Pete Davidson May Have Inspired Ariana Grande’s Newest Fragrance

June 29, 2018 / Posted by:

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are back to making you nauseous with more relationship sappiness. These two… I hope they get a Newlyweds-type series after they get married but before they get divorced. I wonder what their chicken of the sea moment will be? Perhaps something involving Ariana and her lack of understanding regarding pants? The newest information about their relationship that we don’t need to know but will be informed about regardless is that Ariana may have been inspired by Pete when she created her newest perfume, a fragrance called Cloud. It should be called Youthful Delusion if it’s inspired by their relationship.

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False Alarm: Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Didn’t Break Up

June 29, 2018 / Posted by:

It would appear we’re not going to see paparazzi pictures of Zac Posen running to his girl Katie’s house with ice cream and a Blu-ray of Boys on the Side, because contrary to reports from Radar, Katie Holmes isn’t drowning in break-up sorrows. Radar had claimed that Katie and Jamie Foxx were right in the middle of planning a wedding when she decided she couldn’t take his potential unfaithfulness and called their five-year secret-ish relationship off. However, Katie’s publicist is saying it’s all a lie.

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Drake Used His New Album To Admit He’s Got A Son 

June 29, 2018 / Posted by:

Welp! The cat baby is out of the bag: Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham is a father to an 8-month-old son. On his new album, Scorpion, released last night, the artist formerly known as Wheelchair Jimmy who branded himself as the rapper you could bring home to mama, came clean about knocking a girl up. This cup of tea is unfortunately a bit cold, because Pusha-T already brought this kettle to a boil back in May when he alleged that Drake is a deadbeat dad. I guess Drake couldn’t wait until the release of his new Adidas line to tell the world about his son; or maybe he decided it was better to sell records than track suits? Which makes a person more money? Continue reading

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Hot Sluts Of The Day!

June 29, 2018 / Posted by:

The poor butterflies from Asia O’Hara’s lip-synch on last night’s finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race 10!

Disclaimer: There aren’t any major spoilers from last night’s finale in this post, except the sad, tragic spoiler of the possible death (just let me believe they’re still alive) of the breakout stars of the entire season.

During the final Lip-Synch For YOUR Life on RuPaul’s Drag Race 9 last year, Sasha Velour made tricks everywhere fall out of their bodies when she caused a river of rose petals to rain all over her by pulling off her wig. I was impressed, but I would’ve been really impressed if a naked Mena Suvari fell out of her wig too. So now because of that, every queen who makes it to the finals thinks she needs to pull stunts to win. It’s turning into Drag Queen Circus, and like the real circus, animal activists may soon be protesting them thanks to Asia O’Hara’s sad stunt gone deathly wrong.

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Birthday Sluts

June 29, 2018 / Posted by:

Embed from Getty Images

Gary Busey (74)
Camila Mendes (24)
Colin Jost (36)
Lily Rabe (36)
Charlamagne Tha God (38)
Katherine Jenkins (38)
Nicole Scherzinger (41)
Zuleikha Robinson (41)
Bret McKenzie (42)
Emily Skinner (48)
Judith Hoag (50)
Jamie Deen (51)
John Feldmann (51)
Melora Hardin (51)
Matthew Weiner (53)
Amanda Donohoe (56)
Sharon Lawrence (57)
Maria Conchita Alonso (61)
Fred Grandy (70)
Richard Lewis (71)
Robert Evans (88)


Night Crumbs

June 28, 2018 / Posted by:

My 90s teen self is weeping while watching who I thought was the coolest, Gwen Stefani, posing next to a country wreck at the opening of her Las Vegas show. THE HORROR! But on a positive note, it was nice of Blake Shelton to pull himself together and dress up like a drunk dad who slept in the backseat of his car after his wife kicked him out for fucking the babysitter – Lainey Gossip

It would’ve been cheaper for HGTV to air a show featuring nothing but paint drying rather than give a show to someone with the personality of paint drying – Celebitchy

“That nipple would look so much better with red lipstick on it” is what Christina Aguilera, who is definitely missing her red lipstick days, is thinking in this pic – (NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

Okay, but why does it look like Eva the Diva is pantless and wearing a fanny pack pocket book as a crotch cover? – Reality Tea

Forgot her pants: Emily RideAJetSki did too – Popoholic

A hot Israeli wrestler has come out, and I have a very important question: Is he a mazel top or a mazel bottom? – Towleroad

I wonder how many takes it took for Emily RideAJetSki to time that chichis squeeze just right? – Hollywood Tuna

Khlozilla is looking for more attention, I see – Starcasm

Because of that name, Stacy Keibler’s second kid is going to grow up to be a surfing country singer – Just Jared



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