Faith Should’ve Beat Her Ass

July 30, 2007 / Posted by:

Faith Hill told an audience member to stop touching her man’s crotch at their Soul2Soul concert in Lafayette, LA this past weekend. I guess some woman grabbed Tim McGraw’s nuts and ass and Faith didn’t like it.

She told the woman, “Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend. You don’t go grabbin’ somebody else’s, somebody’s husband’s balls, you understand me? That’s very disrespectful.”

I got to hand it to Faith. She kind of let the woman off easy. If my man was Tim McGraw and some skank was groping him up, they would’ve had to shut that show down. It would’ve gone from a night of musical entertainment to a ghetto ass WWE show, but with real fighting.

I so want to know what that woman looks like. You know she had 2 hairs on her head and 1 tooth in her mouth.

Thanks AFHotty

Wonk Is Broke!

July 30, 2007 / Posted by:
Jerry Oppenheimer is the author of "House of Hilton" and he claims that Conrad Hilton has axed Parasite Hilton out of his will. Conrad is apparently embarrassed of Paris' antics and will leave her $60 Million inheritance to charity. 
Jerry said, "'Barron' has been forced to stomach his granddaughter's porn tape floated on the world web, as well as her seeing her kicking and screaming out of a court house into the slammer for drink driving."
But don't feel too sorry for this twat. She's about to make a little dough on the sale of her Hollywood home. She purchased the pad for just over $1 Million and she's selling it for just over $4 Million. I wouldn't want to buy that house of sin! It'll cost of fortune just to fumigate that hell hole.
Paris can always turn to her first career if she's broke, PORN. Some dumb sap will still pay to see this snatch in action. 
Thanks MTM

The Photoshop Awards: Kelly Osbourne In Chicago Ads

July 30, 2007 / Posted by:
Kelly Osbourne has been confirmed to make her West End theater debut in "Chicago" as Mama Morton. 22-year-old Kelly will start performances on September 10th.
Kelly has lost a little weight for the role, but what weight she hasn't lost Photoshop has taken care of. They even airbrushed out her tattoos. Fancy that.  Below is a picture of Kelly in June with more Chicago ads. 
Yeah, she looks good, but she's also probably barely breathing from being stuffed into that corset!  

Birthday Sluts

July 30, 2007 / Posted by:

Vivica A. Fox (43)
Jaime Pressley (30)
Hilary Swank (33)
Tom Green (36)
Christopher Nolan (37)
Simon Baker (38)
Lisa Kudrow (44)
Laurence Fishburne (46)
Kate Bush (49)
Delta Burke (51)
Jean Reno (59)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (60)


Chupa’s Next Victim!!!!!

July 29, 2007 / Posted by:
Elisabeth Hasselcrack better watch her ass! Rachel "Chupa" Zoe is coming for her unborn baby!!!!!  Look at that smile on Chupa's face! If I was Hasselcrack, I'd head into the bathroom, wipe off that disgusting eye make-up and then skedaddle home with a ring of garlic around my neck! 
Here's Chupa and Crack at Instyle's Super Saturday yesterday in Watermill, NY. 

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