Foxy Brown Is The HBIC OF Rikers

October 23, 2007 / Posted by:
Fox Brown has been put in a segregated cell for 76 days at Rikers Island after she committed three violations.
Foxy got into a fight with another inmate in the dining hall, bitched out a corrections officer and refused to take a drug test reports The NY Post. Foxy will stay in her new cell for 23-hours a day. She will be let out to see visitators, meet with her attorney, etc…
Foxy already got into trouble after she refused to take the bus to her court hearing, because her hair and make-up was note done.  
Foxy is a crazy bitch and doesn't give a fuck! She's way hot and is not to be messed with. She probably always has a damn frown on her face. She's going to need a whole lot of botox when she gets out.
What the jail should do is send any unruly inmates to Foxy's cell. They get punished by feeling Foxy's wrath and she lets out the anger that's inside her. The lion cage!

Damn Kelly!

October 23, 2007 / Posted by:
When did Kelly LeBrock join the 49ers as their new quarterback? She was my straight wet dream girl in "Weird Science." I know she was on Celebrity Fit Club, but she didn't need that crap! Now she looks like she can bench press Anthony Michael Hall and Bill Paxton together.
I'm gonna blame it on that hideous slutty Mrs. Claus dress.

Gay Bob

October 23, 2007 / Posted by:
Zac Efron needs a haircut in a bad way. He's probably trying to go for "The Posh," but the Disney bosses aren't going to like that gay bob. Guinea pig hair!
Here's Zac at the Hollywood Awards last night. That picture of him with Janet Jackson is hilarious. You know they were just taking a picture of her and Zac snuck in. "Nasty" is probably his personal anthem.

Gold Digger: The Movie

October 23, 2007 / Posted by:
Heather Mills is reportedly in the US to meet with producer Robert von Dassanowsky about turning her life story into a feature film. She's also already thinking that Reese Witherspoon can play her in the movie.
A source told the Daily Mail , "Heather has been working for some time on the biopic. Of course it had all been shelved while she thought they were heading for a settlement."

"But the script was dusted off pretty rapidly over the weekend. She had wanted Heather Locklear to play her. She now feels someone with slightly more credibility like Reese Witherspoon should play her. Heather wants an unknown to play Paul."

I'm pretty sure nobody gives a fuck about seeing Heather's life on the big screen. Even Heather Locklear is too good to play that bitch. I'm thinking Traci Lords and they should turn it into a porn version. Traci's return to porn! They can call it My Left Clit.
Thanks Mike

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