High Waisted Panties

July 5, 2007 / Posted by:
According to the Daily Mail big undies are all the rage with celebrities now. So why haven't I seen any? They claim that Sienna Miller, Beyonce and others have turned their asses off thongs and onto the big panties.
They report:

This magical ability to hide a multitude of sins (and that box of chocs you know you shouldn't have eaten) lies at the heart of our love affair with Big Pants.

Even when you haven't been able to stick to your diet and your dress is a size too small, you can rely on your trusty pair of superfirm control pants.

The power of Lycra will suck you in from knees to chest, sculpting a waist that didn't seem to be there when you got up this morning.

Since it's such a "craze" will they please send a pair to every Hollywood skank out there even the dudes. They look fugly, but I'd rather see a big girl panty than a nasty ass snatch. That's the truth. 



The Booty Rat Tour Of 2007

July 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Us Weekly has learned that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will hit the road together this Fall. After the August 3rd of their film "El Cantante" the pair will tour the country and play major arenas.
A source said, “They each will do their own Spanish and English songs and duet.”
I'll be down for this as long as they are using the same vocal technology as the Spice Girls for JLo. Homegirl sings like a deaf cat in heat.
At least Skeletor will be easy to transport. They make coffins really light these days.

June’s Hot Slut Of The Month Is Phoebe Price!

July 5, 2007 / Posted by:
In what was the closest race since Gore and Bush, Phoebe Price barely beat out Sarah Silverman by 50 votes to take June's HS of the Month! I knew you guys loved her as much as I do. Yeah, right. Pity votes. 
Phoebe would probably thank you personally, but she's in the middle of a little legal matter. Her beauty will get her through it. 
She joins an illustrious group of Hot Sluts in the finals! She will battle out Ross MathewsAlexyss K Tylor , Beth Ditto , Lisa Nowak , Nancy Pelosi and 6 others in the end!
Thanks to all who voted!

Afternoon Crumbs

July 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Secret lunch? Of what? Blended carrots? – Popbytes
Pics of you know who doing you know what you know where (NSFW) – DS 
Ashley Tisdale is at the beach – Egotastic!  
Alessandra Ambrosio is at the beach – IDLYITW 
More pics of Lohan's no-ass – Hollywood Tuna 
Justin and Jessica are oceans apart – Just Jared 
Claire Danes gets on the iPhone train – Popsugar 
Maria Sharapova's cute commercials – Cityrag 
Jessica Alba's prom-do – ICYDK 
Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy still have the same hair – ASL 
Robbie Williams has found God – Hollywood Rag 

Is That A Geico Caveman?

July 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Britney Spears spent her entire 4th with a mystery man. The two hung out at the Four Seasons hotel and the dude drove her home.  Could be someone on her staff, could be a new lover boy…who knows?
All I know is that if she's hitting that, he better have good dick to make up for that mug.  
Source: INF Daily

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