Can You Hear Me Now?

October 18, 2007 / Posted by:
And here come the excuses! InTouch claims Britney Spears is blaming bad cell phone reception on the reason why the judge suspended all her visitation rights with her boys. The court-appointed drug testers couldn't reach her, because she gets awful reception in Malibu. The drug testers reported to the judge and he pulled her rights.
Friends told InTouch that she didn't get the call for the random drug test. She's apparently had trouble with phone reception in that area before.
What the hell kind of cheap ass phone does she have? And what about land line anybody? First she blamed the buzzer and now her cell phone!
The only thing that doesn't get reception in that house is her brains!
Image: Wenn

Julianne Moore Is See-Through!

October 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Julianne Moore's beauty is undeniable, but damn she's looking like a chewed up chicken bone here. Greasy and brittle! It's probably, because she's standing so close to Maggie GyllenHAG. The fug is rubbing off on her. Julianne step away from the ugg.
Here's Julianne, HAGface and Kate Winslet at the Hugo Boss horse and pony show yesterday. 

Just Die

October 18, 2007 / Posted by:
The producers of Xanadu on Broadway are putting together a musical stage version of the Nicole Kidman film "To Die For." The 1995 film was based on the novel by Joyce Maynard. It starred Nicole, Joaquin Phoenix, Ileana Douglas Casey Affleck and Matt Dillon.
The musical team was not announced, but one of the show's producers said, "If ever there was a larger than life character, destined to belt out her songs on Broadway, it’s the character of Suzanne Maretto—a woman who recognized the power of reality television about twenty years ahead of the rest of America. I feel excited, watching the story I wrote and the characters I created taking shape for the stage."
The movie was about this hot bitch who seduces a student into killing her husband. It was kind of hot and probably Nicole's best work.
I will only approve of this if Joaquin reprises his role as the teenager she seduces. Meaning he has to lose all that fat, get off the sauce, stop being such a dick and take a shower once in a while.

The Courts Love Doherty

October 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Pete Doherty had a court hearing yesterday, but couldn't make it due to a Babyshambles concert in Paris. The judge was ok with this, because he's a fan of his music.
They will meet next Wednesday instead. Before adjourning the judge talked about one of Pete's songs "The Blinding."
He said, "It’s a good tune, but I’m not sure about the words.”
The UK has the greatest judges in the world!!! If I told them my dog ate my court summons, they'd probably believe me, shrug it off and tell me to go home and drink some tea or something. 
Source – Image: Wenn

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