Please, Papa Joe Probably Owns Stock In KY

August 8, 2007 / Posted by:
At one of the gift suites for Lollapalooza in Chicago, Asshole Simpson and Pete Wentz refused to be photographed with a KY intimacy kit. The couple took the gift, but didn't want cameras anywhere near them.
A source said, "They were given KY Intimacy kits, but they wouldn't take photos with them."
"They were both overheard saying how Ashlee's dad would murder them if they started showing off that stuff."
First of all, Papa Joe would probably jack off to that picture. Second of all, KY is nasty. It's all syrupy and sticky. It belongs on top of a Cinnabon not in the ass or coochie cat!


Take A Nap!!

August 8, 2007 / Posted by:
What's wrong with celebrities nowadays? Always getting tired, suffering from exhausation and going to the hospital. Don't they take some damn vitamins and lay down every once and a while? Yeah, I forget. Not eating and drinking crack water will cause you major exhausation.
What I'm getting at is that Amy Wino was rushed to the hospital this morning in London. She was treated for "exhausation" and released. Her rep said Amy's grueling touring schedule is to blame. All of Amy's shows have been cancelled.
Since when do we call an overdose "exhausation?" Is that one of those silly British expressions?! Get well Wino! Stay away from the crack and eat a Lara bar every now and again!
Source: TMZ

Afternoon Crumbs

August 8, 2007 / Posted by:
Look! It's Katharine McPhee's ass! At first I thought that she had a nude maxi-pad sticking out of her shorts – Egotastic!  
Rose McGowan still looks like a baby alien raptor – Hollywood Tuna 
Cate Blanchett is dirty – IDLYITW 
Mary-Kate channels her inner Michael JacksonHollywood Rag 
Alphabet Rap – Cityrag 
Kim Porter has something to say – ASL 
Rumer Willis likes knives – Just Jared 
Blohan's Elle interview on video (NSFW) – Drunken Stepfather 
Kerry Katona and her cabbie are back together – Holy Moly! 
Xtina and Jordy are slobs – Popsugar

Kick This Meth Face Out!

August 8, 2007 / Posted by:

She’s gonna get it! Big Brother 8’s Amber is not only a self-confessed former meth addict, but she’s a damn idiot! Two nights ago on the live feeds, Amber was caught in a deep conversation with Jameka about Jewish people. I believe this hateful conversation started from a previous conversation about Eric Stein, one of the only Jewish housemates in the house. Amber is in alliance with Eric, but isn’t sure he’s telling the truth.

Amber said, “The majority of people I know from New York are Jewish, and the majority of Jewish people I know, my gosh, so many are so selfish. So weird. Even my sister always tells me, she’s like my sister, and my mom will meet someone and I’ll be like, ‘I don’t like that person. That person doesn’t seem like a very good person to me,’ and my mom and sister are like, ‘You know why?’ Why? ‘They’re Jewish.’ How do you know? ‘Amber you can tell by their last name, you can tell by their nose.’ I’m like, ‘Really?‘”

Who the fuck does this bitch thinks she is?! Has she looked in the damn mirror! That bitch makes Alice the Goon look like a supermodel and I’m not even joking. She’s the one that needs a nose job. Amber knows that a ton of people are watching and listening to her yet she continues her ignorant rant?! Even though Jameka pretty much kept quiet, I’m surprised that she didn’t say something. If that was me I’d tell that ho to go back on the meth, because being sober is not working for her.

She’s such a great role model to her daughter!

Source: FOX News


She Needs A New Agent

August 8, 2007 / Posted by:
Lisa Rinna followed up her role as Roxie Hart on Broadway in "Chicago" by hosting a fashion show for Staples yesterday! This wasn't even for charity! The show featured Staples latest and hippest "back-to-school" supplies.
This woman played Taylor McBride on Melrose Place and this is how she gets repaid?! What even hurts more is that this gig was tailor made for Phoebe Price! PP was born to host school supply fashion shows!
UPDATE – Forget everything I said! It was for charity. The event benefited the Boys and Girls Club of America!

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