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The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNER For August 6th!

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The Real House-Husbands of Chernobyl – annobanano


Even Taylor Momsen thought her best friend’s family reunion was out of control. – Betch Please

Just remember, if you dance on the pole after the Bad Girls, you’re dancing with everyone they’ve given lap dances to. – starvis

No wonder the other inmates were bitching. This is the entertainment you get in the celebutard cell block of Lynwood Correctional Facility – SavageLettuce

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

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Dian O’Connell, Brisbane’s Marilyn Monroe!

If you’re ever strolling through the Brisbane Myer Centre in Australia with a Vegemite Julius in hand, you might feel like you’ve just stumbled into a scene out of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when you lay your eyes on local superstar Dian O’Connell. For the past several years, Dian has been bringing glamour to Brisbane by hanging out in the mall dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn never floated off to heaven, she moved to Brisbane where she spends her days putting on lipstick in the mall’s food court!!

Of course, anybody who comes in close contact with Dian wants to capture her beauty on camera, so strangers regularly take her picture. A few of Dian’s followers even created a shrine on Facebook devoted to following her every sashay and swish.

The Brisbane Times paid a visit to Dian’s stage (aka some coffee shop in the mall) to possibly lift a few layers off of the mystery surrounding her. They asked Dian what she thinks of the Facebook page made in her honor, “I once tried to access this internet page at the State Library computer but I couldn’t find it. One of the girls from the shops in here came and told me there was a collection of photos of me on the website and I said, `Well gosh, who would have thought?”

They also asked Dian what she does to keep the lipstick in her case fresh. Dian only said, “I do some fashion work and things as well, but mostly I just love to sit here and meet people and go shopping of course.

Here’s a few pictures of Brisbane’s Marilyn Monroe posing for her adoring fans in the mall. My personal favorite is the one of Dian giving it her all IN THE FUCKING BATHROOM while a hot bitch washes the piss off her hands in the background. That’s true dedication to your craft!

And you know that in 10 years, Lindsay Lohan will be doing the exact same thing at Del Amo. LiLo will be the Marilyn of Torrance!


Birthday Sluts

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Whitney Houston (47)
Anna Kendrick (25)
Ashley Johnson (27)
Audrey Tatou (32 or 34)
Rhona Mitra (34)
Jessica Capshaw (34)
Kevin McKidd (37)
Juanes (38)
Nikki Ziering (39)
Chris Cuomo (40)
Divine Brown (41)
Gillian Anderson (42)
Eric Bana (42)
McG (42)
Hoda Kotb (46)
Michael Kors (51)
Amanda Bearse (52)
Melanie Griffith (53)
Sam Elliott (66)


A Is For….

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Asshole? Attention Whore? Avril’s Bottom Bitch? Brody Jenner makes it so damn easy. Seriously, Avril Lavigne must have the shit that makes dicks howl, nutsacks go numb and toe nails fall off, because her piece Brody Jenner keeps branding himself with her initial like a 12-year-old sk8r punk circa 2003. This is vagmatization at its worst.

Brody’s already got an Avril tattoo on his arm that looks like it was done using a BIC, a few matches and a rusty safety pin in a lower-security prison. And now Brody is showing off the giant A he got shaved into the side of his head. It’s as if the circle on the anarchy symbol got embarrassed of what it’s been turned into and bounced off that bitch.

Avril also has Brody’s named tattooed on her body, so I’m thinking she got a giant B shaved into her snatch bush. Or maybe she got Brody’s initial bleached into one of her ass lips? Douche love is a real thing!


Lois Aldrin Too?!!!!

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We all know that Lois Aldrin bloomed out of a moon crater during a lunar eclipse and was brought to this planet by Buzz Aldrin, but did you know that she’s got Xenu’s private Skype user name in her Rolodex?

Apparently she does (she probably cranks him in the middle of the day for fun), because here’s Buzz, John Travolta, his manufactured hairline and Kelly Preston basking in the celestial orb above Lois’ eyebrows at last night’s Hubbardpalooza (aka The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre 41st Anniversary Gala) in Los Angeles.

Obviously, John and Kelly are sticking to Lois, because when Earth’s final day comes and the moon children arrive to collect their empress, those two are going to hitch a ride back to space by grabbing onto her marabou feather robe. That’s there back-up plan. I see you, John and Kelly!

If you care, here’s a few more pictures from last night’s fuckery fest which was attended by: Rush Limbaugh in drag Nancy Cartwright, Erika Christensen and Jenna Elfman.

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