The Art Of Photoshop

July 17, 2007 / Posted by:
Jezebel brings us a little touched and untouched photo of Faith Hill on the cover of Redbook Magazine. Isn't Redbook supposed to be about natural beauty and shit? You know, the job isn't that excessive. Although, they did make her arm look like a really long ankle.
Click here to see the larger and jumpy version of the cover. I didn't post it here, because it started to make me twitch!

Sauna Sex Is Dangerous

July 17, 2007 / Posted by:
David Duchovny told The Sun that his wife, Tea Leoni, passed out once during sauna sex. He said it was early on in their relationship and they found themselves getting hot and heavy while on vacation in Vancouver.
He said,  "It was really early in the relationship and we were just all over each other and the sauna wasn't going to stop me. I recovered pretty quickly."

"She got a little enervated."

Tea is a lightweight! That's why you come prepared for anything! Bring some ice water, ice pack and a fan to cool yourself off between positions. Come on Tea! Get with the program.

In other Davey news. There's gonna be another X-Files movie . Blah.



A Message From Tammy Faye

July 17, 2007 / Posted by:
Tammy Faye breaks my cold heart! As you know she's battling Cancer and a few months ago said on her website that she was ready to go :( She has updated her website with a new message thanking her family for helping her to fight the pain.
My Dear Friends,
It has been such a long time since I've written and I am so sorry for the long delay. I have been in bed for almost a year now. I have times when I feel good and times when I feel really bad. But, I have learned one thing about feelings. They have NOTHING TO DO WITH FAITH IN GOD!! He is the SAME yesterday, today and forever. He NEVER changes. That is what the Bible says and God's word does not lie EVER!
There have been many days when I felt so terrible with my back and stomach, that I have hardly been able to breath. I cry out to the Lord knowing that many of you are praying for me. In spite of it all, I get dressed and go out to eat. I may only be able to eat one bite, or sometimes ten bites, but I swallow each bite in "faith believing". There are MANY times it doesn't stay with me long at all, but I keep trying and HE helps me.
My daughter is here a lot of the times to give me my medications and to make sure I don't forget. When I got sick, she literally moved in and gave me hugs and kisses that are so needful during this period of ones life. She said, "I want to take care of my Mom". I gave her the last couple weeks off to go home and spend time with her children, James and John. They are well taken care of while Sissy is gone. My girlfriend, Deborah has been staying with me for the past 3 weeks. We have been friends for thirty years, so we know each other well! She gave Tammy Sue some much needed rest and she has taken up where Sissy left off. She will be here for two more weeks. How grateful I am to have such strong, loving, support around me. Then of course, there is my wonderful husband! We moved from Charlotte, N.C. to Kansas City, Missouri. He came here every weekend to build me a new house and when I got here, it was ready to move into, bed and all!!
They had it beautiful and it is the most beautiful home I have ever seen. He has wanted to build me a house for 13 years, and I finally let him! His children and grandchildren have come every weekend to visit us, and it is so much fun! Someone I cannot forget is a friend named Daina. She worked so hard, I thought she was going to get sick. Bless her heart. I have to have help eating, bathing, doing my hair, taking my medicine, and help just getting comfortable, which is really hard for me to do. I try really hard to eat and keep the food down, but sometimes, it is like my throat would just shut down on me, and the food comes right back up. So through all the prayers, I have finally gained some weight.
I have gone from 60 pounds, to 65, for which I am very thankful. I ask in great humbleness that you pray that I will be able to eat without it coming back up. I crave hamburgers and french fries with LOTS of ketchup! When I can eat that again, it will be a day of victory! In closing, I want you to know that I am praying for you and your loved ones and I am believing God for complete healing. God is a healer of EVERYTHING! I will let you know when I get to eat my hamburger! HA!
Tammy Faye
I don't pray at all, but I will pray for Tammy to be able to eat hamburger. Maybe if we all pray she'll finally get to eat some french fries. ACK! I sound like a bad Frank Capra movie! 
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Phoebe Price Is Dating Zac Efron!

July 17, 2007 / Posted by:
Ok, no she's not. I just feel PP really needs a hot celebrity relationship to get her career out of the gutter. Zac is perfect for her. He's young, he has shit coming out and he wears more make-up than her. They can share! PP does love her cosmetics.
Here's PP and Zac Efron at a "Hairspray" event at Kitson as spotted by Celebrity Babylon. PP had to get a part-time job there as a stock girl to make ends meet. Just joking! She was a guest. Like an invitation and everything.
I know I'm becoming obsessed, because I remembered PP wore those exact earrings a few days ago . I need therapy.

Alien Baby #2?

July 17, 2007 / Posted by:
Here we go again! Katie Holmes has started the baby rumors again by showing off a little bump at last night's "Hairspray" premiere in NYC. Last month, Katie was rumored to be knocked up when she was snapped with a minor bump. That rumor was quickly squashed when she papped the next day in a mom bathing suit and no baby bump. Their reps have denied the couple are bringing Xenu's next heir into the World.
Silly rabbits! That's where Tom keeps the controls! I wouldn't doubt it though. Look at all the attention they got from Suri. It's a little too soon though. Tom's new movie doesn't come out for a while. Trust that she'll get Chris Klein to knock her up again by then. Tom probably watches and jacks it in the corner. OMG! A Tom jack-off face is not something I want to see.

I Hope That’s A Light Beer

July 17, 2007 / Posted by:
What happened to ICE?! God Dayum! Val Kilmer used to be walking sex and now he's a walking turkey drumstick! Somebody get that girl a colonic and something with fiber. 
Well…at least he can play the Penguin now in the new Batman movies.  That being said, I'd still push the roll up and ride that fat pony. Fat pony with cankles.
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