Oh Hell No! Too Much Information!

July 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Somebody get a carrier pigeon to Miami STAT! Troll Dupri needs to know that it's not OK to go around showing his gut in public. Children might see this shit and it just isn't right. And yes Janet Jackson is flirting with the chunk, but that's ok. Janet always finds a way to get it lipoed…I mean work it out…
Here's their hotness in Miami over the 4th. Janet's got a shelf ass and I just almost lost my eggs from imagining Troll hitting it from the back. His gut sits perfectly over that shelf.
Thanks Al

Blohan’s 4th Of July

July 5, 2007 / Posted by:
What a party and what a roster of guests. Lindsay Lohan threw a 4th of July party at the same Malibu beach house as her Birthday party. Her guests included the KFed of Britian, Calum Best, White Oprah, and her sister and little brother.  
Who is that shirtless dude? He's sort of hot, but then I get a close look at he has a total turtle face like Ryan Gaycrest. He's a total bag-over-the-header.
Blohan was a good girl and only drank flavored water and Evian in front of the paps. Could she be changing? I hope so, but bitch needs to work on that gut. I mean she doesn't want gut over bagina, does she?  

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