Easy Access

August 24, 2007 / Posted by:
Fergie Ferg doesn't look that bad, eh? My 3rd cocktail could finally be kicking in. Anyway, FF attended her handbag launch party for Kipling last night in NYC. Yes, bitch makes handbags.
She also wore some pill dress and one of my fashion fag friends said it's Chanel. Why didn't Blohan think of that?! I need to get me a pair of pill undies. It would going out so much easier.

Well! Is He Or Isn’t He?!

August 24, 2007 / Posted by:
Move over CNN! Here comes Perez Hilton! Well, I've been sitting around eating a raw hot dog waiting to see if Fidel Castro his bit the big one. Perez Hilton reported TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE LIKE REALLY EXCLUSIVE that friend to all, Fidel is worm meat. Not since JR! The suspense is killing me. I'm not into politics, but I'm into Nancy Grace saying hot things on TV…so let me know if I have to watch Nancy tonight or not!
I've also been reading the comments on Jezebel and here's one of my faves:
Not Fidel Castro, Perez. Fidela CASTRATO, the South Beach tranny lounge singer.
Now you guys give me funny comments! I need material for cocktail hour!
Oh and thanks to the millions of you that sent this to me!

Don’t Eat It!

August 24, 2007 / Posted by:
I've made that mistake too many times. Eating a hot dog from a NYC vending cart. Whole afternoons have been lost from that mistake. A rumble in the jungle if you will.
Anyway, Maddox and his bitches created utter chaos at Lee's Art Shop in NYC this afternoon. Crazy mob!
Shiloh was nowhere in sight. She was probably at Saks Fifth Avenue's new shoe floor .  

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