Maddox Feeds the Whales

May 27, 2007 / Posted by:
It was boy's day out in France last week. Angelina Jolie and her creepy bodyguard took Pax and Maddox to Marineland for a day of feeding of the whales. 
That bodyguard really creeps me out. He's nast. The family will no doubt have a special day planned today for Shiloh's first birthday. The Messiah is one!! 
Source: JJB 

Blohan’s Out of a Sponsor

May 27, 2007 / Posted by:
Svedka Vodka was named as the main sponsor of Lindsay Lohan's 21st Birthday bash in Las Vegas this July. Following right on the heels of her little accident on Saturday morning, they have pulled out. They had initially confirmed they were putting up the dough for the party, but a rep said they are no longer involved.
No word yet on if the party will continue. It's scheduled for the weekend of July 2nd.  
Poor little Lindsay! Perhaps the L.A. County Sheriff's office will sponsor that trash. Better yet, she should hold it in a woman's prison. She might as well get chummy with her future roomies. Well, here's hoping anyway!
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Birthday Sluts

May 27, 2007 / Posted by:

Paul Bettany (36)
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (1)
Harvey (5)
Andre 3000 (32)
Denise Van Outen (33)
Joseph Fiennes (37)
Todd Bridges (42)
Adam Corrola (43)
Peri Gilpin (46)
Sioxsie Sioux (49)
Cynthia McFadden (51)
Louis Gosset Jr. (71)
Christopher Lee (85)


Curbing Her Partying Ways, LITERALLY!!

May 26, 2007 / Posted by:
When Lindsay Lohan said she was "curbing" her party lifestyle, she really meant she was going to crash into a curb. That's what happened last night and she was busted for DUI. Lindsay and her two passengers were slightly injured when they crashed into a curb in her Mercedes.
The fuzz said, "She was cited and released because she has been admitted to a local hospital for minor injuries."
Lindsay will have to appear in court next month. Oh well! Can't wait to hear what this slut's excuse is! She's going to blame it on Herbie.
UPDATE – At a press conference officals said that additional FELONY charges may be added. They found illegal narcotics in her car. I'm guessing it's coke. They said her injuries were in the "chest area." Her implants exploded! Bitch is BUSTED. Below is Lindsay's busted Mercedes. Homegirl jumped the curb and hit a tree.
Visit Splash to see video of Lindsay running from the effin scene after it happened. Run crackhead run!!! She then gets back into her busted up car and drives back home. 
UPDATE II – E! reports that cocaine was found in her car and she may have been under the influence of it while she was driving. She is facing criminal charges.
Source: TMZ
Image: Splash

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