It’s A Nice Day For A Douche Wedding

August 18, 2007 / Posted by:
Yes I'm alive you dumb whores! Sorry I didn't post much yesterday afternoon and I'm getting a late start now. I'm in the process of moving, because I was evicted for being a piece of trash. 
Anyway, in case you give a hell. Sources told TMZ that Joel Madden and Nicole Richie are engaged. He apparently told people at the Hot 99.5 concert in DC last night. Yeah, shocking news. They probably don't want Baby Thumbelina to be a bastard. I give that whole marriage 1 year, IF THAT!
P.S. – Have you ever noticed in TMZ comments that someone there is OBSESSED with Amy Sedaris. Like CRAZY obsessed.

Birthday Sluts

August 18, 2007 / Posted by:

Christian Slater (38)
Aphex Twin (36)
Malcolm Jamal-Warner (37)
Edward Norton (38)
Craig Bierko (43)
Madeline Stowe (49)
Denis Leary (50)
Patrick Swayze (55)
Robert Redford (70)
Roman Polanski (74)


Don’t Make Me Yack!

August 17, 2007 / Posted by:
TMZ claims Britney Spears and Criss Angel went into the W Hotel in Westwood at 3 this morning and stayed there for hours. The two were spotted the day before at the Towers Hotel in Beverly Hills. It's been rumored that Criss is helping Brit with her VMA performance, but I'm sure he's sticking it and it's making me sick.
Criss looks like the kind of dude that doesn't wash it right and Britney looks like the kind of chick that barely washes it. Now I know why Terrence Howard said he doesn't trust a woman who doesn't baby wipe her vagina.
Criss still denies it. He told People Magazine today, "We're not together. Her manager is my manager, and I'm helping with one of her shows. I'm helping with her appearance on MTV. It's amazing how you can't do anything now without people making up stuff"
Both MTV and Britney have yet to confirm she's going to perform on the show.
Imagine the chemicals that are born when these two nasties bump and grind it. Weapons of mass destruction!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!

I Miss Baby Huey

August 17, 2007 / Posted by:
I've seen the fugly Jenna Jameson out and about frequently this week yet I have not seen her with Baby Huey aka Tito Ortiz. Where the hell is that hot piece of dumb rock? Did he slither up at the sight of Jenna's vagina? Oh well, I'll Netflix "Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure" and get my fix that way.
Jenna is still the epitome of health and beauty.  
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