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/ November 5, 2018

The I’m Having A Bad Hair Day Dolls!

Ghost of the Doll should really be accredited as an international university that is more prestigious than every Ivy League school combined. Because they endlessly feed our brains with shiny jewels of important historical facts and wisdom. Just one quick visit to Ghost of the Doll can lead to you enlightening your life with a doll from the past you didn’t know existed. Ghost of the Doll is educating the public on important pieces of our history that really matter and must be known. A prime example is the I’m Having A Bad Hair Day dolls. How did I ever shuffle through life without knowing they existed?!

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Birthday Sluts

/ November 5, 2018
Sam Rockwell (50)
Josie Canseco (22)
Odell Beckham Jr. (26)
Kevin Jonas (31)
BoA (32)
Roxy Olin (33)
Alexa Chung (35)
Luke Hemsworth (38)
Keala Settle (43)
Ryan Adams (44)
Danniella Westbrook (45)
Jonny Greenwood (47)
Seth Gilliam (50)
Judy Reyes (51)
Famke Janssen (54)

Pic: Strand Releasing

Andrea McArdle (55)
Tatum O’Neal (55)
Tilda Swinton (58)
Bryan Adams (59)
Shawna Southwick (59)
Mo Gaffney (60)
Robert Patrick (60)
Kris Jenner (63)
Howard McGillin (65)
Peter Noone (71)
Art Garfunkel (77)
Sam Shepard (1943-2017)
Vivien Leigh (1913-1967)
Roy Rogers (1911-1998)
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Open Post: Hosted By The Philly Flyers Fan Who Got “Gritty” Tattooed On His Ass

/ November 4, 2018

The Philadelphia Flyers (they’re a hockey team for you non-sportsball people) introduced a terrifying new mascot back in September named Gritty. He looks sort of like if you crossed a fed-after midnight Mogwai with Cousin It and put it in a pair of skates. Despite Gritty’s fearsome countenance, Flyers fans seem to have embraced the big cracked-out lug. Vice Sports (via Mashable) reports that 25-year-old James Kirn embraced Gritty so much that he got him tattooed on his butt cheek. And we’re not just talking a tiny thumbnail sorta falling off his hip on to his ass. We’re talking his whole buttock is now Gritty the Indescribable Hockey Mascot. Jimmy, what were you thinking? Spoiler alert – Jimbo was shitfaced.

Kirn told Vice Sports that he was originally supposed to get Gritty tattoos with a friend after “quite a few” beers — weird display of friendship, but OK — but the friend backed out.

“And the next thing I know I’m face down getting my ass tattooed,” he said in the interview.

If I had a nickel for every time I got drunk and ended up face down and getting my ass [redacted]. Jimmy’s family fully supports his new claim to fame. In fact, they plan to be a whole clan of ass-tattooed sports freaks.

Apparently his brother and sister loved the idea so much, it inspired them to get the Phillie Phanatic and Sixers mascot tatted on their respective butts. His 13-year-old brother wants to get the Eagles mascot inked on his behind when he’s of age, and the siblings have plans to take a twisted group photo.

There’s no word on what Ma and Pa Kirn might have inscribed on THEIR asses. But, suffice to say, you probably don’t want to go bar-hopping with these people. Or do you?

Those of you who are cool with crack can check out the full glory of James Kirn’s ass tat of Gritty after the jump:

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Drake Says A Vancouver Casino Racially Profiled Him

/ November 4, 2018

Newly revealed parental unit and big Stranger Things fan Drake used his Instagram Story to claim that a casino in Vancouver, BC racially profiled him and wouldn’t allow him to gamble, according to The Wrap. Parq Casino didn’t deny the accusation but they did say they’re not racists and moaned that running a casino is hard work. The main question here is who didn’t recognize Drake? Especially if he was wearing a sweater? What does he have to do – roll himself through there in a wheelchair to be recognized for the international hip-hop sensation that he is and former Nickelodeon child that he was?

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Justin Bieber Tattooed His Face In Honor Of His Wife

/ November 4, 2018

Justin Bieber seems to be going full court press on a new look for fall. And to that, some of us say “good on you, celebrity toddler” because he was starting to look like the bedraggled sort of strung-out street urchin that even Larry Clark wouldn’t cast in a movie. He recently shaved that bleach-streaked mop out of his eyes and off his head. And now he’s added a face tattoo to the mix. No, it doesn’t have his street address or Scooter Braun’s cell number in case someone finds him in a ditch. It’s a teeny little tattoo over his right eyebrow that is supposedly part of a couples tattoo scenario with his new wife Hailey Baldwin. At least that’s what Page Six is claiming. It could also be instructions for how to change his diaper. Stay tuned.

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