Wino Has Other Problems

October 29, 2007 / Posted by:
Amy Wino's daddy revealed in an interview that Wino has cut back on the boozing, but she has bigger problems to deal with. Mitch Wino says his daughter suffers from bulimia and the problem is still around.
He said, "She's not drinking as heavily now as she was then actually but there are other problems. The other problem is the bulimia which is still apparent, although she's put on about a stone in weight but it's still affecting her health and there are problems with substance abuse as well' he confessed."

"She's eating, although the eating disorder hasn't been fully addressed. If you look at the photographs of her in August and see her now you will see a marked change for the better. But it's a change for the better, it isn't a cure."

Mitch also said that Wino turned to hards drugs after she was married. "She was a complete opponent of hard drugs – in fact, she got up and said she couldn't understand why people in the music industry took hard drugs and that changed about six months ago when she got married to Blake."

Marriage will do that to a person. So let's see….she's a crackhead, heroin user, boozer and bulimic? This explains why she's always at McDonald's.

She's probably on crack when she ventures into McD's thinking it's something delicious. After she's eaten it, she realizes what she's done and barfs it up. Drop the McD's and everything will be fine! 

Source: Metro UK



Nicole Kidman’s Movie Under Fire

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Christian groups are boycotting and staging a campaign against the Nicole Kidman movie "The Golden Compass" due to the book's anti-God themes. The film is based on a trilogoy of books by Philip Pullman. Philip is a known atheist. New Line has watered down the film version and removed all the offensive anti-religion themes which has angered Atheists. Damn, they can't win.
Christian and Catholic groups are more concerned with the books and feel that with the movie  will send children running to read the rest of the books. In the final book of the trilogy, a character named God is killed. They find out that God isn't a God after all and is a phoney. This is a children's book?!
The watered down version comes out this Christmas. Atheists are still happy about the film, because it will give his books the attention they never got in the States.
The head of the Freedom From Religion Foundation said, "What this book is about is casting off Church authority. I think it's very, very positive. There should be something for freethinking children. It's a very good yarn."
The FoxNews article goes on and on and on. Basically, I blame Nicole Kidman and her botoxed face. This movie has already been dubbed a flop anyway, so Christians shouldn't worry. 
I didn't want to see this piece of garbage before, but now I totally do.  This is what I say. Let children believe whatever they want and everything will be ok. if they want to believe there's a God, fine. If they want to believe there isn't, fine.
I think what's more ungodly is that movie tickets are $11 around my parts. Dark-sided!

Make-Up By Krusty The Clown

October 29, 2007 / Posted by:
Diana Ross needs to behead whatever queen did her make-up. She looks a wreck! Were they trying to make her look like Jem! from Jem! and the Holograms?
Here's Diana looking hot from the neck down at a party for Tiffany's the other night.

Shauna Sand Is A Vision

October 29, 2007 / Posted by:
Shauna Sand is the most elegant women in the room wherever she goes. Shauna's outfit looks like it cost more than two food stamps and that's good for her. She usually looks like she's wearing clothes from the Salvation Army's "Give a Whore a Free Outfit" benefit.  
I'm pretty sure she's wearing a hammock as a dress. $10 hookers totally look at her like "What a tacky bitch!"
Here's Shauna leaving Koi the other night.
Thanks TMZ

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Speaks The Truth

October 29, 2007 / Posted by:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers needs to take off that stick-on-stach already! He ain't fooling anybody. You can't butch up that pretty girl face and why would you want to? JRM is on the cover of the December issue of Details Magazine.
I always thought he was all hot and no brains, but he actually spoke to the truth! When asked why he stays out of the limelight he said,
“You know why I stay out of the limelight? I always think there will be that time that people will find out that I’m crap at what I do. I think they will figure out I’m crap. Doesn’t everybody have that feeling?”
Sweetiekins, I've already figured it out. I mean I did see "Match Point." His acting skills made Scarlett Johansson look like effin' Katharine Hepburn. Just another purty face.
Visit to see more pretty, pretty pictures from JRM's spread

Afternoon Crumbs

October 29, 2007 / Posted by:
Justin, I wish it was bigger too – A Socialite's Life
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Damn! How many toys does Maddox need? – Just Jared
Elizabeth Hurley has some ugly swimsuits – Hollywood Tuna 
Lindsay is turning into a pumpkin – Popsugar 
Aren't pregnant women supposed to be happy? – IDLYITW 
Nas goes back to the N-word for his album title – Mollygood 
Justin Timberlake is such a diva – Hollywood Rag 
Halloween party food – Cityrag 
Lauren Conrad buys a lot of booze (site NSFW) – Drunken Stepfather

Somebody Take Away These Girls Already!

October 29, 2007 / Posted by:

First Kim Kardashian’s little sister worked the stripper pole on an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and now she’s reenacting “Girls Gone Wild.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and their mother headed down to Joe Francis’ house in Mexico to shoot some sort of sleazy ad campaign for the Girls Gone Wild bikini line. While they were gone Kim’s stepbrother, Brody Jenner and his manager Frankie, babysat the younger Kardashian girls. Frankie pulls out a camera and videotapes the girls pretending they are on GGW. Not even joking. Send this girl to a monastery before it’s too late.

Spotted at Jezebel


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