Shiny Happy People

October 13, 2007 / Posted by:
Natalie Portman's make-up bitch must hate her ass. It looks like they laid her out, sprayed her down with a gallon of bronzer, slapped on some eyeshadow and finished her off with a little Hello Kitty lip gloss.
The back isn't any better. Did bitch get her dress and hair caught in the escalator coming up? That being said, I don't mind this know-it-all bitch. I actually think she's sort of cute. I'm only saying that, because those eyebrows would definitely beat me in a knife fight. 
Here's Nat American Cinematheque Award in Beverly Hills last night. Julia Roberts was also there and I can't say anything bad about that wench. She minds her own. 

Tweezer Magic

October 13, 2007 / Posted by:
Asshole Simpson's rep has denied that the 23-year-old uses botox to smooth down wrinkles in her forehead and make her eyes look wider. Her rep says it's the magic of the tweezer.
"Ashlee has never had Botox in her life. She credits her eyebrows to her makeup artist who is a whiz with the tweezer."
She may not get botoxed, but she should look into it. That nose job is falling fast and maybe a few ounces of snake venom would pull that shit back up. While they are poking at her they might as well Botox her fucking lips shut too. Oh, both lips! We don't want anymore Simpsons in this world!
Source: Us Weekly

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