Ugly Posh

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Posh Beckham will play herself in two episodes of the hit TV show, Ugly Betty. Reportedly she will be paid $140,000 for her services. Actor Eric Mabius who playsDaniel had the idea after meeting Posh at a party.
A source said, "He had made no secret of wanting her to appear on the show because she is such a fashion icon, and that is what the show is all about. She epitomizes what Mode, the magazine in the show, is all about. It is about trendy, slim people who are into high fashion. She was particular about not launching herself as an actress because she is aware that she isn't one. That's why she wants to play herself, so she doesn't have to act. "
Posh is taking over the World! She better not appear on Lost as a skeleton, but I wouldn't put it past executives. Posh should totally play Amanda's mother on the show. She looks old enough!

Who Would Attack Cybil?!

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Some mysterious actor attacked Cybil Shepard and she's not naming names. Cybil said that earlier in her career she was sexually attacked by a movie star. She said it all went down when she told the movie star she was dating that she wanted to see other men.
She said, "He jerked the necklace off me and he threw me around the kitchen. And he said to me, 'Don't even think of getting the keys to your car, because I have them, and you're not getting them to be able to get away'."  
She said that thankfully there were other people in the house that took care of him and calmed him down.
"It takes a while to trust men again. It takes a while to trust yourself again. You wonder, 'How could I end up with someone who seems perfectly okay, to suddenly be demanding sex and me saying No and then (to be) terrorized?'"
Cybil refused to name the man. Bruce Willis! No….I have no clue. According to IMDB she's dating Elvis Presley, Peter Bogdanovich and Marlon Brando.

The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNER for July 5th!!!

July 6, 2007 / Posted by:
Desperate for media attention, Larry Birkhead takes his mom-substitute role to a whole new level. - Mr. Anonymous
It's about time Mr. Burns got some sun. – NoAnjl
Donna pretends to read her magazine, embarassed that the elderly balding man looks so much better in a bikini than she does. – Dually Rock

Birthday Sluts

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Sylvester Stallone (61)
Caroline Trentini (20)
Tia & Tamera Mowry (29)
50 Cent (32)
Toni Ferrari (33)
Heather Nova (40)
Robin Antin (46)
Jennifer Saunders (50)
Allyce Beasley (53)
Geoffrey Rush (56)
George W. Bush (61)
Ned Beatty (70)
Dalai Lama (72)
Della Reese (75)
Nancy Reagan (86)


Divine Brown Became A Millionaire?!

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Divine Brown was the hot mess hooker that got caught with Hugh Grant. Hugh got arrested and it also effed up his relationship with Elizabeth Hurley. Divine claims that the 1995 incident made her a millionaire and put her 3 kids through a Beverly Hills private school.
She said, "Everything turned out for the better. It helped me turn my life into something positive. I was blessed that it could get me out of that lifestyle. (It was) the best night of my life. "
Divine made money from interviews and several commercials.
She went on to say, "I love Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant put my kids through school, gave us a chance of the life we probably would've never reached. We had a chance to travel on private jets."
Divinie's manager and baby daddy, Gangsta Brown (FOR REAL) added "If I can meet him and shake his hand all I would like to say is: 'Thank you. I appreciate you, and if there is anything I can do in return I would love to be a friend.'" 
See! Hooking up with a hooker can make beautiful things happen. Who ever said that sucking dirty dick in a dark alley doesn't pay off eventually? Don't worry hookers of the world. While you're running from the cops in stilleto heels and a thong, remember that one day you too could be caught with a Hollywood actor and become an instant millionaire. There's hope over the crack rainbow! 

It’s Like That Billy Bob?

July 5, 2007 / Posted by:
First John Travolta's lace front and now Billy Bob? Have all the plugs in Hollywood been used up? I will say that BB's lace front is put together a little more discreetly. You can't really tell there's a dead cat on his head from far away.
Here's BB at the "King of Blues" concert last month. 
Thanks D
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