Rude Jude Strikes Again!

September 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Jude Law was arrested in London after he allegedly beat down a pap. The dude suffered minor injuries when Jude, 34, tried to take his camera away. This all went down outside of Jude's home in West London.
After the pap filed a report, Jude traveled to the police station and turned himself in. He was held on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm, booked, fingerprinted and given a court date in October. 
Jude apparently went off on the pap calling him a "pedophile" because the dude kept taking pictures of his kids. The pap claims he wasn't even taking pictures.  
It's the life you signed up for! It would be hella annoying having someone constantly taking pictures of your tired looking ass, but that's the price you pay! Jude needs to calm down. I'm afraid the anger is taking a toll on his looks. He used to be such a hot piece and now he looks like a soggy piece of leather. 

Tom & Nicole Got Back Together?

September 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Model Sophie Dahl and British Jazz musician Jamie Cullum make quite an odd couple. She's 5'10" and he's 5'6" IF THAT. It's sort of cute. It's like the Snow Queen and her troll.
He probably has to use a step stool to hit it from the back. Even then it probably constantly slips out. UGH!!! Don't you hate it when that shit is always slipping out? Especially if you're dealing with a bitch that doesn't know how to handle it and pokes it back in! You know what I'm talking about. Fucking your ass bones and shit. At that point it's best just to turn around, give them a hand job, send them on their way and order some Pizza Hut.
Thanks Lx


September 5, 2007 / Posted by:

I’m not an Amy Wino fan, but even this touched my steel heart just a little bit. It’s Amy singing “Love Is A Losing Game” at the Mercury Awards the other night. She does have talent. Not Britney Spears talent, but she does have some.

She also makes that mic stand look like a heifer. Now that poor mic stand is going to get an eating disorder.

I was joking about that BS part.

Thanks Linda


Get Your Masks Out!

September 5, 2007 / Posted by:
On Sunday night at Dune in the Hamptons Tommy Lee and some skank shocked party goers when they stared fucking out in the open. Several witnesses say the two were flat out engaging in sexual intercourse on a banquette.
A witness said, "When Tommy walked in, he asked, 'Is it cool to have sex in here?' The hostess thought he was kidding, but . . . then he just went to town with this girl. We were trying not to pay attention because it was so disgusting."
How can you fucking NOT look?! First I'd have to make a trip to the free clinic to update all my shots and get a mask, but then I'd be front row and center to see Tommy at bat! Well, I'd have to build a tent out of mosquito net to protect me from the STD fumes, but then I'd seriously enjoy the view. 
It disgusts me how fucking dirty he is and I'd still let him go balls deep. I'd probably die from infection, but it'd be worth it!  
Source: Page Six

Smile Through The Anger

September 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Naomi Campbell was all smiles through the GQ Awards last night. I'm guessing she learned that in Anger Management. Keep a smile on your face and you'll be less likely to want to rip a skank's weave off. You know Naomi just wanted to stick her Blackberry down Elle's throat. I can see it in her eyes. You can't wash away bitch. I've tried…yeah with bleach and everything….it doesn't come out. Yeah, I tried Oxy too…it gets some spots out, but not the whole…ANYWAYS!
Elle Macpherson was caught "canoodling" with Sir Paul McCartney during the show. Don't let poor Renee Zellweger see this. She probably thought she finally found a man! The bird is gonna have to fly off to another nest.
Oh and Elle has had to some work, right?! She's probably eating fetus dumplings! Bitch looks hot, well hot in the bod. 

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