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May 14, 2007 / Posted by:
Jessica Alba thinks she's so damn hot which she is…sometimes – Derek Hail 
NBC announced the Bionic Woman and Brooke Shields' official return to TV – SOW 
ABC officially picks up the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off – ICYDK 
Beyonce looks like she's wearing one of Paris' cast-offs – INO
Reese Witherspoon tells off the paps – Celebitchy 
Ugly Betty's teefs get insured for $10 millionGlitterati 
Donald Trump is a pepaw – Celebrity Baby Scoop


May 14, 2007 / Posted by:
Nick Lachey is probably breathing a sigh of relief for trading in Chestica Simpson with Vanessa Manilafolders at just the right time. Chestica now looks like a chipmunk tranny and you know Nick is loving that.  
The thing is Nick was only hot in 1999. He is forever 1999. Look at him. Take Vanessa out of the pictures and if I told you this was Nick 5 years ago you'd believe me. From the tat to the hair to the everything, bitch is stuck forever in the late 90s!
Here's Nickey and Vanessa in the Bahamas this past weekend.  

Brad Misses the Big Easy

May 14, 2007 / Posted by:
Brad Pitt is playing wifey in Prague while Angelina Jolie films "Wanted." He admitted that he's missing New Orleans where his family have recently called home. He said that he's also allowed to live a more normal life there and since being in Prague they've been bombarded with photographers.
He said, "It has an energy like no other place. You guys shouldn't change a thing. I've got to get me some of it. I absolutely love it there. We moved our family there. We've got a place there and we're intermittently going back and forth. We're in Prague now because of work. We'll be back there soon." 
"Living in the French Quarter is a thrill for us. We have some semblance of real family life. People have been very, very gracious with us. If we're on the front deck, people go by and say, 'Hi.' Then they go on their way, very friendly."
Brad is also currently working on a housing project in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. 
Brad was seen here with Maddox taking him to school this morning. BOOOORING! I think I'm officially over their asses. For a moment there I was all caught in Brangelina madness, but now it's just them taking their kids to school and talking about boring things. They are also losing the hotness more and more everyday. I'd still let Brad push the button, but I probably wouldn't shoot as far as I would have with "Legends of the Fall" Brad.

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