he follows fashion advice from the gay clerks at Banana Republic. Seriously, they all wear that.

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