Spider Leg Lashes

August 1, 2007 / Posted by:
JLo and Skeletor are still promoting that "El Cantante" mess and yesterday was the Los Angeles premiere. JLo traded in her "mink" lashes for "spider leg" lashes.
Skeletor also said that JLo was the boss in the family. "She's always been the boss! I don't know what's changed. That's the first thing a man has to know. Absolutely, no question about it."
I knew she had the dick in that duo. Skeletor is probably too exhaused to be in the boss and make decisions. He seriously needs a 10-year nap. He is turning into a chihuahua more and more each day. He better watch his ass, because Britney and Paris Hilton might start a bidding war for him.

Old Rag Isn’t Happy!

August 1, 2007 / Posted by:
Yesterday, Dreamboat Petey Doherty told The Mirror that he still loved "old rag" Kate Moss and that he wanted to get back together.
Old Rag apparently flew into a rage after hearing Petey's new nickname for her. Why is she mad? I love it!
Sources told The Daily Mail t hat she "had a screaming fit, smashed pictures and threw a wine glass at a wall when she heard that the singer had made a desperate rambling, and very public plea to get the supermodel her back in his life." 
She's pissed off that Dreamboat gave an interview to the same paper that published those infamous photos of her snorting coke. Zing!
Kate apparently is afraid Dreamboat might spill more beans and might possibly buy his silence. Dreamboat still wants to win Kate back and had stomach implants put in to stop him from doing heroin. Stomach implants? What the hell is that.
This is even too much for me. It's like a damn roller coaster.
I will say that Petey's new hair color is the perfecet shade of BARF!

Help Them Already!

August 1, 2007 / Posted by:
Last night I posted UsWeekly's cover of SPF and JJ asking for help and this morning Life & Style has their own "HELP ME" cover. Will somebody get them help already.
UsWeekly claims that the kids cry for their daddy at night and Brit fills their bottles with soda. Life & Style claims that they call their grandmother "bad lady" and that when Britney needs a break she hands her kids off to anyone nearby even shopgirls. 
Damn, soon they will be on "Car & Driver" asking for help! I'd help them, but I'm too busy drinking sodie pop out of my bottle and crying for KFed.
In other BRIT BRIT news, the photographers that were beaten up by her bodyguard in Las Vegas last weekend claims that Brit told them she was "going to kill him."
Andrew Deetz and Kyle Henderson, the photographesr, are about to sue! They claim that they were taking photos of Britney and family when her bodyguard, JC Camera, busted their asses.
Britney then threw a baby bottle at them (did it have sodie in it?) and said she would kill them.
The photographers said they will seek a restraining order afraid that Brit might kill them or hire someone to do so. OH PLEASE!
Brit's bodyguard could face a year in the pokey if he's convicted of battery.
UsWeekly's got a cover for next week! Andrew and Kyle with the words 'BRITNEY IS GOING TO KILL ME" in big bold, letters.
Britney couldn't even kill the bed bugs roaming around her coochie cat!

Ginger Baby!

August 1, 2007 / Posted by:
It's Jordan and her ginger baby, Princess Tiaamii in the current OK! Magazine UK which is on newsstands now. Next to her Ginger Baby, Jordan looks like a fried potato! I am glad Harvey popped in there for a bit, but he should've gotten the centerfold! He's still the star of that family.
I was also told yesterday that a lot of people in the UK are like scared of having "ginger babies" which means red hair and all that! I love ginges!
Hooray for Jordan and ginger baby!  
Thanks Qua

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