Are These MySpaces Even Real?

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Lindsay BLOHAN, get yourself into rehab and stop writing on your MySpace or at least I think it's her MySpace. Linday decided to mouth off at Shanna Moakler's latest MySpace rant.
Here's what Shanna said on her MS:
When you making 8 million dollars a film…..HIRE A DRIVER!!

I've been getting a lot of letters asking my thoughts on recent events, so here it goes…. I know a lot of people think karma is going around and yeah I guess it might be, but to me..this is far from karma, if anything people like Paris love this shit, walking out of a court house to be met by a bevy of paparzzi like princess diana…carrying the bible around…loves it! Karma will be the day she's married and has kids and her husband goes and fucks a 22 yr old and knocks her up. I don't find happiness in others when they are down, but I sure in hell don't feel bad for people who play the victim constantly and are far from it. People who feel it's their job to make people feel beneath them or take opportunities others would die for an shit on them and frankly make a mockery of. So as the penis posse goes down one by one and enters jail or rehab…I don't really think anything of it…they just show me what I always knew and thought they were _________. ( you can fill in the blank)

im going to keep this simple and brief, like her career.

for someone who "doesn't really think anything of it" sure had a mouth load to say. don't blame "young hollywood" for your FUCKED UP relationships you old haggard. maybe if you fixed yourself up a little bit, you wouldnt be so jealous of others. you know, a nice face/breast lift, lost a couple pounds (40), got rid of the paris haircut, and found yourself a decent looking boytoy you wouldn't be so depressed and feel the need to comment on other peoples lifes that you dont know.

p.s. your kids are ugly.

I'm not sure if this is Lohan's real MySpace, but if it is….bitch is hopeless. Apparently, she wrote that this morning and if that's the case, it's fucking sad. Both chicks are lame, but Blohan has bigger things to worry about than what stupid sluts have to say about her. 
Lindsay please lock yourself into a room and throw away the key. Get yourself together and then you can come out and have it out with Shanna.
God, these chicks are lame.

Keira Knightley as Princess Diana?

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A Hollywood bidding war is going down right now for the feature film rights to a new, controversial book about the life and death of Princess Diana. The movie will mainly focus on Diana's struggle with the paparazzi. Even though the rights have not been snatched up sources say that Keira Knightley's skinny ass is already being named to play the Princess.
A source said, “Already the word in Hollywood is ‘get Knightley!’ It’s a story that has everything; pathos, tragedy, comedy, adventure . . . and Princess Diana."
They believe that because of the massive success of "The Queen" that this movie will make even more money.
I'm actually, strangely into the idea of a movie about Diana if its done well and with elegance. Hah. However, Keira can't act worth shit! At least get a broad who can portray different emotions and not just be the "innocent ingenue." Keira can play Prince William. 
Source: The Sun

She Was Probably High When She Said That!

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Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff have been "fighting" for years, because of a meth-face named Aaron Carter! The fight started years ago when both were dating him or something. Well, Hilary said they finally buried the hatchet.
Hilary said, “Lindsay and I were out at the same place, and we were like, ‘Let’s get this out of the way.’ And she was really nice, and I was really nice. But it’s nice to be able to see Lindsay out and say hi, and not have this weird weirdness.”
Lindsay was probably high as a kite when she was "nice to see Hilary." She probably was hallucinating and thought Hilary was a beautiful, pink unicorn that was going to take her to the mountain with the endless snow!
Source: MSNBC

All My Money’s on Jessica Biel

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Last January, shortly after Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake broke up, Cameron apparently flipped out when she saw Justin flirting with Jessica Biel. That "flirting" turned into much more, because the pair are now together….forever.
The three will come face to face on June 3rd at the MTV Movie Awards. Cameron and Jessica are scheduled to present and Justin is nominated for that shit-hole of a movie, Alpha Dog.
Sources say that organizers are trying to schedule everything so Jessica and Cammy never shall meet.
The source said, "It's becoming a big deal because the girls both want very separate arrival times. Nobody knows who Cameron is going to bring, if anyone. But if Jessica walks with Justin, Cameron will want to bring a date. If Jessica goes alone, Cam will probably walk alone. It's a mess."
Jessica and Cameron are both fighting for later arrival times, because that's when the bigger stars usually arrive. Sources say that since she's dating Justin, Jessica's star has risen and Cameron is looking a bit "unstable."
Cameron better just stay her ass home if she doesn't want to get a beat down. Jessica can beat down the buffest of dudes. Cameron is no match for that she-man! Cameron might be "unstable" but Jessica is a straight up female HULK! 
Source: Page Six

Birthday Sluts

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Rupert Everett (48)
Melanie Brown (32)
Noel Gallagher (40)
Lisa Welchel (44)
Melissa Etheridge (46)
Annette Bening (49)
LaToya Jackson (51)
Danny Elfman (54)


Miss USA Falls On Her Ass!!!!!

May 28, 2007 / Posted by:

Miss USA, Rachel Smith, didn’t win Miss Universe tonight, but she did win my laugh! Homegirl fell flat on her ass! I wish she would’ve laughed it off instead of putting on that fake smile. Ahaha! Thank you Miss USA for making my night!!!

Blohan’s Going Back to Rehab!

May 28, 2007 / Posted by:
Shocking! Lindsay Lohan is checking herself back into rehab today according to InTouch Weekly . This time she's going to Britney Spears' old haunt at Promises in Malibu. She finished a 30-day outpatient program last February at Wonderland.
Blohan was arrested (but not taken to jail) on Saturday morning after she crashed her car into a tree. She might have been under the influence of coke and booze.
She didn't have a care in the world when she was photographed early this morning passed out in her friend Samantha Ronson's car. She looked like a mess!
Lindsay will check herself in this afternoon according to friends. The friend said, "She finally realizes it’s the right thing to do. She is going willingly.”
Damage control! I hope homegirl gets her shit together, because she is royal mess. She doesn't know how good she has it and she should be grateful for the things she has. A million girls would kill to be in her place. Dumb ho better not be checking herself in and out either! I can't waaaait to hear what White Oprah has to say!
Image: Splash
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