Birthday Sluts

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Paloma Faith (37)
Rory Culkin (29)
Chelsie Hightower (29)
Juno Temple (29)
Jamie Waylett (29)
Betty Gilpin (32)
Diane Guerrero (32)
Vanessa Lengies (33)
Blake Lewis (37)
Justin Bartha (40)
Josh Hartnett (40)
Damian Marley (40)
Jaime Murray (42)
Alex Reid (43)
Ali Landry (45)
Charlotte Gainsbourg (47)
Alysia Reiner (48)
Brandi Chastain (50)
Jon Lovitz (61)
Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens (70)
Norman Jewison (92)
Robin Williams (1951-2014)
Edward Herrmann (1943-2014)
Janet Reno (1938-2016)
Don Knotts (1924-2006)


Afternoon Crumbs

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The cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead busted out some cheesy Sears Portrait Studio poses during a photo call at San Diego Comic-Con today, and I barely recognized them without all the dirty hair and tired faces from zombie-fighting. Well, everyone but Norman Reedus; he always sort of looks like that – Just Jared

Bill Skarsgard did Comic-Con looking like Magnum P.I.’s shady nephew who sells drugs to tourists. As long as he’s not dressed like a homicidal clown, I’m into it – Lainey Gossip

It looks like Cynthia Bailey is launching her own wine cellar, which is great, because if there’s one thing that doesn’t happen enough on the Real Housewives, it’s getting drunk and throwing a drink in someone’s face  – Reality Tea

Ariana Grande continues to copy looks from My Little Pony – Celebitchy

Meanwhile, Victoria Justice and her sister are dangerously close to receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Wet n’ Wild Barbie – Hollywood Tuna

Jason Mraz pretty much confirmed that along with being a hardcore hat enthusiast, he’s bisexual – Towleroad

Here’s Lily-Rose Depp and a friend walking around in bike shorts and heels, which I choose to believe was a very lazy, low-effort tribute to Demi Moore at the 1989 Oscars  – Drunken Stepfather

The very first trailer for the very first lady Doctor Who is here – Pajiba

Emily Ratajkowski has got to try a whole lot harder if she wants to steal the focus away from that random mish-mash of an engagement ring  – Popoholic



Leonardo DiCaprio And Brad Pitt Were Originally Asked To Do “Brokeback Mountain”

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When an initial photograph of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt was released from that Sharon Tate movie Quentin Tarantino’s directing that nobody asked for, some of us got it confused and thought it was a still for a 70’s gay porn film and got excited. OK, maybe that was just me, but I digress. Well, I may not have been off the mark by too much, because Gus Van Sant is talking about how he was initially pitched to direct Brokeback Mountain and was trying to get Brad and Leo to be the ones to play hide the salami in the Wyoming wilderness. Continue reading

Open Post: Hosted By The Clingy Dog Putting All Our Clingy Exes To Shame

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Oh, who am I even kidding. I AM that clingy ex. Kanzie, a springer spaniel from England, doesn’t take the title of man’s (or woman’s! This is 2018) best friend lightly. Her favorite position is a comatose perch against her human’s chest, and she’ll be damned if anyone tries to move her from it!

The best part is her side eye with each return to her owner’s chest. It’s a look of, “Yeah, betch. I’ve tried all the IKEA pillows in the house, and you’re the most comfortable one.” I haven’t seen a persistent, ravenous lean-in like that since my first time with a man, or my first time eating a 20-piece nugget combo at McDonald’s.

It doesn’t really give any further details, but I imagine Kanzie still has her human pinned to that chair, because she’s not ready to give up the cuddles, and she’ll cuddle until she’s had enough! The world should run on Kanzie time. Honestly, she’s a more valid reason to be pinned to a chair for days on end than our usual culprit of Netflix and a case of rosé.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Explained His Mile-High Bad Behavior

July 20, 2018 / Posted by:

Anyone who calls them the “friendly skies” these days better pass over what ever Quaalude they’re on, because that’s some good shit making you spew that BS. Nothing causes a commercial passenger jet to quiver its b-hole like seeing Naomi Campbell or Jonathan Rhys Meyers strolling up with their carry-on. Naomi has been kinda mellow since her tantrum golden years, but at least Jonathan is still out and about, providing reasons for every airline on the globe to keep a hefty security team on the payroll.

He was a dick to his wife on a flight the other week and ended up puffing on an e-cigarette. The airline powers didn’t exactly care about the screaming at his wife Mara Lane, but they did send the feds on his ass for vaping. JRM decided to sit down with Pappy Larry King to give his side of the story.

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Roseanne Is Still Trying To Defend That Tweet About Valerie Jarrett

July 20, 2018 / Posted by:

As promised, Roseanne Barr has interviewed herself for her YouTube channel, in an attempt to once again defend herself against the haters who have accused her of tweeting racism at Valerie Jarrett. For anyone wondering if this screen shot was taken out of context, you’re about to see that it’s very much exactly the prime moment of context.

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