Product Placement

June 1, 2007 / Posted by:
Lauren Conrad aka LC from The Hills replaced Lindsay Lohan as of Reebok and Vitaminenergy's event last night in Los Angeles. From Lohan to LC?! At least they saved on cash.
I mean what the hell were her duties? "Here hold this shoe! Ok! Now hold this can! Higher! DO IT! Higher!"
That being said, how is this person famous and how is her holding this shoe up to her face make me want to buy it?

Not Completely Unfortunate

June 1, 2007 / Posted by:
Personally, I don't think Rumer Willis is that fugly fug. I think with minor adjustements she could turn out semi-attractive. It's mostly the hair. It's got her looking like a Thundercat. She doesn't help the cause by wearing cat print!
Anyway, here's Rumer at that Disney Couture party yesterday afternoon.
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While The Cat’s Away…..

June 1, 2007 / Posted by:
Oh snap! Looks like Samantha Ronson is getting herself some new coochie while Lindsay Blohan's in the tank! The good thing about having Richie as a girlfriend is you can kiss her on both lips at the same time, because she's so skinny!
Here's these two lovebirds at a Disney Couture party hosted by Kidada Jones (with Richie and Princess Jasmine below). Rosanna Arquette also was caught with Samantha Ronson. MILF action! Ronson is a pimp!

Child Number 3

June 1, 2007 / Posted by:
John Travolta said that he wants to add another alien to his clan with Kelly Preston. The couple already have 2 daughters. Kelly has to follow a fertility timetable in line with Scientology principles. How romantic! Kelly and John said they are going to start trying after they complete their next movie.
John said, “I really like having kids. I enjoy their energy and it keeps everything wonderful and hopeful. I grew up with six kids in my family. I thought I would have five or six."
Are those girls the twins from "The Shining?" They creep me out. I really want to know what "Scientology" principles are in regards to getting knocked up. Does the dude let Tom Cruise suck him off and then he blasts it into an alien-head-shaped glass? Yeah, that sounds about right.
UPDATE - OMG! I totally forgot about their autistic son! We're not supposed to talk about him. John and Kelly are trying to replace his ass!

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