Jordan Plans Her Fourth Boob Job, Still Hates Posh

April 7, 2007 / Posted by:
Jordan is expecting her 3rd kid in June and as expected her fake breasts are getting even bigger. She bragged about them and other things to The Sun :
She said, “Pete is fascinated by my huge boobs. He calls them my ‘gazallas’ and asks if he can touch them. But sometimes they are so sore I snap his head off. He likes to bury his head in them and for me to squash them together so he almost suffocates.”
Yeah, Petey is probably thinking of a hot dude's butt cheeks while he's burying his head up in there. Let's be real. Jordan also revealed that she's only craving "ice cubes and Peter" during her pregnancy. In fact, being knocked up has made her quite randy.
“My sex life is brilliant this time round. Even though I’m suffering terrible back pain, Pete and I have been inventive. Pete is really fit and toned and looks incredibly sexy.
We have sex in all different ways to get round my backache.”
Too much information and a pack of lies probably. Jordan also can't wait for after birth plastic surgery. She said that this is the fattest she's ever been, but she'll have the works when she's done.
“I’m also going to have Botox, the works. It’s what I’m looking forward to the most.”
She will also have a fourth boob job to make them smaller and perkier.
“It will be my fourth, but I want new implants, possibly smaller, and to perk them up a bit. And if I have a new boob job they will be exclusive to Pete — nobody else will have touched them.”
She also used the opportunity to bad mouth Posh as usual. She discussed her reality show being picked up by E! and shown here in the States.
“I hear Victoria and David are making a one-hour show. We’ll be on eight times a week, with a three-hour show each Saturday.

“At the end of the day she’s just a footballer’s wife and Pete and I are still individuals in our own right.”


Source: The Sun


Will It All End on Tuesday?

April 7, 2007 / Posted by:
TMZ is reporting that all players in the Dannielynn Hope DNA drama will meet in the Bahamas on Tuesday where DNA findings will be revealed. DNA expert, Dr. Michael Baird has cleared his schedule in order to travel to the Bahamas from Ohio and discuss his findings.
Howard K. Stern has not yet filed an objection for the rejection of his appeal last week. Larry Birkhead also said that rumors that he hired a wrongful death lawyer are false.
He said, "I have not hired or consulted anyone to represent me in a wrongful death suit. That accusation is totally false. The individual that started reporting this 'fact' didn't take the time to contact me or my attorneys to find out the truth. I have not even thought that far as of yet. Paternity first. Everything else next."
I would put all my money on Larry being the true father of DanniHope, but it would be more than hot if Prince Douche or some other random person was the father. That would just extend this entire drama and bring in more crazy characters.
If Larry is revealed as a DNA match, Howie is going to lose it. They better test out their court medical detectors, because Howie is going to get dangerous.

Fuggie is NOT the New Dolly

April 7, 2007 / Posted by:

Fuggie Fug was the musical guest on last night’s “Charlotte Church Show” in England and the two sang a duet of Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.”

It’s a million times better than Jessica Simpson’s version, but nobody does it like Dolly.

It pains me to say this, but Fuggie doesn’t sound half bad.


Afternoon Crumbs

April 6, 2007 / Posted by:
Jessica Simpson is looking extra fug here – Popsugar
Lucy Liu is a lesbian vampire – IDLYITW
Jessica Biel beat ScarJo as the sexiest something or another – Hollywood Tuna
Matt LeBlanc's gray hair galore – Just Jared
Kate Moss is the epitome of a fashion icon – ASL
Tia Carrere's annoying earlobe – The Bastardly
Haylie Duffgusting leaves the gym – Drunken Stepfather
Lindsay Lohan is actually wearing a bra – Egotastic!
Avril Lavigne didn't say crap about Brit Brit – Hollywood Rag
George Michael in Texas – Mollygood

Shut Up and Bend That Ass Over

April 6, 2007 / Posted by:
Joe Francis was ordered to turn himself in after settlement talks with the 7 chicks suing him went bad. The women claim Joe changed the terms of his offer and verbally attacked them. Judge Smoak of Florida ordered that Joe must turn himself in and go to jail for contempt of court.
Joe went off on the judge saying he " had lost his mind" and saying " This judge has gone so far as to call me the devil and an evildoer. It is a case of a judge gone wild."
Judge Gone Wild! That should be a video series featuring Judge Maybelline, Judge Ito and that crying ANS judge. I want to see those titties!  
That being said, Joe is just stalling, because he's preparing that ass for the abuse it's going to get in jail! 
Source: TMZ

India Has No Love for Sanjaya

April 6, 2007 / Posted by:
You would think that Sanjaya Malakar would be a huge star in India, but he's virtually unknown. There hasn't been much mention of the toned-deaf mofo. One man who runs a popular blog in India said, "He's also an object of ridicule."
There was a retarded theory that Indian call-center workers were spending their time voting for him.
"Even if the guy's really an American, it will be projected by the media here as an Indian doing well in the world. They'll make a big deal about it."
Even with Sanjaya's popularity, the show saw its lowest ratings of the season this past week. Hopefully people are starting to get sick of pussycat Sanjaya.
My theory is that people are sick of this show and want to see the worst bitch win, so the empire could crumble. Producers will not let this happen. They will fix this shit if they have to. 
Source: ABC News

Faith and Tim’s Animal Sperm Show

April 6, 2007 / Posted by:
Tim McGraw said that on the opening night of his Soul2Soul tour in 2006 with wife, Faith Hill, they asked the crew members to put together an opening video for their first number. Well, the crew punked their asses good by putting together an animal sex show.
Tim said,  "We're on stage… and we start singing and these sperm show up on the floor (their video monitors were on the floor) and they're swimming all round… and I look over at my wife and she looks at me like she's gonna kill me.

"After I try to get that across… I look down and there's two giraffes going at it and then there's two zebras going at it. I did see a couple of parents with their hands over their kids' faces."

That animal sex show sounds like the best part of the show. It was probably their home movies. Those country hicks are into some nasty-ass animal crap!
Thanks Karen

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