Bai Ling Wears Wine Bags with Her Bikini

May 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Leave it to Bai Ling to pair a white bikini with a black robe and red wine bags as lega warmers. She wore this ensemble to the photocall for her movie "Shanghai Baby" in Cannes.
Girlfriend's got body though.

Tania Derveaux for President!!!!

May 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Tania Derveaux is ready to give out 40,000 blowjobs to men that vote for her in the next Belgian election. Tania is currently the leading (of course) NEE party senate candidate. Tania says she will take a 500-day tour around the world and blow dudes every single day. That's about 80 dicks a day!
In order to receive a oral tongue bath from Tania you have to be 18 or older, wear a condom and Tania can deny you for any reason. She said, "We adhere to high standards of service but due to time limitations each performance can last no longer than 5 minutes."
Rules, rules, rules! Her jaw will most likely fall off by dick 200. Tania doesn't realize how much nasty wang there is out there. Trust me, I've come across some. Cheese sandwich. 
The next Belgian election is June 5th and at least 40,000 votes are needed to start a political group.
That's my kind of campaign! Hey! That means Paris Hilton could run for senate in Belgium! She's probably several thousand ahead of Tania! There's a future for that twat after all!
Thanks d

No Drama Here

May 18, 2007 / Posted by:
There are normal Hollywood couples out there…I think. Ryan Phillipe has asked for joint custody of the children he shares with Reese Witherspoon. He is also not asking for spousal support even though Reese is way richer. Reese filed for divorce last November and asked for joint custody and exclusive use of the family home.
They didn't sign a pre-nup, so it looks like Ryan is going to make out with some cash after all.
That was civil and drama free. Hmmm…maybe Reese has something over Ryan?! I once went to a drag show in L.A. and the perform swore she effed Ryan and he smelled like caca. Hah! 
Source: TMZ

Afternoon Crumbs

May 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Megan Fox might be hot…not sure…and the other girls of Maxim's Hot 100 – Egotastic! 
No more chipmunk love for John and Jessica anymore? – Holy Candy 
Pamela Anderson airs it out – Drunken Stepfather 
Kelly Brook sort of looks like Julia Roberts...I said sort of! – Hollywood Tuna 
Halle Berry continues to look knocked up – IDLYITW 
David Beckham is a fuzzy peach – Popsuga
China says OK to XtinaHollywood Rag 
The Bachelor is so damn gay – Just Jared 
Buy a Happy Meal and you just might find some weed – Cityrag 
Demi Moore is still sleeping with a homeless man – ASL 


May 18, 2007 / Posted by:

Thank you TMZ for making my Friday by bringing me this video of Paris Hilton crying her eyes out. It’s oldie (from May 9th) but an OH-SO-GOODIE.

PS – She totally planned it. Notice window pulled down! She should’ve replaced Xtina’s “Candyman” with “Don’t Cry Out Loud.”


Who the Hell Does Britney’s Hair?!

May 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Britney Spears has moved passed the wigs and into the broke ass weaves. Does 7-Eleven have a salon I don't know about?! Who the hell puts that girl together in the scalp department. That thing looks like it's put together with saliva and rubber bands. This girl just doesn't have a clue.
Maybe before she got famous she made a pact with God that if he made her rich and famous, she'd have to promise him that she'd provide the world with laughs for the rest of her life. I mean..who would wear a DIY weave and "I Love Pink" shorty shorts together. You have to love this ho. 

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