Birthday Sluts

September 25, 2007 / Posted by:

Heather Locklear (46)
Clea DuVall (30)
Bridgette Wilson (34)
Hal Sparks (36)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (38)
Will Smith (39)
Scottie Pippen (42)
Tate Donovan (44)
Aida Turturro (45)
Michael Madsen (49)
Mark Hamill (56)
Cheryl Tiegs (60)
Michael Douglas (63)
Barbara Walters (78)


Posh Looks Like A Fool

September 24, 2007 / Posted by:
Posh can't dress! She can't, sorry. She buys nice and expensive pieces, but she can't put them together for shit! She's like a 4-year-old boy trying to put his own crap together.
That hat does nothing for her pig nose. She looks like one of the three little pigs and nobody wants to blow her house. Not even Becks, I bet.
Here's Posh at LAX today.

It’s Whitney Time!

September 24, 2007 / Posted by:
Oh how I love seeing Whitney Houston. It's like seeing my neighborhood crazy homeless man. We all have those. Well, in NYC we do. You know it's the dude that one minute he's telling you the world is going to end then he follows it up by asking you to buy him a beer. Whitney's like that! I always like seeing her, but it makes me a little uncomfortable.
Anyway, Whitney came out this afternoon to lunch with Clive Davis at Nobu 57 in NYC. They were probably discussing her the $100 million contract with Arista she signed last week. FOR REAL! Arista is giving her $100 million clams!!! She's gonna smoke and weave that up in a month! No, no! Whitney's clean now. 
She's even crazy in pictures. I picture her screaming "MY ISRAEL!" to all the photogs.  

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