Zac Efron Can Grow Armpit Hair?!

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Are we sure those aren’t armpit wigs? Sigh. Our princess is growing up so fast. The Zac Efron of yesterday was a delicate Twink who could balance a bubble on the tip of his eyelashes, and the Zac Efron of today is almost as built as one of Kellan Lutz’s nipples. It’s as if Cinderella got in Hercules’ drawer of growth hormone supplements and testosterone boosters. Dude must be putting extra weights on the bottom of his bronzer sticks.

Australia’s NW Magazine published a few pictures of Zac casually working the pole with his nipples out and flashing a new arm tattoo. When I squint my eyes to see what his tattoo is, I get off track and focus on his copper penny nipples instead. But since Zac is the epitome of butch, I’m guessing the tattoo is two swan feathers twirling in a unicorn’s air kiss. That must be it.


Gilbert Gottfried’s Jokes About Japan Tsunami Got His Dumb Ass Fired

March 14, 2011 / Posted by:

This afternoon, Aflac Inc. gently laid their duck on the surgery table, put two tiny anesthesia masks over his nostrils, opened his bill and quickly clipped off the Gilbert Gottfried clinging on to his vocal cords. They immediately threw that Gilbert Gottfried into a dump truck heading for wherever.

Aflac announced today that they have dropped a BYE BITCH on on the voice of their mascot after he Tweeted a series of jokes about the disaster in Japan. The Hollywood Reporter says Aflac is donating $100 million to disaster relief and will hold a nationwide casting call for GG’s replacement. Aflac had this to say in a statement:

“Gilbert’s recent comments about the crisis in Japan were lacking in humor and certainly do not represent the thoughts and feelings of anyone at Aflac. There is no place for anything but compassion and concern during these difficult times.”

It all started a couple of days ago when Gilbert climbed on top of the half broken plastic crate that is Twitter account and started throwing out jokes like: “I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, ‘They’ll be another one floating by any minute now‘” and “I fucked a girl in japan. She screamed “I feel the earth move and I’m getting wet.” Alflac wasn’t really laughing, because 75% of their business comes from Japan. Aaaaaaaaafuck!

You know, we’ve really come a long way as a society, because we don’t even need to change out of our stained sweats or leave our houses to get fired. Just spew out some offensive fuckery on Twitter and wait by the mailbox for your final check to show up.


Blind Items: I Guess, You Guess

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These two female celebrities are approximately the same age. Both have starred in multiple films, have been married more than once, and have more than one child. They also share the same religion and some significant business contacts.

You would think that with so much in common, they must get along, right? The truth is that these two absolutely can’t stand each other. They both have big egos and are desperate for attention. At a big post-Oscar party, they were each very careful to stay on their half of the room, each holding court with their fans and refusing to even look at each other. The tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife (though hopefully not the same one wielded by their respective plastic surgeons). (Blind Gossip)

As much as I’d like to believe that Kelly Preston and Kirstie Alley wrestle in the sauna of the Scientology Center while John Travolta cheers on his wife with pom poms made from shredded audit results, all signs point to Madge and Demi Moore. Both are red string wearers. Both have memorized lines and said them in front of a camera. And both have newly constructed faces made from womb skin.

Why can’t they drop the shade and let the baby ass cheeks on their faces bond with each other during a playdate?

She’s long had a reputation for being absolute hell to work with. I mean like straight up crazy. Leaves her shit, sometimes literally, everywhere, specifies exact times when people can or cannot talk to her, is foaming at the mouth insane one minute, calm and collected the next. Lately her opportunities have dried up. And this is a good example of why.

Press junket. A handler has to make sure she wakes up in the morning. Because she’s not a proper adult? She finds her completely out of it. Has to put her in the shower and HOLD HER UP. Picture that please. A grown woman having to be physically SUPPORTED in the shower to make sure she can go and do her JOB. She then had to be spoon fed her breakfast. And she had to be dressed. Like, let’s put on your socks! Finally they get her to the point where she can be seen in public. A journalist is soon expected for an interview. Through it all she’s still a fucking zombie.

Soon as the reporter comes into the room though, a switch goes off. She’s alive. She’s engaging. She can speak in proper sentences. And you can imagine, for the people who’ve experienced this, who’ve had to work with her, who have to manage the unpredictability of this, how scary it must be, how utterly unsettling, even more unsettling than most of her peers. And in her business, that’s a pretty high standard. (Lainey Gossip)

I wish I had someone to hold me up in the shower, because standing up is hard! I usually find myself sitting on the bottom of the bath tub and cleaning out my in-between toe places before I get enough energy to stand back up again. I’m the body that lazy built. On that note, I’ll go with new favorite Xtina? Or Sally Kirkland.

Multiple sources are confirming that a wildly popular character on an hour drama that has long been an Aushole staple is about to take his/her last breath.

I’m told the producers of this unnamed broadcast series are planning to kill off the fan favorite either in the season finale or soon after the show returns next season.

It’s not clear if the decision was made for creative or budgetary reasons — it was likely a combination of both — but it’s my understanding that it was not arrived at lightly. Far from it, in fact.

There’s also a chance the execs at the program in question will have a last-minute change of heart, but, according my spies, it’s an extremely slim one. (TV Line)

Please let it be Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice. But it’s probably that show I don’t watch on that network my Tivo never touches.


Afternoon Crumbs

March 14, 2011 / Posted by:

I have love for Liv Tyler’s side braid, but only because I see it as an homage to Dr. Kimberly Shaw The Berry

Fishsticks Paltrow
needs to eat 10lbs of ground STFU. She can eat it in a lettuce wrap if it makes her feel better – Lainey Gossip

Is Snooki sure her ass didn’t snap off Vinnie’s watermelon dick and hold on to it? – The Superficial

When the bullee fights back (side note: why do they all looks like they are trapped in 1985?) – Towleroad

Emmanuelle Chriqui or JWoww’s slightly more attractive younger sister? – Hollywood Tuna

Dear Vanessa Hudgens, stop posing in front of your cell phone for one minute and use it to call Penthouse (site NSFW) – Drunken Stepfather

Charlie Sheen’s live show sells it out in 18 minutes, which is also the average number of times an audience member will punch themselves in the face when the house lights go up – Celebitchy

Avril Lavigne got a neck tattoo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say: Stuck with stupid ↑ – Just Jared

The ironic thing is that her implants were probably made in China – TDW

Sandy Duncan is looking hot – Popoholic

Kellan Lutz’s insane muscles make him look like he’s wearing a shoulder puff sweater – Popsugar

Ryan Phillipe’s daughter is anti-Bieber – ICYDK

Alyssa Milano needs to stop – I’m Not Obsessed

RiRi covers Vogue – OMG Blog

Splitting images of the stars – Cityrag

Elle Macpherson is wearing last night’s shoes, right? – Hollywood Rag

Throw Tinsley Mortimer back into the Saks Fifth Avenue store room from which she came from and tell me more about her latest piece – Celebslam

Bryan Adams is going to be a dad – SOW

I really want to see Steve Harvey and his bodyguard 69 motorboat each other – Crunk + Disorderly


Daphne Guinness Never Called Posh An “Ugly Pig”

March 14, 2011 / Posted by:

Daphne Guinness, the extraterrestrial fairy who is an heir to the Guinness fortune, had a conversation with her friend Camilla Long for The Times of London (via Styleite) and when the name “Posh” came up, poisonous venom started to secrete from the pores on the tip of her tongue. At least that’s what The Times of London claims happened. Camilla quoted the Bride of Yeastenstein as saying this about Posh:

“[She is] an ugly pig! Downbeat, miserable and awful. Of course she’s going to make money – she’s backed by Simon Fuller. I don’t have anyone! She annoys the shit out of me.”

Once those booming fightin’ words came foaming out of Daphne’s mouth, the chandeliers shook and her human shell cracked in half before her natural alien form jumped out and galloped into the countryside to massacre Posh’s kind in the pig pen. No, Daphne is now saying that Camilla pushed her words into the cunt grinder to make the article more scandalous. Daphne took to her Twitter to deny away:

I am so sad stitched up by the sunday times. I thought c. long was a friend. I would never call anyone an ugly cow, not my words

I feel like killing myself, I have been stabbed in the back by that journalist

the article was AWFUL, really inaccurate, I work so hard ang this is the kind of shoddy treatment you get. I am beyond hoffified

the journalist I knew from Issie, so i thought she would understand things, we had been friends, she has put words in my mouth

And for the record I not only admire Victoria Beckham but know her and like her. My point was that I do most things alone without a backer.

Damn. Daphne is one of those queens who clutches the velvet curtains (even when there’s no velvet curtains to clutch) for steadiness whenever she feels faint, right? Talk about dramatic. Kill herself over this?! If I wanted to eat the suicide bullet every time I called Posh a “pig,” I’d always be in my white negligee on the catwalk in West Bev’s theater.

And here’s the ho Daphne did NOT call a pig aimlessly wandering around the pen the other day.

Open Post: Hosted By A Maryland Fan’s Stunning Platinum Mane

March 14, 2011 / Posted by:

At the Maryland vs. North Carolina State game the other night, the players and fans were temporarily blinded by the beam of ethereal light dancing off the curls of this beautiful man’s hair. Hair as beautifully bright as that should come with a dimmer switch. And it should also come with speakers, because when its sparkles clink together it sounds just like the melody of Hello Dolly.

It’s as if Joan Rivers asked her plastic surgeon to give her the face of Brooke Hogan and he mistakenly heard “Hulk Hogan” instead. Absolutely ravishing. Doesn’t Grampunzel make you want to sell off all your prized possessions so that you can shower him with rhinestones, silk opera gloves and imported French perfume in a crystal atomizer? If I have just one wish today, it’s to see this gorgeous man stepping out of a white Rolls Royce just once. Marilyn Monroe who?

via Deadspin


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