Paris Hilton Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor

April 4, 2007 / Posted by:
Paris Hilton shot a skit for the new MTV show "ShortCircuitz" which features Paris in a fake informercial selling "What Would Paris Do"   bracelets.
Page Six reports:
The action shifts from salesgirl Paris to "real-life" situations in which people look to their bracelets for advice. In one instance, a leggy blonde in a short skirt is busted for drunken driving. After checking her Hilton bracelet, she starts grinding on one of the cops as if he were a stripper pole. "I can't arrest you, you're too fabulous," says the officer. A few months ago, Hilton agreed to poke fun at herself and appear in the sketch, which was filmed at her house on Jan. 4, a source told Page Six.
Her lawyers threatened to sue MTV if the skit wasn't pulled from the premiere.  This is what's probably going to happen. The skit won't air, but Paris will "leak" it herself and then make a big deal out of it and create more publicity for herself. Dumb ho! 

Just Die

April 4, 2007 / Posted by:

The new trailer for “Live Free or Die Hard” has been released. Bruce Willis once again fights to save his career or something in his 4th Die Hard movie. Justin Long, Maggie Q and Timothy Olyphant also star.

It hits theaters on June 27, 2007

We’ve seen this a million times. I miss Colleen Camp.


He Was Probably High When He Said It

April 4, 2007 / Posted by:
Keith Richards is saying today that he never snorted his daddy's ashes. Yesterday a quote from a magazine interview had Keith saying,
"The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father. He was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared. It went down pretty well, and I'm still alive."
Keith's rep said it was said as a joke. "Said in jest. Can't believe anyone took [it] seriously."
I knew it was too good to be true. I'm sure he thought about it though. They should ask Pete Doherty the same question.  He'd probably say "I snorted Keith Richards' daddy's ashes with a bit of coke" and he wouldn't be joking.

Birthday Sluts

April 4, 2007 / Posted by:

Robert Downey Jr. (42)
Jamie Lynn Spears (16)
Natasha Lyonne (28)
Heath Ledger (28)
David Blaine (34)
Jill Scott (35)
Barry Pepper (37)
Nancy McKeon (41)
Graham Norton (44)
Hildi Santo-Tomas (46)
Hugo Weaving (47)
Christine Lahti (57)
Craig T. Nelson (63)


Someone Pissed There

April 3, 2007 / Posted by:

Halle Berry got her star on Hollywood’s piss of fame. Halle told the audience,

“I cannot tell you how good it feels inside me right now. I wish you all could be inside me right now to know how it feels.”

Hey, it is Hollywood Blvd.



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