What Is The Meaning Of This?

September 8, 2007 / Posted by:
Just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean you need to go blonde. They all do it. Blonde is not for everyone! This isn't even blonde, this is like yellow. Nelly Furtado why?! The only thing it does for her is bring the wonk in her eyes out. She looks even more like a Siamese cat and note a cute one. A Siamese cat that has been down in the dumps for a while now, not knowing where it's next fish head is going to come from. 
The only woman that should wear hair like that is Ivana Trump! 
Here's Nelly at Jet in Las Vegas last night. I've also included a side-by-side of Nelly and Ivana as well as a picture of Nelly when she was hot.  

The Bluest Eyes In Vegas

September 8, 2007 / Posted by:
Britney Spears is in Las Vegas preparing for her big "comeback performance" at tomorrow's MTV VMAs. She spent Friday rehearsing and Friday night partying with Diddy at Pure.
I can honestly say Britney actually looks decent and pretty normal. I'm sure she's wearing those boots though.
The look on Diddy's face is priceless. You know Brit just cut one and he's trying hardcore not to let it completely enter his nostrils.  

He’s Going To Walk

September 8, 2007 / Posted by:
Phil Spector's life now lies in the hands of 12 people! Phil went on trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson five months ago. Lana was shot to death in his Alhambra, CA mansion back in 2003. The two met that night at the House of Blues. Phil's defense claims Lana was depressed and killed herself in his mansion even though she had just met him. 
The prosecution claims that Phil confessed to his limo driver that he had just killed Lana.
If convicted the 67-year-old could face a minimum of 15 years in the slammer. The jury started deliberating yesterday.
Throughout the five-month trial Phil has also been sporting a series of interesting hair dos. They are more like hair don'ts! Phil's most recently hair was probably inspired by Zac Efron. The Efron!
He's going to walk, they all do. I haven't been following the case closely, but Phil is a crazed freak. Why the hell would you off yourself in a stranger's house with a bullet to the mouth? I hope this bitch is found guilty and his pepaw ass gets used. GROSS! 
Source: TMZ

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