She Had To Have Sex With Pete Doherty

July 9, 2007 / Posted by:
Pete Doherty has moved out of Kate Moss' London pad and into the trailer park (I'm serious) following reports that she found out he cheated on her with a South African model. Well, another woman has come forward and claimed she slept with him 8-months ago while he was engaged to Kate.
The Italian woman claims she met Petey at a gig and that he wanted hardcore sex. She said, "Pete made it clear he wanted sex. I did feel a bit guilty about Kate but Pete was acting like she never existed." You'd have to be high out of your mind to eff Pete. I mean I'd get with his ass, but I have mental problems, so that makes sense.
Let's go back to the South African model. She is now saying that she had to sleep with him. Lindi Hingston (above) said, "It felt like I was cheating on Kate, but I just had to do it." She claims she had amazing sex.
"Had to do it" totally means that he had good crack. I still think Petey's dick doesn't work probably. I'm sure many a bitch have gotten lock jaw just trying to get that shit hard. 

Paula Abdul As Ron Weasley

July 9, 2007 / Posted by:

Paula Abdul played Ron Weasley in a “Harry Potter” sketch on the UK’s “Friday Night Project.” She looks less like Ron and more like a Clay Gayken wet dream. Actually, she looks like an extremely tan Howdy Doody. I’d hit it, but only from the back.

Wentworth Is Dreaming Of The White Picket Fence

July 9, 2007 / Posted by:
"Prison Break" star and alleged gay, Wentworth Miller, said that he's dreaming of the wife and kids, but that it has to wait. He said that because of his schedule he doesn't have time to meet the beard woman of his dreams.
He said, "A wife and kids is definitely something I'm looking forward to experiencing in the very near future. But she'll probably have to wait until the show finishes.
She will also have to wait until the gay wears off. I'm sure Wenty won't have a problem finding a chick that'll go along. Penelope Cruz is single and she's turning out to be quite the beard! 

Damn! Geico Caveman Has Body

July 9, 2007 / Posted by:
Who knew Britney Spears' bodyguard had a body like that? I pictured him for the muscular arms, but fat gut type. Anyway, Britney and her bodyguard had a little fun in the sun at her Malibu home with SPF and JJ. She looks mighty close with that dude. I mean he has a face like the bottom of my hoof, but he has a body for sex. Britney however is custom made for the discount trailer park.
Visit to see many, many more pics of this little situation. 

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